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Cquote1 If you cannot think of your circumstances, then you are left for purpose of fate. Cquote2
Savoice Demoy reciting a Pertanese Proverb

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There was a loud pound on the door, with the calls vibrating the whole room. "Savoice Demoy, come out of here, please!" There was something about that voice that truly bothered me, and made my blood rush.

I walked up to the door and put my ear against it. The pounds stopped, but I could hear some heavy breathing and a brawny voice.

"Open this door, before I do!" The pounds striken against the door much louder, causing me to pull away in thought of the vibrations moving through my body. What time is it anyway?

I sought to find some sort of time-calculating device, but nothing but the walls and tables were there to give me a sign. A light system will just have to do that task.

All of a sudden, the door blasted open, with the hinges and the door itself surging toward me. Quickly, I managed to jump onto the hanging bed against the wall and evade the attack. Pants escaped my mouth in fear that I would be killed, since I was just about to be.

At the door, or where the door used to be, that red-headed, black-horned bull male was piercing his wide reddish-brown eyes toward me. I leaped off of the bed and ran to the back wall as he stomped closer to me.

"Don't you..." Fear invaded my threat.

He traveled quickly up to me while I was pushing myself to the wall in expectation that a door would open behind me.

"You will not attack the Ovil from here on, because Pertan will never look into your pitiful eyes any more," his large hands clenched onto my robe. Immediately, he punched me in the face with his other hand, still holding my clothes. His black clothing seemed broken up, torn a bit, yet with form on him. He is a moderator.

"Moderator," I attempted to negotiate, "Pushing you in that line yesterday was..." I could not think of the right words while under pressure.

"Was what?!" He punched me again, but harder this time.

"Ulgh," I grunted in pain. After that, I tried to move out of his arms. "Let go!"

Ignoring me, he punched me more than three times back-to-back, causing blood to come from my nose.

"Moderator Jola Ed-Nonon!" I heard a delicate voice call from behind him. The female with the white hair and the headscarf rushed up to that beast. "What are you doing to him?!"

She grabbed the bull's shirt and tried to pull him away from me. He still punched, and then tried to punch the girl. However, she was not a Moderator for no reason. She flipped over him and kicked the large bull backward, propelling him to the back wall, and propelling her on me.

"Uh..." I stared at her hair lying on my lap as I was thrown to sit against the wall. "Get off of me." I pushed her off.

She did nothing but fall over, laying there with her head faced to the floor. Her body was slender, yet it had its curviest of forms to express her delicacy. Her white tail striped of a light dirt brown swerved side to side in concentration.

"Moderator Zyphera..." Moderator Ed-Nonon growled and stood up.

"Do not harm her," I demanded to take off responsibility for any person's death. "If you do, I am telling the rest of the executives."

Moderator Ed-Nonon's eyes widened to the ground. "What just happened?" Then, he looked up at who he called "Zyphera". "Zyphera," he shook her, "get up."

A tingling sensation filled the atmosphere, of possible grief. There was not only fear settling in, but also anger. How did this Moderator believe that he could just storm into my room and attempt to attack me? If it were not for me sleeping and being awoken, I would have been killed, let alone having that large door thrown at me. This is where most of these problems settle into the minds of these leaders. They believe that they have all of the authority, so they attempt to fight against me.

"You should just let her be," I scornfully suggested. "If she is dead, it is all on you." From there, I walked out of the room and knocked on my neighbor's door--the one which it was labeled "Salmah Ogan".

The door opened. That wolf person with the blonde hair and tall ears caught sight of me once the door was not in the way. "What are you here for?"

"Let me in here. I don't have a shower or a change of clothes anywhere."

"Don't you?" He erratically spoke. "Let me see." He walked into my bedroom, seeing that my door was gone and Moderator Ed-Nonon was carrying Moderator Zypheria out of the room. "What happened here?"

"Do not even make the question of it. It is not a good one."

Moderator Ed-Nonon did not even make contact with me. He just carried the female out with two hands and retreated. That is the reason why no one attacks me; I have favor somewhere.

