Psychic is a powerful mental attack. The user uses their mind to attack the user, with either a psychic beam, psychic pulse, or by throwing the target. This attack is very powerful, as it can be used to stop a large number of enemies in their tracks.


The activation of the technique is often signified by a flash of the user's aura color in the eyes, although this is not always the case. After this point, multiple different things can happen. In some cases, an aura of the same color forms around the opponent, allowing the user to control the opponent. In other cases, the user forms a blast of the same color and launches it at the target.

However, both cases have the same one-in-ten chance of lowering the opponent's resistance to energy-based attacks, and the same inability to pierce Chaos-based defenses.


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Pokemon Users

  • Ryu's Gardevoir
  • Ryu's Espeon
  • Ryu's Alakazam
  • Ryu's Mothim
  • Ryu's Slowking
  • Ryu's Metagross
  • Taltivair's Mew
  • Tigero's Espeon

Species Users


  • None as of yet

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Technique Rank

Due to it's reasonably high power and ability to lower the target's ability to resist energy-based attacks, this technique has an A-rank.

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