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Prometheus The Unknown, a hedgehog template. A primary color of shadow black, with almost neon grey stripes going along his quills. He has three primary quills almost strait out, with the tips going slightly upwards. He has four secondary quills, two of them curving up at a steep angle, and two going down. He then has a third set of quills tucked behind the midsection of the secondary quills, going parallel to the two up wards quills. He has sharp eyes, with diamond grey almost snake like irises. He has a scar on his left side of his face, going down almost to his mouth. He has light tan skin, long ears trimmed with grey. He has some white fur on his chest, and normally will wear a grey vest with a black trim on it (sometimes leaves it open). His arms are lined with a grey stripe going all the way down to his hands. He will also wear white gloves, with a black stripe going down the middle, grey glowing cuffs, and void black Inhibiter rings. His back contains four quills, two quills on his upper back going out and curving down, and two much larger ones on his lower back spreading out more the normal, curving up. All quills lined with grey. His legs have lined grey as well, but he prefers to wear lose dark grey almost black pants. He has matching cuffs on his ankles with the cuffs on his wrists, as well as the black Inhibiter rings. He wears grey/light grey/black gravity shoes.


Prometheus is very robotic in nature, he doesn't speak often, and shows little too no emotion, or showing any signs of it. It is still unclear as to why he is like that, some who know him believe he may just be an android, or that he could have been in some tragic dramatic event. But with the very few, he tends to be seen with, he's more of a shy, curious fellow. He does suffer from an illness that cuases ticks, causing unvolntary movements. Such movements are typically a head shake, or punching objects near by. The cause of the illness is unknown.

Strengths and Powers

Prometheus's power is said to be a black magic of some kind, but he has stated that it is not magic at all, but an extremely unstable partical know as Antiproton. Naturally, this particle, if ever brought to the normal universe, would quickly be destroyed by protons, causing both particles to be anilated with devastating force on a atomic scale. Prometheus is able to use this ability with no limitations except the amount of energy he possesses. Yet, it is unknown to him as how he is able to control and direct antiprotons freely without it being destroyed. He theorized that it may be some quantum function he doesn't fully understand yet. But, by will, he is able to achieve very many tasks with it, such as simple uses like heating and lighting. He uses it very effectively during combat, such as creating shields against melee attacks, or projectiles. He most commonly uses beam attacks, that can not be stoped by oncoming energy attacks, they simply pass right through because of polarization. But can be avoided by power that uses matter, an example would be a freeze beam, or an earth wall, but results in a quick explosion. Prometheus has fairly high strength, but doesn't prove anything special with it, at least until he reaches his powered up state. He has advanced combate skills, he learned from opponents he fought, and the memories of his victims. He'smastery at power/physical, physically enhanced attacks and combos. Prometheus also has the power to Quantum Teleport or "jump", it is much faster then chaos control, but it doesn't come without major downsides. Such downsides is that it uses large amounts power, and that he can only teleport for certain amount times before it becomes too unstable, due to fluctuation and rips in space time. And lastly he can only teleport for a short distance. Prometheus typically only uses it as a effective tool for specific combos. Prometheus is unable to ingest food, so he gains energy from everything else such as electricity. However, that form of energy is inefficient for him to preform any great tasks. The way Prometheus must gain effective power is through the body's and will power and the soul of another being. Prometheus absorbes them after weaking or killing the victim. He then souronds the hosts body with a black feild, he says is modified Antiproton. It then either dizzolves or tears apart the victim until he/she/it vanishes. This benefits him with usable energy, and improved combat skills (If the victim has any at all) Prometheus can sometimes hear the voices of his victims, and remember the things they have, which disturbs him.




Powered Up Prometheus

​ Dark Prometheus

Corrupted or Demonic Prometheus

Aegis Prometheus

General Info

Name: Prometheus The Unknown

Age: 30 (Mentally)

Gender: Male

Species: Synthetic Life Form (Hedgehog template)

Alignment: Neutral/Evil

Relationship Status: Taken

Height: 4'0

Weight: 100lb

Birthplace: Universal Singularty

Current Residence: Abandoned Office building, sinking city.

Relatives: None

Likes: Power, Relaxing, Truth.

Dislikes: Other Characters, Pain, being freighted, show offs.

Romantic Interests: Sam The Hedgehog.

Occupations: None

Birthday: Unknown (Celabrated November 17th)

Items Currently In Possession


His history is a very cold, very violent one. From the information that was left for him in the caverns of an abondond mine, he was the weapon of an ancient alien race, known as the precursors. They were once the omnimitant race of the universe, but war with another anti-universe being wiped them out to extinction. The data collected from the mines refered to them as "The Demons". Prometheus was one of many attempts to create a weapon to destroy them for good. He was the only experiment that survived weaponization. He was constructed and programmed to destroy. It is unknown as to what happened after the war. He has lost complete memory until he was first awakend in a capsule in an old abandoned mine. (which explains the information) He examines the capsule which he was in, and it had the words engraved in unknown language, he was able to read it. It said "T.X.1771.X.T - Prometheus" (which explains his name) He wandered the area, trying to understand and question. He was then approached by a young, wise fox, Zelfrin. He asked questions as to what he is doing, going, but Prometheus said nothing, he had no idea what he was saying. Zelfrin then insisted he take him to his lab, because his scanning device was off the scale. Prometheus understand his gesters to follow, so he did.



Relationships with Other Characters




• Prometheus real identification is T.X.117711.X.T

• Prometheus says "I can not" instead of "I can't."

• Prometheus can not normally make connections between feeling emotion.


"Pathetic"- getting a rank D

"So be it"- excepting defeat

"What is the purpose of life?" - a question Sam could not answer.

"I... I never want to feel like this again..." - being afraid for the first time.

"...Why should I care?" - A normal response from someone else's problems.

"Hahahaha, Lets have some fun!" -Crazy Dark Prometheus.

"I am hated only for what I must due to survive... To live." -to people who have lost friends and family's to his control.


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