"Mn...your right here is your shower," the wolf blonde pointed at the wall opposite of the door in the far left corner. Why is he speaking so strange? "See the holes? Steam comes out of 'em."

"Steam? There is no covering for the shower, at least to catch the vapors?"

"Nope. Why would you need to be covered? Your room is this."

"Let me tell you, nn...what is your name?"

"Salmah Ogan."

Oh, right. It was on his door post. "Right. Well, what happened was that Moderator Ednon came and tried to attack me, because I pushed him after the ceremonial event. Then, that female...Moderator Zyphera came and fought in for me."

"You mean Moderator Ed-Nonon?"

"Yes, him. I said that. Since that he had the authority to come in here as he did, I feel that any person can barge in like that--you know?"

"Nudity to an acquaintance is not a crime here like it is in Pertan."

"Are you serious?"

"Serious I am. If you took a shower in front of my eyes right now, no one would be in trouble. It would be a social assumption spreading, though."

I looked into his silver eyes that shivered against his blonde hair. "Well, that doesn't solve my issue of not having clothes with me. I came here only with papers."

"Clothes of change? Well, you can borrow some of mine. My real home right outside of the District of Turiah, so I can get them for you." He began to walk out of the room and down the hall.

"Wait, but you said 'outside' of the District. Doesn't that mean that you're susceptible to that 'spotaneous reality' conditions?"

"Yes. I lived there most of my life, you know."

I shook my head. "Well, there's always a chance that you can get killed. I'm fine. I will just ask someone else."

"That is however so slim of a chance that it takes about half a year or more for it to happen." He continued to walk down the halls of doors and names.

I followed with unsurety, afraid that there was a crime being committed. We went down the echoey stairs that filled the room with the sounds of our steps, we went down the entrance hall with much people carrying papers and wearing gold on their shoulders and boots that reached to right below their knees. They were standing with one arm folded over their chest and one folded behind their back. Then, there was a large entrance foyer that had a large flat light hanging at the top of it, shaped as the logo for the Ovilian Arch of Studies. The large golden doors were just ahead, three times my height. A small amount of people were leaving the area, with attendees standing at the front for documentation.

My feet sped up beside Salmah. "Salmah, are the attendees going to let me in?"

"They should."

I stared at him. "If they do not, what is the secondary plan?"

"You silly, you'll just here stay, and I go get the clothes."

We approached the attendees, who wore all white. One male with purple hair stood there, hands folded over a table. "Are you two designated to leave?"

I nodded as Salmah did not do anything. I glanced at him, and back at the attendee. "I am Savoice Demoy, and this is Salmah...Oga."

"Ogan," Salmah corrected.

"Ogan..." I rolled my eyes back to the attendee.

"There is one problem," the attendee presented. "You, Savoice Ertis Demoy, have a 'Resistance Order' on your name, meaning that you cannot leave this facility. Are you Pertanese?"

"Ertis is not my middle name. It is Allashar."

"Well," the attendee searched through papers, "there is no Savoice Allashar Demoy here. Are you here illegally?"

"No, no. I apologize," I thought quickly, "my nickname for a middle name is Allashar. I was born with Ertis..."

"Oh. Well, that clears it for you. However, you still cannot leave this facility." The male swayed his hair over with his head. "Now, you, Salmah Ogan can leave if you want."

I looked over at Salmah as he walked out. Once again, I was disregarded. So, hungry, I walked back to the cafeteria to see if they were serving food.

As soon I walked in, the girl with the green eyes that gave me the lunch yesterday walked up to me. "Now breakfast is ready, if you want it."

The tables were full of food, and only a few of the executives eating. There were the fresh-scented meats that called to my teeth, and the delightful drinks that which adhered to my senses. Vegetables were cooked tender at their softest, displaying their rich glows of bright colors, and the fruits were more than pleasant to see. They all smelled sweet and delicious with a glimpse of greatness.

"How was the Asalan meat?" The female followed me, whispering in my ear.

"It was fine." I squirmed over to the food, wanting to eat so much.

The anticipating female watched with her red hair, twirling her side bangs with her finger. "I'm Dagra Vanneh Quais--if you wanted to know."

I looked over. "How much of this can I eat?"

