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Psychic Snap is an average Psychic type move, but with the added potential to confuse the target, it proves it's use.


The user uses telepathy and creates a loud click noise, like a finger-snap, directly in the opponent's mind. This click itself is loud enough to disorientate and injure, but there is a one in three chance of the technique can also alter the opponent's perceptions, in some cases making their allies look like enemies, or even forcing them to target themselves with an attack.

This technique requires focused telepathy on the target, which makes it difficult for a novice user to perform, but more experienced users often reach the level where each 'snap; takes barely a second, allowing them to disorientate large groups in the blink of an eye.



Technique Rank

The lack of power behind the snap, despite it's disorientating side-effect, gives the technique a D-rank. However, some users argue that the sheer speed of a master should grant this technique a B-rank, at the very least.