Psypunch is a physical Psychic move, although it can strike at range.


The user channels a telekinetic aura around their fist, the aura reflecting the colour of their psychic aura. Once formed, the user throws the punch, with the psychic aura extending out to extend the range of the punch until it hits something. When extended, it still carries faint sensory data to the user, so that on impact, before dissipating, they still feel that they've struck their target.

The techniques is truly not as powerful as it looks - due to the range and glowing aura, it can be mistaken for other techniques. However, due to that, a target can flinch away from the punch, losing momentum in battle and allowing the user to follow-up with another attack.



Technique Rank

Due to the technique's range and ability to make fighters flinch, it bears a C-rank.

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