"As much as you want," she laughed. "We will replenish the foods that run out. You must like eating."

"What? Liking to eat is called gluttony. I am just starving."

"Oh." She turned away with forethought, and then smiled back at me. "Well, I hope that you enjoy the food. Say my name if you need me."

Gazing at all of the food was as an impoverished person finally seeing money for the first time. Paradise awaited. I grabbed one the largest size of plates with the golden and purple trims that were stacked at the end of the banquet table and began to serve myself with all kinds of foods. If I can only eat once every day, I better fill up my plate with food to survive.

After my plate was filled up, I sat down beside a Moderator, for he was wearing all black, who had short, blonde, curly hair. Eating is my specialty, but so is conversation.

"Good morning, Moderator," I chewed aloud into my roasted vegetables. "Higher Demoy here."

He stopped eating and looked over at me. "I knew you looked familiar. You were at the Conclusion Najarv'sye ceremony, weren't you?" His voice was rather low and mumbly, somewhat confusing to understand, yet able to be worked out.

"I am the Pertanese Higher."

For a while, he gave a good observation with a slight smirk, with his firey brown eyes gazing into mine. "I am a Moderator."

"Moderator who?"

He picked up his fork. "Moderator Xanthub Fuge." From there, he continued eating his plate of nothing but greens.

I leaned into his ear, yet never whispering, "You are the one that is going to be at the meeting today."

With awareness, he rolled his eyes, smiled, and then chuckled under his throat and never opened his mouth. "What are you doing telling me this? I know that."

"You could have forgotten."

He looked ahead. "That's true. However, I don't think I forget something I was just told two hours ago."

"Two hours ago," I was still sleeping at that time. "What were you doing awake?"

"Preparing for the meeting. Your team leader came to me at that time saying, 'Oh, Fuge, we've changed your schedule a little, so you're on duty tommorrow.' I wish he'd told me the time he figured that out. I should have known about the change before him." He continued eating his food, munching away.

I still hadn't eaten my food yet, just staring over it. It seemed as if it were giving me a notion to say what was on my mind. As food simply controls me, I did what it requested. "Who is Najarv'sye?"

"You'll figure that out today."

I glanced over at one Moderator, who was also wearing black, which was all purple with a high purple bun. "Who is that?"

Moderator Fuge looked to the direction I was. "That is Moderator Bvan Ghonpherti, who is also taking duty today. He was the Dojyu at one time, but resigned. Instead, he became a Moderator to alleviate the stress he was once getting."

Then, Moderator Fuge pointed to Ghonpherti's left. "That is Moderator Byer Hoberzt." I watched as that purple-haired contender sniffed and looked over at us.

Moderator Fuge waved. "Greetings, Moderator Hoberzt." However, Hoberzt turned down the platitude by glaring with his yellow eyes, and then stood up and left the cafeteria--with his food.

"Hey, hey," the cafeteria worker who was cleaning the tables the day before rushed up to him. "Get back here with that food! You know you're not supposed to leave here with it!" Even with that, he still continued.

"Koka, don't worry about it," Moderator Fuge reassured her. "The Ovil'll just get him later."

"What did you say? You mumble too much."

He leaned over the table and cupped his hand. "I said the Ovil will get 'em later."

"Oh." She looked over at me. "And here you are just sitting here with all that food. Are you going to eat or not?"

I frowned. "I will, but I will take my time. Let me be."

"Don't take too long," Fuge admonished. "The meeting will start in another hour or two." Then, he stood up with his empty plates, put them at the middle of the table with the rest of the dirty dishes, and walked away.

He is right. Salmah needs to come with my clothes soon. Otherwise, I would have to skip this opportunity. After all, I would have the opportunity to meet and possibly speak to Najarv'sye this time. With that, I would prove myself as the Higher that I am--Higher Demoy.

The female that Moderator Fuge called "Koka" walked up to Moderator Ghonpherti, that purple person. "Do you see him?" She pointed back at me. "He's one of those Highers, isn't he? So ruthless, don't you say?"

Moderator Ghonpherti chewed into his embraced meats. "He is quite outspoken for a Pertanese Higher." He did not even whisper.

