Proudfoot the Wolf is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. As of the series overhaul, he plays a minor role in Redstone's Nightmare. He is a Mobian gray wolf who lived in the time of the Ancients as the son of the aggressive and territorial wolf Argus. Following Redstone's death, Proudfoot presumably left his Pack to stay with Redstone's family


Proudfoot is a gray wolf with thick, dark gray fur, which fades to white on his face and chest. He has amber eyes and a squarish muzzle.


Not much is known about Proudfoot's personality other than the fact he is a kind, loyal person with a big heart, unlike his aggressive, nearly violent father Argus(who dropped this after he died)


Before the Series: Proudfoot's past is largely unknown. Most likely, he was born into the Gray Wolf Pack and grew into a warrior there.

Redstone's Nightmare: Sometime after Jagged Cliff's death, Proudfoot appears in the Red Fox Pack. He explains that his father had been mocking Jagged Cliff about his death, and that it bothered him, which led to him arriving at the Pack. Proudfoot states wants to help take down Sonic.EXE before he killed anyone else. Later, when Redstone dies, Proudfoot promises to look after Garrett and remain a close friend to him.




Proudfoot was originally solid gray, but this was changed to his current appearance

Proudfoot is canonically the first wolf to be gray-and-white. The second is Stormfast in The Lost Pack

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