Mr.gameandfight Presents:
Project Revival
Fighting, Role-Playing Game
Release Date
Possibly December 2014
Main Theme
Shotgun Senortia
Cquote1 Sonic is back! and he brought friends.....Lots of them. Cquote2
Title Card Intro

Project Revival (Previously Called Sonic Adventure: Revival) is an upcoming RPG/Fighting Game Created and Currently Under Development by Mr.gameandfight. This game will be released onto PC and maybe accesible with the MUGEN Engine. There is no exact Release date yet, However it maybe released by December 2014. The game may also have assist development by Nimes and the PMBR.


Main Story

Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails are once again in the start of confronting Dr. Eggman and his evil plans, but Eggman has powered up onto his Egg Fleet and robots. Sonic and Tails know they cannot do this alone but out of the blue, Knuckles and company are brainwashed and are ordered to destroy those who oppose him. Now Sonic must team up with never before seen allies to attack at Eggman and rescue his friends.

Bonus Story

Sonic and all company decide to enter a tournament and compete against each other in a No-Holds-Barred Bout.


The Gameplay will mostly resemble the mechanics of the Nintendo DS Game Jump Ultimate Stars's 4 Button Command and Opposing Nature System along with a few tweaks to it. this Opposing Nature System now contain 5 Natures instead of three. these will display as Power, Knowledge, Laughter, Beauty, and Talent.

Nature Opposes Opposed By
Power Laughter, Beauty Knowledge
Knowledge Talent, Power Beauty, Laughter
Beauty Knowledge, Power (Specific Characters) Power, Laughter
Laughter Beauty, Knowledge Power, Talent
Talent Power, Talent Knowledge

Fanfics Involved

  • The Shade Series

Playable Characters

Note please message me if you want your character in the game I will tell you requirements you need



(Spaces Shown are confirmed charactes in the first version)

(Double Spaces shown are confimed unlockable characters)

Support Characters


Not confirmed in various versions


DnB - Feint - Homebound Monstercat Release

DnB - Feint - Homebound Monstercat Release

Fanon Characters also have Themes played when Battled in the main story line.

Blue Stahli - Shotgun Senorita

Blue Stahli - Shotgun Senorita


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