"Koka" smiled. "That's what ya'll get for recruiting these kinds of people." Then, she began to swipe the table where she was leaning.

How dare would they speak behind me--especially that female. The both of them truly have the means to persecute me, while I am in the room. Most of all, that female slave would speak against a Higher, one that fought for unfortunate people like her while in office.

I stood up, and whistled sharply. "'Koka the Servant' should have spoken to Savoice before speaking about him."

Both Moderator Ghonpherti and Koka herself twisted to me in shock.

"That is right," I grinned. "I heard you from here."

"I purposely spoke loud enough so you could hear," Moderator Ghonpherti snarkly rolled his eyes from me to "Koka".

Rage led a march from me to them. "All of you people here are giving me a hard time adjusting. I just had a brawl with another Moderator this morning!"

"What Moderator?" That purple critic glared deep into my eyes, challenging me.

"That one with the red hair, and he had horns, too!" I tried to remember his name. "Moderator Nonjola..."

"Are you true about this?"

"Do you think I am lying, too?"

Moderator Ghonpherti turned over to "Koka". "I need you to continue cleaning, and pretend you did not hear that."

She scowled at him, cringing her face. "You tryna cover up stuff now?"

"Just do it, please." He stood up and sincerely shut his eyes. "I apologize, Savoice. I didn't know that you ran into him earlier. He's short-tempered like that."

Higher Demoy received his retribution with the greatest of respect--from a Moderator. The Moderator could not even be higher than a Higher. But, even then, I got a refund.

"Still," Moderator Ghonpherti shook his head, blinking sharply, "You need to have yourself out of control. I'm not taking back my word that you're 'outspoken'. You are. Perhaps you did not realize that when you were a Higher."

"A Higher has no mistakes, if you know."

"Then I suppose they didn't make a mistake making this 'Almasia Law' to throw you out." He looked at "Koka", who was still eavesdropping. "Go to the kitchen, madam."

As she was cringing and heaving away with her cleaning towel, I was watching Moderator Ghonpherti very closely. He has some slouching stance, like everyone else, but he seems upright, and more of tidy in his cause. His hair, although with tiny purple curls that at places frayed out, is still nicely kept in that bun. A scar sits on his right cheek, imperfecting his smooth skin.

"They do not have much mistakes," I modified, "since that they are, after all, the people that set the standards for this entire planet."

"But," he came back once again, "they still set the standard of ridding their origins. Now, if you excuse me, I will prepare for that meeting." After that response, he left his food-wasted plate from the table and fled the Higher.

Now, it is on with the Moderators. It seems that every one of them have some status on them. To remind them, I will get Moderator Ghonpherti back by the performance that I do at the meeting.

I rushed to my plate and cleared it all up, with no crumb left to spare. There was no one watching me, yet, there was no one bothering me, either. That was the best part about it. I was truly alone in that room.

By the time I finished, there were some of those "Interpreters" coming in, such as that Zona Kon'Feffin or whatever his name was. So, I took my leave.

Down the halls, Salmah was no where in sight. The enterance fourier had no one that I recognized, either. Perhaps, he abandoned me. In the entrance fourier, I made my way to an operator sitting at a large oval desk at the center of the room.

"What time is it?"

"Uh," the young male flashed his eyes at me and at the sky. "It is two-hundred and seventy six minutes into the morning time."

What time system is that? I shook my head. "Can you give me a schedule of the meetings that are supposed to take place for Highers?"

His bright orange eyes widened. "For Highers?"

"I mean, for the subordinate branch."

"Uh..." He fumbled his fingers through files on the right of him, to my left. "What r-rank are you?"

"I am a Higher Interpreter."

For a bit, he quickly skimmed my body. "For a Conclusion Team?"

"Yes, yes..."

He still had that blank stare on me. "Which one?"

"The one where the team is with the Uisas agent." Then, I thought about the ceremony. "We are the only team here this season."

"Conclusion Najarv'sye?" He made his ask for assurety, but the annoyance of answering questions for a novice yielded my response. He nodded spuratically, pulling out papers. "On top is the schedule and that second paper behind it is all the names of your team members."

