Purna the Tiger-Bunny

Name Penelope Jane
Age 22
  • Unknown mother
  • Unknown father
  • Unnamed Uncle
Romantic Interests Vay the Bat
  • Rabbit
Gender Female
  • Fur: light brown
  • Eyes: yellow
Weaponry None
  • coming soon..
  • coming soon..


Penelope is a light brown female rabbit, with yellow eyes and long black hair. She is often seen wearing some kind of body suit and some kind of cloth skirt. She has three black dots under bot of her eyes.


Penelope is well mannered, quiet and a big daydreamer. She does as she is told and hardly ever speaks. Purna is an outgoing, loud kind of gal. She will get down and dirty if need be and isn't afraid to speak her mind. However Purna is a klutz, though she laughs at herself when she messes up.


Penelope Jane was raised by her uncle. She had grown up being told that her parents wanted nothing but the best for her, however they had really just abandoned her. Penelope's uncle would read a lot of adventure stories to her when she was a child. As Penelope grew older she longed for the adventures she had heard about when she was younger. Her Uncle thought it was best that she go out into the world and explore, however he knew she wouldn't survive without some kind of training.

Until she was 16, Penelope trained with her uncle so that she could fend for herself. By the time she had finished her training Penelope set out in hopes to make her own great adventures. However as money grew tight, Penelope searched for jobs to take up. Sadly there was nothing of interest to her. One day while sitting at a pub, a nasty looking rabbit came in and claimed she was looking for someone. At that moment Penelope had realized what she wanted to do. She wanted to be a bounty hunter and so she began her new adventure.

Over time Penelope began to be referred to as the Tiger-Bunny, but Penelope the Tiger-Bunny never sounded right to her. She eventually adopted the name Punra, simply because it sounded cat-like.

(More coming soon…)


Due to Purna being a klutz she tends to fail at catching most of her targets and can most likely mess up even the greatest plans. Still she makes up for it with hard work. However with her lack of speed and terrible balance chasing people down is a bit of a task for her.


Purna is good at tracking, what she lacks in speed she makes up for with her in her tracking. With a great sense of direction and some odd way of telling what nature has in store, make Purna a great hunter. However she does lack fighting skills and is prone to accidents quite often.

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