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Pulido the Treefrog is a Mobian treefrog, resident of Evergreen Glades, and member of the Glades Gang.



Fitting with his name (Spanish for "polished, slick"), Pulido is a slick and smooth-talking fellow, known to other Glades Gang members as having a "slimy silver tongue". Pulido is fully knowledgeable of his smooth-talking capabilities, and makes a game out of flattering people while they're angry, hiding insults in comments to see if they're spotted, and catching the attention of another guy's girl with compliments and flirtation. Despite the havoc these "games" tend to cause, Pulido does indeed do all of this in good nature, with no real malicious intent. Pulido is a loyal member of the Glades Gang, and like Río, takes actions against the gang and innocent bystanders quite personally. When especially angered, Pulido's been known to use excessive and violent cursing.


Pulido is a green tree frog, with a blue underbelly and eyes that have red sclera and black irises. His arms are long and thin, with yellow biceps, green forearms, and orange fingers. He wears a white polo shirt with black shorts, but no shoes or gloves. The reason for this are his long, webbed fingers and toes, which he uses to stick to surfaces.


Fitting with his name, Pulido is a slick and evasive fighter, able to dodge, slip through, and redirect incoming attacks. Pulido is able to further improve his evasiveness by secreting slime from his body, which makes any physical attacks that don't involve sharp objects slip right off of him; only extremely precise or powerful attacks have any effect. However, Pulido dislikes using this ability because it "messes up his shirt". Pulido is also quite fast and agile. As expected of his species, Pulido has powerful leg strength, and can use that for extremely fast and long jumps, even able to make such jumps in rapid succession without tiring. Two other abilities of his are his long tongue, which can be used as a grappling hook or a way to grab opponents, and his adhesive hands and feet, which Pulido can use to stick to any surface, even crawling and running on them at decent speeds. Pulido is also an excellent fighter when it comes to grappling, as his long arms and sticky hands allow him to gain a firm hold on his opponent with no problem.

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