"The mind is like a library with its books unsorted, and its doors ready to be unlocked."~Deraj Ivan Bradanska.

The Psychic Guardians are the psychic special forces of the Anti Mobian Army are the willing students of the leader of the Anti Mobian Federation, Deraj Ivan Bradnaksa. The Psychic Guardians main goal is to protect the interests of Mobius, her allies, and her territories. The Psychic Guardians are considered to be Moebius's best behind FROST Company (which is lead by the first Psychic Guardian member, Iceheart Leon Trotsky,) and Gicandice Lulissa Bradanska herself. The Psychic Guardians forgo numbers and firepower for emphasis on the individual squad and how each soldier is able to benefit his comrades.

Psi guard

PSI-Guard trooper being briefed on their mission for the day.


Membership within the Psy-Guard is very to difficult to achieve. One of the defining characteristics to become PSI-Trooper is you have to be psychic or posses some form of psychic ability for starters,(there are non-psychic members, but they are not troopers, they are usually support staff.) Psychic Guardians have to go through rigorous and mentally hardening training before they can join the ranks of the Psychic Guardians. Many become insane, others join and still are a tad insane from their intense mental and physical conditioning.

Notable members include:

AMA Leadership:

.Deraj Ivan Bradanska (Leader)

.Iceheart Leon Trotsky (formerly.)

.Griefan Nathaniel Bradanska (Jr.PsIGuard, formlerly.)

Mystic Company:

  • Captain Vaxier the hedgehog
  • Vaxier wounded.

    Captain Vaxier wounded after a charge at Siag.

    Sharolette the Spider
  • Tes the Monkey
  • Darkvine the Galago
  • Angel the Lizard

F.R.O.S.T Company

Balta refernce

Corporal Balta Baldrova, the famous "Silent Wolf Killer" of FROST Company. She is Iceheart's left hand woman.


The Psychic Guardians focus on the individual and how his/her own special talents can benefit the squad as a whole, as well as the army. Psychic Guardians are known to use squad based and support tactics on the battlefield, blended with many other positions their unique individual powers can be used for. 


"We are called upon!"~Standard rallying cry of the Psychic Guardians.

Although many would view Moebians as atheist or at the very least agnostic, many view the PsI-Guard as a sort of cult from a prime worlder perspective. What is known many psychic soldiers believe in the force of "Raj",or "Mysterious Force". While not preached about or taught in public schools on Moebius, Raj is still seen as an essential force that Deraj Bradanska teaches to his psychic "students".

Base of Operations

The Psychic Guardians are an international organization and special military force with divisions on almost every continent on Moebius/Anti-Mobius, as well as many areas and military installations on Mobius and other worlds. Their central base of operations is found in the cold regions of Rosania, (named after Deraj's deceased wife Rose Bradanska.)


Psychic Guardians are iconic for their DLAD-327 Psychic battle armor. This special armor allows them to move swiftly and still have modest protection. The special function of the DLAD-327 is to monitor their psychic abilities, to monitor their health and status, as well as amplify their psychic powers.
Vaxier and Darkvine

Captain Vaxier and Darkvine of Mystic Company (Note: Picture of Darkvine before his reboot.)


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  • They were inspired by this song. 
  • They are based off Russian Spetnaz. 
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