Pyrochaosis is a variant of Pyrokinesis where Chaos Energy is used as the fuel, and also as a supplement for oxygen when necessary.

Pyrochaotic Flames (or just Chaos Fire) is quite different from normal fire. Along with the fuel, Chaos Fire does not produce any smoke or crackle, and can survive in environments where normal fire cannot- such as within a vacuum.

Another thing to note is that normal Pyrokinetics cannot manipulate Chaos Fire.


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Pyrochaosis has only three major requirements:

1) The user must be Pyrokinetic.

2) The user must direct access to Chaos Energy, or be able to generate it themselves.

3) The user must be able to manipulate the flow of Chaos Energy.

Significant Variants

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Weak Points

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The only major drawback is that if the user generates their own Chaos Energy, Pyrochaosis uses that energy as fuel, and can be dangerous to those who depend on it to live if the rate they produce it is lower than the rate it's consumed.

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