Cquote1 We don't follow trends. We start them. Cquote2
Official Project Maserati slogan

Project Maserati (est. 2015) is a fashion modeling company with its headquarters located in New Oreal City, Eifflyn. It is known to be one of the best modeling agencies in the world.

Base of Operations

The headquarters is located in one of the many large buildings in New Oreal City. The skyscraper is about 50 stories high. There is a total of 10 floors, with 20 rooms.

The first floor is the lobby, where everyone generally commutes and meets. The room is filled with a front reception desk, several couches, and flat-screen televisions. There is also a dining area where employees and models alike gather to eat. The staff, of course, eat on the top floor.

The second floor is the model's floor, where the photo shoots, and show rehearsals take place. The room has a catwalk with a curtain, and behind it is a giant area filled with vanity sets, mirrors, cosmetic products, and clothing lines.

The third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh floors are all normal cubicles where typical employees research trends and articles of clothing. These findings are then given to the designers on the eighth and the ninth floor who either purchase said designs or use the designs as an inspiration to make their own.

The tenth and final floor is the office building for the manager and owner. All business matters run through this floor, such as show dates, new lines, etc.


  1. What happens in the building stays in the building. Do not under any circumstances about any plans with our company outside the headquarters.
  2. Dates for fashion shows cannot be rescheduled. Once they are set, they are final. Either you can attend or not.
  3. Do not complain about the looks you are assigned to wear. We are professionals. We know what we are doing.
  4. Try to keep violence to an absolute minimum, if not please don't use any violence at all.
  5. Please cooperate with the ideas we give you. Take notes.



  • Hugh Maserati- Founder and Owner
  • Houston Mandel- Manager
  • Alyssa Renda- Manager's Assistant
  • Simone Randaza- Head Fashion Researcher
  • Rosie Cheeks- Head of Makeup Department
  • Lynn Rosewood- Lead Designer
  • Sasha Petals- Guest Designer


  • Cynthia Ericson- Maid/Chef
  • Kathrine Burke- Maid/Chef
  • Hannah Lorraine- Maid/Chef
  • Gardenia Lordde- Fashion Researcher
  • Miranda Stephanie- Modeling Agent
  • Tinashe Alvaria- Modeling Agent
  • Velma Theclitor- Designer
  • Sean McLeigh- Designer
  • Liz Seers- Hairstylist
  • Serena Venusite- Receptionist and Front Desk
  • Albert Benson- Front Desk
  • Lyson Eek- Security
  • Chester Sitk- Security
  • Arwin Ross- Security


  • Amber Barbosa- Varjak City, Vorlait
  • Mia Corella- Gilliguard Town, Frarelli
  • Valentina DiPalermo- East Celba, Pinavel
  • Chad Iquoat- Ringmanton, Albus
  • Cherry Kinney- Turnleaf, Perpeptua
  • Roger Lakes- Wulfric, Tolan
  • Elsa Leighton- Freshsnow Town, Alvarez
  • Emily Pennys- Mistrel, Nixea
  • Evan Sheed- Alexander, Neutrogena
  • Bryce Tiller- Tailswing, South Portland
  • Jasmine Timbley- Hastingsburg, Asmr
  • Christina Transon- Mariala City, New Verona


  • The name of the company is inspired by the real-world car.
  • Originally, the company was supposed to be named Maserati Models, but the creator quickly changed the title to Project Maserati.
  • Every female model all competed in the Miss Lacancory International Competition at least once
    • Out of those models, only Mia and Christina won the title of Miss Lacancory
  • Originally, they wanted Christina earlier on in 2015, but waited because was too busy with her goal to winning the Miss Universe International Title.
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