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The Pullout Act of 2009 is an act enacted by the Board of Commons at Prower Broadcasting (STV owner).

How it happened

In Fawn Tech City, Mayor Homer tore down a hotel, angering some members of the Board at STV. Thus, they came up with a way to punish the city.

What it did

This act did the following:

  • Eliminated all cable services from the city...
  • Closed down communications that use STV lines to Fawn Tech City...
  • Expired the hotel permit...
  • Shut down all WFTT (Fow Toth Town) service to Fawn Tech City...
  • And closed the cable offices already in Fawn Tech.


Because of this act, the city of Fawn Tech was not able to receive television, internet or phone service. However, 1 day later, Shahooter's prosecuting and Sonic's leniency brought the Board to repeal the Pullout Act, but sign the FT Payment Act of 2009.

FT Payment Act of 2009

With the repeal of the Pullout Act of 2009, ALL of the board members signed the FT Payment Act, which did the following:

  • Brought cable back to FTC
  • Forced FTC to pay for the damages caused by the demolition

However, the demolition of a hotel that was allowed was a violation of "free enterprise", thus the Mobian Supreme Court backed up the FT Payment Act.



These people supported eliminating all Fawn Tech services.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sylvia Prower
  • Cathy Elmore


These people did not support elimination.

  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Scooter the Hedgehog