Unsurprisingly, the Putriverse is home to a wide and gruesome assortment of monsters.



They resemble large, insectoid monsters.

Hounds of Tindalos

They are based heavily on the Hounds of Tindalos enemy from Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare, but with some physical differences.

Entropic Beasts

Creatures of warped anatomy who call the Plains of Entropy their home. They come in quite a few subspecies.

  • Entropic Stalker -
  • Entropic Juggernaut -
  • Entropic Warlord - Among the biggest and most dangerous of the Entropic Beasts.
  • Entropic Berserker -
  • Entropic Walker - An Entropic Beast that grows even larger than the Entropic Warlord, yet is almost wholly peaceful, wandering the Plains and grazing passively. They are still dangerous if attacked.

Dire Wyrms

They somewhat resemble wyverns, but with longer, more serpentine bodies, and multiple eyes, as well as a gaping maw on their chests.


Their physical appearance is based on the Procuraptor enemy from Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare.

Singular Beings

The Lucid Husk

An immobile creature with incredible psychic abilities, able to warp the very reality around itself. Its body constantly twitches and convulses, as if in a never-ending state of agony.

The World-Eater

Also referred to as "The Conqueror Worm", it is a gargantuan, worm-like beast with an insatiable appetite, and resides within the Blasted Plains. It somewhat resembles the Carthus Sandworm from Dark Souls 3.

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