Prower Center
West Allis, Green Emerald Zone
May 1, 2007

Prower Center is a major mixed-use district in West Allis. It is best known as the HQ of Prower-Hedgehog Incorporated. It opened in 2007, and is a major attraction for people in the West Allis area.


Prower-Hedgehog Incorporated

  • Invesco Corporation (banking service)
  • Company HQ
  • Board of Commons Center - West Allis
  • PBC Allis Valley Studio

Fun Park

  • Shark! Roller Coaster
  • Restaurants
  • TV Center
  • Stores
  • WaterWorld - West Allis's premier Water Park!


  • Prower State University - West Allis
  • Prower Center Schools:
    • Invesco Elementary
    • Hyden Park Elementary
    • Prower Center Middle
    • Prower Center High


Prower Center is served by the following modes of transportation:

  • S-Train: W4 Station (PSU), W5 Station (Prower Blvd.), W6 Station (WaterWorld/Fun Park)
  • U-Train: W11 Station (Prower Center East)
  • AllisBus: Routes 135, 94, 93, 109, 54 and 77 provide access to Prower Center. There is also a Fun Park Shuttle, which runs between the Fun Park and the U-Train W11 Station.
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