"Thank you," I rushed, walking back to my room.

Next door is Zona Kon'effin, as it is listed on his door post. I knocked on the door. It took a while, but he eventually came and opened the door. "Oh, look. It's 'Higher' Savoice. What do you want?

"I need a change of clothes so I can take a shower."

"Why don't you just walk naked?"

Salmah had told me that there was no law against nudity in front of acquaintances, however the dignity of it is what I need. "Because it is strange."

He smiled. "I have this old robe. You can wear that." Walking in his home, he notioned his hands for me to enter. As I did, he pulled out an old robe from a box of dull color and tears in it.

"Oh n--." I stopped, realizing that I had no time to argue. "Thank you," I lied, taking it.

"You're welcome. Highers wore it back in the past."

The robe does not look royal to me. "Really?"

"Of course," he sarcastically nodded. "You know where your shower is, right? Don't wanna stink at that meeting."

His eye patch had my attention. "I know where it is. I just do not know how to use it."

"Just stand there in front of it, and the vapors will come on." He closed the box and turned to me. "Did you just move here or something?"

"Moved...I was assigned here."

"Oh, right," he realized, "you're a Pertan. I still think you shouldn't call yourself a Higher, though."

"I was one."

Raising his eyes, he bit his lip, and then shook his head. "No, you're not. You're an 'Interpreter'. Today, you're going to test your skill in that area."

"With Najarv'sye?"

"Who else?" He frowned, and then swat his hand. "Bye. Take your shower, now. See you at the meeting."

Immediately, I took my leave, seeing that he did not want me there. There is something about that eye patch on Zona that I am very curious about. Perhaps, he was in a battle and injured himself. Or, he was rude as he was just now to a Higher, and he lost his eye for it. Whatever the reason, it seems strange to see an eye patch on any sort of Platurian.

As he directed me to, I stood bare in front of the vents at the corner of my room, and watched the vapors come out with excessive heat. It was not much of a shower at all. Instead, it was sweating the filthiness until the body seemed clean.

After that, I layed on the reclining chair and thought. If I am to be here for ten years without any assistance from my Pertanese origins, how am I expected to do it right here? Why would I have to be the one to suffer this persecution? I am a Higher, and they see me as an "Interpreter". How can they not realize that reverence to a Higher is suggested on Reyonis Platura? How did they become so haughty? I suppose there should have been more tight rules on them to prevent it.

Still, I would have never been able to stop it. Fate is fate. A Pertanese proverb says, "If you cannot think of your circustances, then you are left for purpose of fate." If I cannot put thought into the situation I am in being on Ovilis, then I would just let Ovilis give me a purpose. That means, even though I want to be a Higher, and I do not achieve it, then I would have to be one of those adamant, pathetic, slouch-serving, tired-eyed Ovilians.

Yet, this does mean that I have the opportunity to become a Higher again after this very circumstnce. If I cannot put thought to being an Ovilian, then I would be left for my own purpose--and that is to be a Higher again. That is what that operator meant when I was departing Pertan, saying that I needed not to deny what I see. If it seems as though the people are dissimilar to me, then it would mean that they are, in a better way. I am the only one that stands out to them--one that would never deny reality.

" Savoice Interpreter Demoy," a hand pounded the door. "I have your clothes."

I leaped off of the bed structure and ran up to Salmah. "You are more late than I expected you to be. I already asked Zona for his, and he gave me this robe," I pointed.

Salmah handed a large box to me. "Ugh, that gross looks. Why'd you put that on? I have fresh clothes right here."

"I have no time. I have to get to that meeting with Najarv'sye." I picked up the box and set it by the mirror.

Salmah brushed his hair back with his hand. "So do I. So do we. You know, it starts in about ten minutes, right?"

Is it me, or time moves inconsistently here? "Ten minutes? Hmph, I am going to change my clothes, again."

"Okay," he stood there, watching me undress.

By the time I had my shirt off, discomfort settled in. "You can leave now."

"Oh, you're that Pertan with the 'exposure' laws..." Salmah walked out. "You're welcome."

