Prometheus is the newest member of the G.U.N. Subgroup MARS. Prometheus is the most powerful member of MARS, as he has been equipped with the newest top-of-the-line equipment to date and subjected to MARS' most extensive genetic and physical modifications to date. However, the overall results are still in the testing phase, and as such Prometheus is also known as "The Prototype".



Prometheus has yet to be seen without his armor equipped, and as such his physical features and even species are unknown. All that can be said for sure is that Prometheus is identified as a male Mobian of slightly above-average height, nearing about four feet. Prometheus' armor is primarily white with blue accents covering the forearms, torso, shoulders, and legs. Underneath a layer of black under-armor protects everything else. The armor is somewhat sleek but at the same time almost alien in terms of its design. The helmet has a matching color scheme with a V-shaped red-orange visor on the front. The most striking feature of the helmet and the suit as a whole is a blade-like horn with a narrow split down the middle that. The horn extends from the forehead at an upward angle, much like the appearance of a unicorn horn.


Prometheus has been conditioned to be the perfect soldier. As such, Prometheus is professional, loyal, efficient, obedient, and is willing to do anything his superiors order him to. Prometheus is very stoic and rarely shows any emotion, but he is nonetheless "attached" to his fellow field agents, and as such always attempts to lend a hand or protect them when they're in danger. However, whether this is of Prometheus' own free will or conditioned based on the "never leave a man behind" creed is unknown. Despite being conditioned as the perfect soldier Prometheus does show some semblance of having an independent personality, often making snarky comments or taking pot shots at his enemies and targets. Prometheus also seems to show signs of hamminess and overconfidence, as when dealing with targets that are supposedly under his threat level he will often do away with subtlety, attacking opponents directly like an unstoppable force similar to the Terminator.


As a conditioned soldier and MARS' strongest agent, Prometheus has been trained in many forms of armed and unarmed combat as well as military tactics. Trained as a "jack of all trades" capable of performing any position required of him, Prometheus prefers to engage weaker opponents head-on, using his superior physical capabilities to overwhelm opponents while shrugging off most conventional methods of combat.

Having been subjected to MARS' most extensive and cutting-edge genetic modifications to date and implanted with the newest cybernetic equipment, Prometheus' physical performance and capabilities are well beyond anything natural. His strength goes well beyond merely "super", capable of lifting enormous vehicles with a single hand, and even break through thick layers of solid steel bare-handed. Prometheus' other physical capabilities are likewise increased, capable of matching some vehicles on foot, jumping several meters in distance or height as if he were on the moon, and even capable of practically unnatural acrobatics, coordination, and reaction time.

MARS Prototype Multi-Role Combat Armor

Prometheus' armor is the newest model developed and produced by MARS technological engineering, and is in fact still in the testing phase. Using a vast variety of foreign materials and technology (speculated to include even Black Arms tech), the Multi-Role Combat Armor features the highest overall performance of all MARS armors to date. The armor amplifies all of Prometheus' physical capabilities even further to the point of being a physical match for or even overwhelming opponents with enhanced or mystic capabilities. In addition to more powerful thrusters and stabilizers for speed, power, and coordination, the Multi-Role Combat Armor comes with several unique features not normally seen in other MARS armors. This includes a high-powered visual scanner that allows Prometheus to see shapes and movement through solid barriers, granting Prometheus the ability to track targets that are in hiding. However, the scanner has difficulty detecting stealth technology and differentiating between clones and holograms, and has the additional drawback of making an audible noise while in use that can alert nearby enemies. The second feature is a second level built into the back thrusters that can give a sudden boost of speed in one direction, allowing for aggressive combat and closing the distance between Prometheus and his targets.

The armor is not without its drawbacks however. As it is still a prototype with incredible performance capabilities, properly controlling the suit can be quite difficult, often requiring a high level of refined control in order to operate the suit without sending it out of control. This can be especially troublesome during the heat of combat, which can result in Prometheus putting too much power or speed into his movements and making technical movements difficult to perform. In order to mitigate this problem the armor comes pre-installed with multiple A.I. programs, each specifically designed to assist in operating a specific aspect of the suit and processing certain information. These A.I.s allow Prometheus to focus on combat without worrying about accidentally putting too much force into movements without being distracted by actively restraining himself.


  • Compact U.N.M.A.D.E. Swords: Standard MARS equipment, Prometheus is equipped with two Compact U.N.M.A.D.E. Swords, which are as the name states, the same model of energized vibrating swords used by U.N.M.A.D.E. units, scaled down to be wielded by Mobians. Despite preferring close-range combat, Prometheus rarely uses these weapons in comparison to unarmed combat or close-quarters projectile weapons.
  • Defusion Grenades: Specialized grenades with very unique capabilities. Rather than explosive damage, Defusion Grenades release a powerful energy field that causes pain and disorientation for anyone with elemental or otherwise unique kinetic or magical abilities. This is done by the waves specifically attacking the nerves and mental processes used to control and generate said powers. Not only does this cause pain and disorientation, it prevents people caught in the energy fields from using their powers. While capable of knocking out such enemies through extended exposure, the grenades are primarily meant to flush enemies out of cover.
  • Plasma Grenade: Additional specialized grenades, this brand of explosives is designed for more traditional explosive damage-causing capabilities. As their name states, these plasma grenades release high-powered explosions of superheated plasma. Unique in their function is that these plasma grenades are capable of sticking to people and objects through electromagnetic systems installed in each grenade.
  • Semi-Automatic Combat Pistols: A second part of MARS standard equipment, Prometheus is given two of these pistols for medium-range combat, where close-ranged combat is disadvantageous, yet long-range assault is not yet an option. Though not much more powerful than standard firearms, these combat pistols use armor-piercing bullets for additional impact strength and lethality when facing super-powered enemies.
  • Prototype MARS Custom S-19 Shotgun: Prometheus' primary weapon unique to him, this weapon is a S-19 Shotgun reverse-engineered by MARS and built with a variety of foreign materials, supposedly including that used by the Black Arms. These shotguns are bored to switch between the standard buckshot spread ammunition to a high-powered anti-materiel slug, which is capable of breaking most moderate-strength defenses and provide large amounts of damage to a single target. In order to provide higher accuracy and greater stability when firing, the frame is weighted, although this has lead in turn to a higher weight. This also makes the weapon difficult for people other than Prometheus to use. The standard clip size is expanded to allow for extended periods between reloads, while a specialized regenerative core, similar to the regenerative energy weaponry mounted onto Hammerforge vehicles, provides a third ammunition type in the form of high-powered energy fragments. Prometheus uses this weapon in both ranged and melee combat, both firing at close range and as a bludgeon or club.
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