Biographical Information
Age 19
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Older brother


Romantic Interests
Birthplace Oerbas
Physical Description
Species Carbuncle
  • Eye's: Green
  • Fur: Grey (red jewel in forehead, white streak down his nose)
  • Height: 80 cm (2'7")
  • Weight: 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Hair: dark brown
  • White T-Shirt
  • Baggie Trousers
  • Black Hoodie
  • Black Boots
  • Fingerless Gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities

Sword hilt. Custom made Forges

  • Soul Flame
  • Swordsmanship
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator
  • me
Likes game's, robot's, joke's, tinkering
Dislikes cocanut-flavored things, it being to hot, soul rend, jewel theives, boredom

Pyre "Liam" the Carbuncle is the fursona of Shadow-Flare


Pyre is rather quite, prefering to say as much as he can in as few words as possible although he does tend to say more with people he's familiar with. When he's bored and without nothing to do, Pyre will just simply stare into space which usually means he's daydreaming, often times about idea's for games or creating his own character. Pyre is also incapable of holding a grudge regardless of what had been done to him although he may hate or dislike a person for it.


Pyre is able to generate unique cyan colored flame's from any part of his body. All aspect's of these flame's can be controlled by Pyre including the temprature, density, shape and size

Shadow-Forged Blade

Pyre is quite skilled at swordsmanship, although he dosen't use a sword with an actual blade but rather funnels his flame through a special hilt which gives it the appearance of a lightsaber as well as a superior cutting power.


Pyre has special custom made forge's, each one holding the power to replicate the abilities of his friends: Nanite, Sake, Spectre and Aegis


Pyre became interested in medabot after "finding" (Tripped over in fact) some parts in a scrap yard, since he like's robot's anyway his interest was sparked instantly. Pyre use's customised part's which he makes himself by using the "Nanite forge" and scraped medabot parts.


A modified medabot with a Cat medal. Vector is one of Pyre's five custom medabots made from discarded medabot parts and made to look like the demon Abaddon. Vector has a pair of customised double jointed leg's which make him amazingly fast and agile, well suited for closing distance quickly to use his right arm, a piston boosted punch, which is capable of one shotting almost all but the most heavily armored opponent's although this is offset by it inaccuracy and lengthy charge up and cool down time. Vector's left arm is a chain gun which dosen't really have any special features except a faster firing speed. Finally, Vector's head has been modified with wing like appendages which are connected just to the side's of the medal hatch, however the only purpose they serve is to let Vector keep his balance while jumping.

Personality wise, Vector is quiet, cynical and has a somewhat dark sence of humor. During a battle, Judge's dark and cynical trait's seem to come on stronger as he has a habit saying cold statment.

  • Head: Judgement
  • Skill: Special
  • Action: Bomb Cancel
  • Right Arm: Executer
  • Skill: Strike
  • Action: Berserk
  • Left Arm: Jury
  • Skill: Shoot
  • Action: Chain Gun
  • Legs: Fallen
  • Type: Biped (Double-Jointed)


A custom medabot with a Rhino-Beetle medal. Hatter is one of Pyre's three custom medabots made from discarded medabot parts and made to look like the Mad Hatter. Hatter quite erratic during battle, using random movement's to confuse opponent's before attacking with Party trick or Tea party which are both fairly powerful. Hatter's Mad hat is a powerful Napalm attack. Hatter is, as the name suggest's, somewhat mad and generally does thing's that unnerves anyone in the area, such as randomly giggleling, erratic movements and offering tea in a sinister voice.

  • Head: Mad Hat
  • Skill: Shoot
  • Action: Naplam
  • Right Arm: Party Trick
  • Skill: Shoot
  • Action: Gatling
  • Left Arm: Tea Party
  • Skill: Snipe
  • Action: Rifle
  • Legs: Mad Rollers
  • Type: Wheels


A custom medabot with a Phoenix medal. Jack is one of Pyre's five custom medabots made from discarded medabot parts and made to look like Spring Heeled Jack. Jack focus' on close combat and inflicting the flow status, his standard attack combo consist's of the O Lantern for a ranged attack followed by The Ripper and finishing with the Melt enhanced turbine punch, Wrath. Jack is something of a joker and prankster popping out from nowhere to scare people plus will often joke about almost any situation or event regardless of what it entails.

  • Head: O Lantern
  • Skill: Shoot
  • Action: Fire
  • Right Arm: The Ripper
  • Skill: Strike
  • Action: Fire
  • Left Arm: Wrath
  • Skill: Berserk
  • Action: Melt
  • Legs: Spring Heel
  • Type: Biped (Double-joint)


A modified medabot with a Queen medal. Wiz is one of Pyre's five custom medabots made from discarded medabot parts and made to look like a mage. Wiz focus' on inflicting the stop status and, like a mage, is like a glass cannon, capable of inflicting large amounts of damage but is very fragile. Wiz is quiet in most situation's, prefering to let other's decide on what to do, however this silence hide's a highly analytical nature, capable of identifing or understanding something after seeing it in action only a few time's or even once.

  • Head: Witch Hat
  • Skill: Heal
  • Action: Stability/Cancel status
  • Right Arm: Wizard Staff
  • Skill: Berserk
  • Action: Freeze
  • Left Arm: Warlock Glove
  • Skill: Shoot
  • Action: Thunder
  • Legs: Mage Robe
  • Type: Flight


A custom medabot with a Rhino-Beetle. Shrapnal is one of Pyres custom medabots made from discarded medabot parts and made to look like a Black-Ops.

  • Head: Stake Out
  • Skill: Support
  • Action: Conceal
  • Right Arm: Breach
  • Skill: Shoot
  • Action: Napalm
  • Left Arm: Air Support
  • Skill: Snipe
  • Action: Missile
  • Legs: ATV
  • Type: Wheel


Pyre has been unable to use the full power of his Flame's since the attack on his home town by Rend, when ever he tries, the flame's dissipate and a sharp pain course's through his body which render's Pyre almost helpless.

Friends and Foes

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Soul Rend


  • It's always somethin.
  • This will not end well.
  • Bull Dust!!


Dispite not being a trainer, Pyre own's a pokemon, a Tyrent. He is unable to control it however.

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