After he walked out of the room and closed the door--which I ensured for myself--I redressed for the "expression" day of the Conclusion Najarv'sye assignment. Walking out of the room already, there was a loud shrill that came from the ends of the hallway, which sounded as birds chirping frantically. Following the noise came the rest of the Interpreters from their rooms, going down the hall. I just followed them, since they seemed to know where to go.

Everyone met at the "Regimen", the room that I entered a day before before I intruded the Conclusion Najarv'sye entrance meeting. I looked for a chair, and sat at the far left, first row. Beside me came Lovopian the long-eared person.

"Savoice--I mean--Higher Savoice," he pushed his golden blonde hair back, "How was your sleep?"

"Decent. That is until Moderator Ed-Nonon barged into my room."

"What do you mean by that?"

"He banged on my door and then tried to attack me."

"Hey," that tiger male from Salwom hit my shoulder, "What are ya'll talking about?"

"Stay ou-," I retorted quickly, but too late.

"Moderator Ed-Nonon attacked Savoice at night," Lovopian taled, and turned to me. "Did he hurt you?"

"Of course he did. Don't you see my black eye?"

Both of them searched, with Lovopian to ask. "Where?"

"Here he goes with that nonsense again," the tiger male smirked. "You're strange, fellow, but kinda interesting to watch."

Lovopian shook his head. "He's just a little 'overpowered'."

I looked ahead at the podium, seeing Moderator Fuge sit down at the blue tables set there. "Overpowered, huh?"

"Not 'overpowered', fool," the tiger male blinked his sky blue eyes quickly at him, "more like 'achieved'."

They both laughed, but I did not know why. After telling them what Moderator Ed-Nonon did to me, they did not show much of concern. Perhaps, there was nothing they could ever do about it.

"Attention, everyone," Moderator Fuge stood beside his seat. I heard him, but he mumbled so low that everyone still spoke. He gave in, seating himself.

A loud shrill came into the room, coming from Interpreter Erchliy. "Get quiet, you imbeciles! Didn't you hear him?"

Moderator Fuge shook his head, with his ears swaying with it. "Language, Interpreter and Leader Erchily."

"Sorry about that." He stood in front of both tables and whispered, "Najarv'sye is about to come in again. We don't have to kneel like we did last time, but let us please give him respect. He is, after all, the Uisas agent chosen for us."

Lovopian hit my arm. "He's not as honorable as you think he is."

"I..." A cringe pressed my eyes to strain. "I do not think he is honorable--at all..."

"I think so." He looked ahead.

"Savoice--Higher Savoice--be quiet," Interpreter Myaari scolded. "If you talk, I will have documents to eject you."

I stared. How was he, calling me Higher a second ago, going to nullify the title with an ejection? Most of all, he should not be telling me--a Higher--to be quiet to begin with. Speaking is the cure to misconception. Still, I found the means to hold my peace, since it is best, anyway.

When I looked back at the podium, Najarv'sye was sitting in a chair, already. His teal silk headscarf covered his light scarlet hair that glew in the light with a sparkling countenance. He wore glasses that glared in the brightness of the room, piercing my eyes to inability to even look directly at him. He was sitting in the chair, upright, and had his arms resting in his lap, hands clasped flat together, and his chin resting on his thumbs.

"There he is!" I pointed at him. "There's Najarv'sye!" Everyone turned to me with a look of despise.

"He is somethin' else!" That tiger male was laughing at me, for some reason. "So strange!"

"Quiet now, you imbeciles," Interpreter Erchliy hushed his snarl to a lower tone. "We're about to begin. Remember, do this right."

I stared at Najarv'sye as he was looking at Khovab feeling the fresh pink feathers on the top of his head. Najarv'sye did not move much, seemingly sat as a rock that was unphased by anything. His objective seemed to be staring at others and intimidating them--except me.

"Everyone quiet. Now." Moderator Ghonpherti moved his eyes with every member to address them all, walking to his seat. "The 'expression day' for the Uisas agent has come, for Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen. All interpreters must pay respect to the agent at all times--no interruptions. Otherwise, you will be ejected. Let the agent finish his whole statement, and then the floor is open for questions, if any. Any questions pertaining to the expectations?"

