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Project Shadow is a project depicted within TomFeatherhill's stories. It is a project worked by scientist Gerald Robotnik, before he died. Project Shadow was aimed to heal any disease that existed in the human body. This project was aimed to make people immortal. However, later on, the project was aimed to cure Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome, a supposed disease that couldn't be cured. However, the project was ended after GUN discovering the use of the radioactive carbon element Darkcarbonium (Dc), an element discovered by Gerald Robotnik.

The latest derivation of Project Shadow is Project Rosemary - with the ability to connect to the cloud and the ability to synchronise consciousness from it. Project Rosemary became Amy Rose/Amelia Robotnik, the remanifastation of Maria.


Project Shadow gained its roots from an old meeting from the President of the USA (the thirteenth president before it was taken over by Eggman) asking for him to research the porting of immortality from various sea animals to humans. The purpose was to allow the immortality of soldiers to crush the Confederation - a dictatorship that existed at the time.


Gerald worked with a team of 10 expert scientists, looking into the bio-structure of the immortal squid. They worked on this until they discovered a safe yet radioactive carbon based element called Darkcarbonium. This element has the same elements of carbon but when it forms a certain life form, it over-clocks it, with a high heart pulse. This discovery led to Biolizard, a dangerous prototype of Project Shadow.

Gerald, as he worked, passed by a girl in a hospital bed by the name of Maria. She had no parents, since they have long left the ARK Settlement for Earth. She was found to have been effected by NIDS, an incurable genetic disease based in the immune system. He changed the aim of the project to cure the incurable diseases of Earth.

End of Project Shadow

When GUN realised that Gerald was dealing with a radioactive substance, they decided to exterminate anybody on board, thinking that they were planning to destroy Earth. This was when Project Shadow had ended completely. The subject successfully escaped the doomed space colony. However, Shadow, the product of the experiment, was saddened, helplessly watching Maria die - to the contrary of GUN's expectations.

Project Rosemary

Project Rosemary was a recreation of Project Shadow by Dr Eggman. He, as Maria's cousin, felt very depressed and enraged. He discovered, however, that Maria's consciousness was in a database by his dead father. Eggman, who had rage against GUN, decided to turn the US and various other countries underneath his rule by martial law. He said that the US would be his family's legacy.

Project Rosemary had Maria's consciousness, supposedly. However, imperfections in the design meant that only Maria's personality would stay with the subject. Project Rosemary became Amy Rose because of these imperfections - although, when Amy feels very sympathetic and depressed, she remembers various things from the past - including Maria's.

After Project Shadow

After Project Shadow, various reactions from the crowd were triggered. Many immortality projects were made, in attempt to duplicate Project Shadow. However, the only one that works is GUN's Terra Army - as referred to by Secrets Revealed.

The aftermath of Project Shadow's seizure broke the hearts of many, blaming GUN. GUN however denies questions relating to the assassination of people on-board the ARK Settlement. They mentioned that it was all part of the plan.

People cured by Project Shadow

Within the stories, only one character, by far, was cured by Project Shadow - being Blaze the Cat. She was tricked into taking a drug called Troteragorphon, an illegal drug within the Kingdom of Sol. The drug gave NIDs to any of its takers, and weakening them at the same time.

Sonic and Amy took a blood sample from Shadow, with the guidance of Cybergod. This blood sample was then given to Blaze, with NIDs and any sign of Troteragorphon rid of.