Pyris is one of the princes of House Flarsi and member of the Moebian Liberation Army.

Pyris the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
  • Frost the Hedgehog - Mobian counterpart
  • Unnamed Col'nesian counterpart
  • Unnamed Solian counterpart
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Light blue w/ peach skin & Sonic-style quills
  • Eyes: Dark grey
  • Blue vest
  • Baggy black jeans
  • White gloves
  • Sonic-style shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weapons George's Sword, Napalm Jade - Green
  • Talented Pyrokinetic
  • Moderate Cryokinetic
  • Studying the advanced element Napalm
  • Skilled swordsman
  • Skilled Chaos combatant
  • Telepathy
  • Heightened reflex speed
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearancesto be collected
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Early History

Pyris was born, like his Mobian counterpart, as the “middle child”, after the twins, Biotic and Venom, but before Cloud. Unlike his counterpart, however, he was greatly loved by not only his parents, but the media as well. Due to this, he became more and more relaxed in the public light, with his drawings often going on display within the castle and at art galleries, even before he entered primary school. However, Pyris had a talent for designing and artistic areas, for example drawing, painting and sculpting. His eye for detail was intense, and his images commended.

Training for Resistance

Pyris was a bright lad, to be sure, excelling in sciences, construction and visual arts. Even in his early years of high school, he was popular. Then, at the age of 13, his father took him deep into family history, and the links between all the houses and the small resistance pockets against the Acorn Empire. Justin, his father, then provided his young teenaged son with two strange items – a green gemstone with strange properties, and the sword forged and used by an ancestor of theirs, George Flarsi. Justin admitted that the sword secreted its own sticky napalm, which could be ignited by commanding the sword to ‘burn’, igniting all of its essence on people and items, as well. With that, King Justin of House Flarsi took it upon himself to train his son for the resistance. Even though Justin himself had no skill with Napalm, let alone fire itself, he focused more on his son’s abilities in ice, an ability that the teen proved he could he use, as well as swordsmanship and physical combat. Meanwhile, a member of the Royal Guard and Napalm master, Paul the Squirrel, was brought in to train the prince in both fire and Napalm skills, allowing him to use the slime-coated Asiatic broadsword to it’s maximum. Quickly, it was noticed that Pyris had a natural hand for swordsplay, granted through his years drawing and painting, which allowed him an ultra-fine cutting stroke. Also, his skills with most of the non-physical techniques his elemental teachers gave him were amazing, often shaped into amazingly intricate forms, and launched with impossible accuracy...but his hand-to-hand was lacking. Even so, considering the need for more members of the resistance, his father sent him to Doctor Ivo Kintobor's Hospital Tower to join the resistance. Upon arrival, the young prince discovered his elder brothers were both members of the resistance, and part of a large team. By contrast, he was assigned to work with Aki the Bat, another new recruit, who acted coldly to the prince, who tried to warm up her spirit. As it was, the two began their solo work, and formed a close bond, close enough for them to form both a close affection for one another and a telepathic bond, with Pyris as the center of that.

Scourge's Army Membership

Quickly, the missions intensified and became more difficult, and often meant that Pyris and Aki would be forced to work together with other resistance teams, but due to the lack of a true command structure, the mission assignments took long amounts of time to arrive, and often led to the duo running small combat missions of their own. This was where they ran into trouble. While fleeing from some of the tanks guarding an Acorn Empire base, the duo ran straight into Striker, who quickly brainwashed the duo using his Mangekyo Sharingan, into joining the empire themselves. The two then disappeared from the radar for a while, and gradually, most of the resistance were forced into the army by Striker's hand, which then was mobilized against multiple dimensions, before invading Mobius. Here, Pyris was used in the bombing of New Mobotropolis, fired from a World Ring-charged cannon to slam into Eggman in his Egg Emperor armor. After the defeat of the Moebians at New Mobotropolis, Pyris reappeared storming one of the final resistance bases alongside many other brainwashed Resistance members against Gary the Power Hedgehog, Alice the Power Hedgehog and Donatello the Hedgefox. As soon as Striker was defeated, all beings brainwashed by him were returned to normal.

Creation of the Moebian Liberation Army

Heading off with Aki, Pyris returned to House Flarsi, where they were welcomed with open arms. Soon afterwards, a repentant Striker arrived, pleading with the duo to join him in the creation of a new force, to be the "true" Freedom Fighters of Moebius, peacekeepers and an army of freedom. Pyris was skeptical, but Aki managed to convince him to agree. From that point, Pyris assumed the role of Technology Master, designing and assigning technology and weapons for each and every being that joined the Moebian Liberation Army.

RP Appearances

Physical Description

Pyris is a light blue Sonic recolor with dark grey eyes, with the eyes being the only true way to physically differentiate him from his counterpart.


Pyris wears a blue vest and black baggy pants, with the pants covering half his shoes. He also wears white gloves and red Sonic-style shoes.


Pyris is a skilled combatant with both Fire and Ice abilities. Over range, his elemental abilities are almost impossible to dodge and often have unique shapes, whereas in close combat, his arm strikes are somewhat lacking in power, due to his reluctance to use his hands in combat. His kicks, Chaos powers, and sword strokes, by contrast, are extremely powerful. His sword, the one used by his great grandfather, is coated with a form of Napalm which is self-lighting, once a verbal command is spoken to the sword. Considering that Pyris is studying Napalm as an advanced element, he can use it to it's maximum effect, leaving invisible patches of Napalm on people, then igniting them upon telling his sword to "burn". His own natural Napalm also has this sort of self-igniting effect, due to his Green Napalm Jade. Pyris can also form a strong telepathic bond with people whom he works with, and can communicate complex thoughts instantaneously with them, as well as receive thoughts aimed at him. This telepathy also allows him to see "flash-points", or the point where a person drops their guard while attacking, allowing him to block and cause massive damage to them in return, as long as they have no kind of psychic resistance. Pyris' final ability is his extremely high reflex speed, allowing him to dodge, block or counterattack before someone even finishes executing their attack. This is tied to the flash-points he views. Therefore, Pyris' has only really two weaknesses - Water manipulators, due to them being able to dilute his Napalm and cause it to fail, and those with a psychic resistance, stopping his flash-point vision from working.

Fire Abilities

Napalm Abilities

Ice Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Chaos Powers

Forms and Fusions

Darkspine Pyris

Super Pyris

Liquid Flame Pyris

Heartless Pyris


Pyris is an extremely creative and upbeat teen. An incredibly social hedgehog, normally talking to someone unless on a mission requiring silence, Pyris is also a talented artist and designer, always drawing in a sketchpad he keeps in his pant pockets, as well as painting or sculpting in his downtime. Quite a few of his pieces have made it into exhibitions in Moebian galleries. Pyris is an avid role-player, with many characters sketched out in his sketchbook, complete with full RPG summaries.

Allies and Enemies

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  • Aki the Bat -
  • Stark the Hedgehog - A soldier from the Talus Kingdom and leader of a team of soldiers in the Moebian Liberation Army, Stark was one of Pyris's friends amongst the soldiers. Unfortunately, Stark was killed in battle against the Sumerian Guardians in the early days of Striker's lead over the MLA.




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