"Where are you ejecting us, that is if we do not adhere to the rules?" The light-pitched fox with the high bun knocked on the table.

Moderator Fuge, from his seat as Moderator Ghonpherti sat down, knocked on the table. "You will be taken outside of the District of Turiah."

"I want to be ejected," the tiger male closed his eyes, leaning in his seat.

"No, you don't, Interpreter Satire," Salmah smirked. "Being ejected there means you're susceptible to 'spotaneous reality'."

"Knock on the tables, please," Moderator Fuge requested.

"Well," Interpreter Satire shook his head, still leaning in his seat, "I'm strong enough to go against that stuff."

"Stop talking," Intepreter Erchliy hit Satire's shoulder. "We're about to begin." He looked at the podium. "Now, Moderators, you may proceed."

"Splendid," Moderator Fuge mumbled. "It is now time for the 'expression' of Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen to tell about himself. Today, he is prepared to tell you his name, his birthplace, and his residence in Ovilis. After that, you may ask questions. Once that is done, you all may leave. Tomorrow, all of you will meet in this room behind the 'Regimen', and generate conclusions about him. You will not present these conclusions the next time you meet him, which is in another four days. However, you will use these observations to build more conclusions. Take all aspects into account--even expressions--as it is called 'expression' day."

"What was that last word, Moderator Fuge?" Interpreter Erchliy knocked on the table. "You said 'take' what?"

"Take all details in consideration."

"Oh, thank you."

He nodded and grinned. "Next time, wait until I'm finished, please." No response from Interpreter Erchliy came. He dug his finger in his blue cat ears and listened.

Moderator Ghonpherti hit Moderator Fuge on the shoulder. "I'm sorry, but is Najarv'sye going to speak now?"

"Yes he is. Now, you have the floor."

Besides him speaking at the ceremony, this will be the first time he spoke to us directly. This is the first time I will have the opportunity to speak to this person, and get the answer I had been waiting for. What had he meant by what he said at the ceremony?

Najarv'sye majestically stood. "I am Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen, a Uisas agent that was summoned by the Ovilian Arch of Studies." His deep voice took us deep into his words. "I was born in the eastern part of Ovilis, called  Pantoque. This is the place that is right by the Laliphorus Walls, if not known. Currently, I live in Dakahama, which is directly near the Laliphorus Walls further down my home site. I am now complete with my 'expression.'"

Everyone stared at the mediocre introduction. Many of them were sitting in their seats, expecting more of him, such as an extraordinary quote just like last time. Lovopian's ears bounced frequently, and his lips were closed together and to the side. The brown canine with the blue eyes squinted them. Khovab was pressing his index finger down on his beak and trailing it. I was sitting there, stunned.

"Is that it?" Interpreter Erchliy looked at the Moderators for explanation.

"He did exactly what he was told," Moderator Ghonpherti nodded. "Are there any questions?"

"What did you mean?" I just had to ask. One day of my patience and time must not be sacrificed any longer.

Najarv'sye's glaring glasses deflected a sharp shine onto my face. "By what?"

"Knock on the tables, please," Moderator Fuge mumbled.

I watched as Najarv'sye's hair moved with the gradual glistening wind. "When you said that the answers would be with ones that look up, or something like that..." The dire situation to remember the quote is the very time I forgot it. And, I did not ask a decent question. My chance to be a Higher is at risk right now.

He nodded. "Self-explanatory it is, Higher Savoice."

I gazed at him, leaned forward, blinking hard. "H-H...I am an Interpreter. Interpreter Savoice."

"No, you are Higher Savoice," he sat with thought of his chin resting on his thumbs. "I remember you."

Another knock came from somewhere else. "What kinds of things do you see in Dakahama?" Zona Kon'effin wanted attention now, it seems.

Najarv'sye continued to stare at me. "Eager are those that wait, since they have no control. I suppose that you have changed your mind." Then, done with me, he glanced over at Zona Kon'effin. "I see reality. It's just not always the same. Some days I walk down the walkway to find people lying bare, or sometimes a bunch of papers scattered in the sea."

Zona knocked again. "How often do you see these kinds of things?"

