Pyro the Charizard is a male Mega Charizard X part of the Storming Alliance. He is the second-in-command of The Megastone Rogues, the elder son of Tai the Charizard and his former mate Meera, and adopted son(alongside his brother Flare) of Nya the Frogadier. He is the main protagonist of The Flames of Rage and was to be the protagonist of the scrapped story Shadows of the Legion. Like many warriors in The Heart of a Warrior, Pyro fled the Storming Base when it was destroyed, and disappeared. He will make an appearance in The Storm of Evil, at the head of a small group of refugee Alliance members.


Base Form: Pyro has the appearance of a typical Charizard, looking like a large orange dragon with blue underwings, a paler orange belly with two horns, three claws on each hand and each foot, and blue eyes. His tail-flame is yellow-orange.

Mega Evolved: Having chosen to be Mega Charizard X, Pyro is mostly black with a bright blue chin, throat, underbelly, and tail underside. The tips of his horns are the same color, while the underside of his wings are a bit darker in color. His tail flame and the new flames at the corners of his mouth are bright blue, he has two spikes on either side of both his shoulder, and two smaller horns beneath the two major ones. His eyes are red, and he has two extra spines lower down his neck. It was noted by Rex that he has several scars on his muzzle, including one that stretches over his eye.


Pyro is fiery, fierce, short-tempered, arrogant, but fiercely loyal to the Storming Alliance. In battle, he does not hold back, always determined to win.


Legends of the Megastone Rogues

Tai's Travels, Pt. 1: Pyro and his younger brother Flare were born to Tai and Meera some time after Meera left the Megastone Rogues. Nya took the place of a mother for the two brothers, and they grew attached to her. During an attack on the camp, Pyro and Flare were kidnapped alongside Nero's sons Splash and Clamshell, and the Tyrunt Twins Grunt and Runt. Nero demanded to keep his sons in exchange for letting the others go, and Tai reluctantly accepted, and the four other Young Ones were brought back to the camp.

Tai's Travels, Pt. 2: At an unknown point between both stories, Pyro evolved into Charmeleon. In the story itself, Pyro evolved into Charizard and chose Mega Charizard X.

The Legend of Fox the Brave

Land of Nightmares:

Pyro first appears in his Base Form with his Charizardite X around his neck when Fox returns to the Base after being taunted by Sonic.EXE. Later, Pyro helps in the battle, Mega Evolving. When Tai is fatally wounded, Pyro grieves his father's death. When Splash becomes leader of the Megastone Rogues, Pyro is appointed the second-in-command.

Shadows of the Legion: Pyro was going to be the protagonist of this story. When the Dark Legion is emboldened by the return of Enerjak(Dimitri), Pyro must fight the strange new enemy, and learns a new attack in the process.

The Flames of Rage: Pyro leaves the Base to seek out Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic Boom) to avenge the death of his brother Flare.

The Phantom Storm

The Storm of Evil: Pyro will make an appearance in this story. He is the head of a small group consisting of himself, Braveheart the Fox, Braveheart's mate Isla, mother Karra, sister Midnight, aunt Sadie, children Scrap and Petunia, plus Shell the Buizel and Flame the Litten. They are encountered by the "Storm Squad"(the group of Rex Storm, Pebble the Lycanroc, Streak the Bird, Aria the Zoroark, Slip, "Inferno" the Dog, Streak's sister Winnie, and Swift the Silvally), and told the Alliance has been reestablished. Eager to return to the Base, Pyro agrees to come with them, and takes his group with the Storm Squad. It is noted that he has several scars on his muzzle and wings. Along the way, they encounter Infinite, whom Pyro fights. At first the Charizard appears to be beating Infinite easily, especially with his Tough Claws Ability, but then Infinite completely turns the fight on its head, surprising Pyro and knocking him into the ground. Later, during the battle at the Storming Base, Pyro-now having reclaimed his role as the second-in-command of The Megastone Rogues-takes part in the fight, soon allowing Austin to use him as a platform to leap up to Infinite to knock him down out of the air.


His current moveset is Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Thunder Punch, and Dragon Claw. He used to know Steel Wing, and can use Blast Burn if under extreme stress.


In his Base Form, Pyro has the Ability Blaze. Upon Mega Evolving, he gains the Ability Tough Claws, which strengthens moves that make contact(i.e. Thunder Fang or Fire Punch)


Like all Charizard, Pyro can fly and breath fire.


Being a Fire-Dragon Type, Pyro is weak to Rock, Ground, Dragon, and Water; he resists Steel, Grass, and Bug.


As Charmander
Cori the Charmeleon
As Charmeleon
As Charizard
Tai the Charizard
As Mega Charizard Y


Pyro was initially going to be Mega Charizard Y, and Flare was going to be X, but their Megas were eventually swapped.

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