Prower Manor is the official residence of Miles "Tails" Prower and his family. The name has been associated with 2 such mansions:

  • 567 Stephenson Court - The Parkview residence. He lived here from 2006-2010, during which he lived within 1 mile of each of the main characters, including Sonic. 10 bedrooms/7 baths. Contains a large basement, which was Tails's WTTN studio.
  • 1123 Red Hollow Drive - The Wolfington residence. He moved here in April 2010 to live among his own "kind" (EVERYONE in Wolfington is wealthy....). He lives farther away from his friends now. 9 bedrooms/6.5 baths. This house contains a larger basement and an indoor pool.


Pre-Move In (beginnings-2006)

During the Second Klestov War (1938-1946,) the site that would become the first Prower Manor was a steel mill that made weapons. However, a Klestov spy destroyed the plant in 1944. After the war ended in 1946, planners decided not to rebuild the weapons plant, instead, they would rebuild it as a subdivision because of the area population growth. The first house here was a small house occupied by a small family. However, hostilities forced them to move out in 1958. For the next 40 years, the house was uninhabited. Then, in 1998, a retired couple moved in. They both died in 2002.

Stephenson Court Manor (2006-2010)

In June 2006, Tails and is family moved in to the small house on Stephenson Court. However, within the next 6 weeks, Tails owned WTTN, a local station that was owned by Sylvia Prower (his cousin,) and Cathy Elmore (her best friend). To make room for the addition, Tails ordered the house demolished. By September 2006, a new mansion was ready for move-in. The mansion was the largest on the street, and to many residents, it meant that Wolfington snobs and luxury were here. For 4 years, the family lived peacefully, until a surprise bombing on their house in April 2010. For the first time in luxury, the Prowers had to move out.

Red Hollow Manor (2010-)

Because of the Stephenson Court bombing, the Prowers moved into a NEW mansion on Red Hollow Drive. Although smaller, the mansion is large, and has an indoor pool with a larger basement.


Prower Manor is the second largest mansion on the Emerald Coast (outside of the Wolfington city limits), and has many amenities. The house has 9 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The most well-known area of the house is located below the basement, in a few large rooms. This area is known as the WTTN/WSTV Content & Communications Center, which houses the studios of both of those stations. Also, every room in the house has a 30 HDTV (with the great room as an exception, since it has an 81 HDTV,) with free TTCable service. Every room has a computer and phone. In addition, there is a 7 car garage.

  • Rooms:
    • Ground Kitchen
    • Living Room
    • Great Room
    • Dining Room
    • "Special" Room
    • Butlers' Pantry (The family has no butler, however.)
    • Laundry Room
    • Bedrooms
    • Garage
    • Bathrooms
    • Secret Labratory
    • Game Room
    • WTTN 11 Content/Communications Center
    • Indoor Swimming Pool
    • Basement Kitchen
    • Outdoor Kitchen
    • Porch
    • Back Yard
    • Digital Mailbox
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