"More than I wish. I would say that a spotanesous event takes place every day when I observe my surroundings. However, when it directly regards me, that takes about two weeks or more."

"Do you have a pet?" Lovopian stupidly knocked.

"No. I do not believe in the ownership of any being."

"How many years have you lived in Ovilis, Najarv'sye?" The fox with the high bun knocked and stood.

"All of my life. However, my life is beyond twenty-four years, so how long do you think that is?" With no answer, the fox sat down.

Khovab knocked and pointed. "Are you against the Vavy principles?"

"I have my stance on it," he smirked proudly, "but it may be controversial. The Vavys were put in place in order to control the traditions that were once here, concerning the Nylans and their project on Reyonis Platura. This reality does not exist at all."

Khovab frowned. "What do you mean? Oh, wait, never mind." He smiled, setting his cusping hand under his chin in consideration.

What did he mean? "Najarv'sye--."

"Do not discuss the topics of the Vavy principles unless the agent does," Moderator Ghonpherti's finger tapped the table he was sitting at. "This is to ensure the Ovilian Arch of Studies' safety under the yet ruling of the Highers."

Highers? Oh, yeah. They were the ones that passed the law, as well as the "Almasia Law". I was the one that opposed both. Well, not the one about the Vavys too much. I just stayed out of that one. I cannot lie about that one; an issue had to be addressed that it was that one.

I tried to call him again. "Naj--."

"Are you married and or have children?" Lovopian, once again, asked a silly question.

"Married or have children?" Najarv'sye moved his eyes to the ceiling. "Married or have you believe that is possible in Ovilis?"

"No, I do not."

"Well, it is possible for my neighbor. His name is Talchon, and he is married with two young children."

Lovopian stared as Najarv'sye looked back down at him. "Well, that's why I asked you if you had any. You did'n't answer my question."

"I am not and do not."

"Oh." From there, he sat there, attempting to formulate some notes in his head that made sense to him.

Polly's voice cracked as he knocked. "How many of these meets are we going to do?"

"I'm not sure. How about you ask yourself that."

Polly stared while I was becoming agitated at the fact that no one was asking good questions. They are all asking questions that do not matter to his mission to much of anything at all. However, I cannot complain, because I generating a decent question is difficult.

"Any other questions?" Moderator Fuge broke in. "If not, then we are done here. No more questions until the next meet. Do not even speak to him anymore. You are all dismissed."

Moderator Ghonpherti nudged him. "Why so early?"

"I'm tired," he mumbled.

"What did you say?"

"I'm tired, Bvan. I didn't want to be here today." From there, he stormed out in anger.

We were not in here for but less than fifteen minutes, and everyone was tired already. I suppose that is how it works in Ovilis. From there, everyone dismissed themselves, watching Najarv'sye watching them. I wanted to ask him a question, but as requested, I did not. For now, this "Higher" proclammation coming from Najarv'sye will pass, but next time, I will have a comeback for him.

I walked into my room, just as soon as someone touched my arm. "Interpreter Savoice," the fox male with the bun smiled. "Weren't you  trying to ask him a question?"


"Next time, just blurt it out. This is my second time doing this project for an agent, although this time is quite a bit different. Unless it is Moderator Byer Hoberzt there, they probably will not eject you or anything."

"Will they admonish you?"

"Yeah, but many times," he stared into my eyes. "I think that Najarv'sye hates you."

Not in favor of hearing that. "Why so?"

"Because he's turning your words against you."

I stared at him for a while, and then looked at the ground in dissatisfaction. "I need to go to bed."

"Good night, Savoice."

"What is your name, by the way?" Being in the system already and not knowing the names of the comrades is a problem.

"Interpreter Pheru Vun Lalsu. And, you are Savoice Allahshar Demoy. Nice meeting you again." He walked out.

From there, I closed the door behind him and layed on the bed, wondering how long it would take for me to have this all cleared and figured out. Tomorrow is the meeting for Najarv'sye's "expression day", so I will ask the best of questions as much as I can--no matter what it takes.

And I still won't deny the reality around me. Everything is just right. I just need to be a Higher, and then it will be perfection.

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