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The Putriverse (also known as the Realm of Decay) is the evil and demonic parallel to the Hyperverse, and just like it, overlaps every other dimension and universe. It is home to Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay, and the Hell's Hounds.


The Putriverse is a twisted mockery of a world, bearing treacherous geography and savage beasts. Many texts in Mobius' extensive and varied mythos hail the Putriverse as a sort of underworld, where all the wicked souls are dragged down to and punished for their misdeeds.



The Putriverse has existed for as long as Buer has, and was said to have been created by him. His realm served as a sort of container, keeping all things wicked and vile locked into one location, so that the Middleverse could remain completely neutral and untainted, a true blank slate.

Even before space and time began to crawl forward, Buer and the beasts of his realm have clashed with Ka and his forces from the Hyperverse, fighting for dominance over the fledgling seed of the Middleverse.

The Dark Hierarchy

Those beings of the Putriverse that directly serve in Buer's court follow a specific hierarchy that goes as follows;

  1. Buer - naturally, at the very top.
  2. The Five Children of Darkness - his most powerful forces, and those closest to his "heart".
  3. Hell's Hounds - enforcers of chaos and destruction.
  4. The Infernal Tyrant - a proud and cruel dragon slain long ago, and now given new unlife by Buer.
  5. Bahamuut the Crimson Revenant - once a normal Mobian lion with a gift for sorcery, now twisted by devilish magic he strayed too close to.
  6. The Black Diavols - the lowly servants of Buer's court.

Other Beings

Those who serve in Buer's court are not the only sapient beings that either originated from or now reside within the Putriverse; however, the ones listed below act wholly on their own accord, rather than directly serving The Black Wheel:

  • Verfaulen, Herald of Rot - Genderless; a powerful Putrimancer that sows disease and plague among all living beings, said to be the twin of Sada.
  • Sada, Herald of Rust - Genderless; a powerful Skoriamancer that sows ruin and deterioration among the physical world, said to be the twin of Verfaulen.
  • Varago the Tempest-Caller - Male; the self-proclaimed ruler of the Realm of the Drowned, which is the Putriverse's counterpart to Mobius' Great Blue Realm. Able to manipulate Water, Wind and Electricity, as well as manipulate storms, he longs to extend his influence to Mobius...


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