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Knuckles, gliding by Pumpkin Hill.

Pumpkin Hill is the second stage for Knuckles only playable as him in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. This is a treasure hunting stage that uses the song "A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup".


The first goal to this stage is to find 3 Master Emerald shards. This place is a stage with a Halloween-like theme to it. There are many pumpkins and many ghosts coming out to surprise you when you don't expect it. This is the first appearance of King Boom Boo's ghosts.

Pumpkin Hill has 3 major areas.

  • Pumpkin Mountain
  • Church Mountain
  • Ghost Train Mountain

This stage takes place at twilight. Shadow has his own version of this level, called Sky Rail.


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User:Mystic Monkey

Pumpkin Hill (also known as Pumpkin Hill Zone) is a place of various phenomenons. Such as hoodoos resembling jack-o'-lanterns, golden twilight and the whole place is a haunting hotspot. As well as the pumpkin fields, abandon station and creepy church. Because of this, it is a tourist attraction during Halloween but usually deserted as the place is located over a deep canyon. However it is said that spirits are not all malicious and some have protected those from the perilous fall. Mystic Monkey tends to be at Pumpkin Hill around the end of October to enjoy Halloween there. Not far from Pumpkin Hill, beyond the darkness, is the Cryptic Castle which looms over the haunted lands.

Phantom Castle

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An abandoned castle-mansion built down a haunted gorge. It is home to the ghost lord King Boom Boo, with his ghosts hiding throughout the place. Dr. Eggman has sieged it with his robots but they mysteriously began breaking down, in yet they are still active.

It is planned to be a treasure hunting stage for Knuckles (and perhaps goal reaching stage for Sonic or Tails), other than looking for three keys, he must make sure the castle is illuminated regularly or else the Hyudoro will get him. Hourglasses which illuminate the area can be located around the castle. While the outside of the castle will be like Pumpkin Hill, the castle itself is inspired by Mystic Mansion and Cryptic Castle for this level as well as tribute to the ghosts Hyudoro.

While not canon to Sonic Adventure 2 and Ultimate Sonic being set on a different map to that game, Phantom Castle is regarded to be located beyond Pumpkin Hill, sharing it's haunted twilight grounds.

From October 20-31, Central City will have Pumpkin Hill pumpkins scattered everywhere as well as posters for a Halloween party at Phantom Castle. Scattered around Phantom Castle are Halloween treasure chests that when touched will either have a nasty jester that will scare you (and make you loose your rings as a trick), or a power-up (as a treat). If you go to this stage as Sonic the Hedgehog, the stage will play as the secret character Sonic the Werehog.

Verses mode

During October 15-31, a clone of the Pumpkin Hill stage from SA2 will be available for Two-player mode's Treasure Hunting game in Ultimate Sonic. Also like in SA2, alternate Halloween costume to play in.

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