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Physical appearance

Qing wears their hair in a bob cut style, and their hair is pure black. Their skin is pale and their eyes are almond-shaped and dark brown, and they have long eyelashes. They also have a mole under the right corner of their mouth. Qing is exactly five feet one inches tall. They have a youthful appearance, despite their age.


Qing's outfit consists of a gray shirt with black spaghetti straps with golden armor worn over it, and a large dark gray/purple cloak on top of it all, with eye designs on the sleeves. The cuffs on the sleeves are long and the color of gold with diamond designs on it, and they wear black shorts with black boots, and each boot is covered with silver armor.


Qing is quiet and stoic, taking in the things around them instead of chatting. They rarely shows their feelings, and instead cares somewhat about others. They usually are focused more on their job, which is planning out battle strategies, than doing other
Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu OST 37- Grannvale Army 1

Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu OST 37- Grannvale Army 1

Qing's theme

things. They take everything extremely seriously, almost to the point where it is comical. Qing rarely jokes around and usually has a serious face. A lot of people tend to poke fun at them due to this. They are also not easily intimidated and will make it clear that they are not someone to to be messed with, as they can and will be fierce when they must. Qing shows obvious confidence in their abilities and hates failure. Their facial expression and clothing always gives them an air of officialism. Qing is also not in-tune with their and others emotions, often ignoring them and being brutally honest with others.


Qing was born as the descendant of a long line of dark dragons, birthed from a part-dragon father and a fully human mother. They grew up, living a relatively quiet life. They were taught about many things, but they became interested in battle planning. Their mother was a well-known tactician in the area they grew up in and had led their country's army to victory multiple times in the past. Qing became really reserved as they studied more about tactics and battle planning, eventually hoping to become a tactician like their mother.


Despite their father being half-dragon, they do not have many powers, as they only inherited their father's lengthened lifespan and thickened skin. They can weather all sorts of attacks, from magic to physical attacks. However, they are still able to be harmed, and is actually really weak under their "thick" skin. They also have the ability to turn into an actual dark dragon for a short amount of time, but is not anywhere near as strong as a half-blood or a full-blood.


They are quite skilled at planning and formulating ideas. They have been hailed as an invaluable asset to armies due to their tactical brilliance. They are also really bright and have an easy time learning things.


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