Project: Apocalypse was the unknown operation carried out by the U.A.C.S.A which resulted in the "creation" of Fantasm the Psychic.



The "Project", headed by Dr. Viktor Phambeto, was first begun in <undefined year>. Their goal; to find a way to bend all of Mobianity to Phambeto's sadistic will. Their goal was realized with the discovery of an egg within a meteor. Phambeto, sensing incredible power inside of the egg, took it to the U.A.C.S.A headquarters. When it hatched into Fantasm, she was made the unwilling subject of Phambeto's dreams.

Before Fantasm could be the "Artificial Apocalypse", the full potential of her abilities had to be revealed. She was put through extensive testing, testing that involved not only chemicals and training, but Satanic ritual as well (or so it is believed). The sheer amount of experiments she went through apparently altered her genetic structure drastically, which is why she is called an artificial lifeform (even though she really isn't).

A Life of Hatred

Fantasm was treated poorly; whenever she failed a test, she was punished. Successfully completing a test yielded no reward. She was nourished upon fear, misery and anger, fueling her powers (and most certainly causing her to turn against Phambeto once she was "perfected").

Fatal Errors

When Fantasm was finally perfected (in 1995), Phambeto had no idea the level of hell he would unleash upon himself. She certainly created a miniature apocalypse within the confines of the U.A.C.S.A headquarters, killing over 95% of the soldiers and scientists. The base was left in ruins.

Captured by G.U.N

Later, G.U.N came and investigated the source of the destruction. Finding Fantasm (who was exhausted from the fighting), they were unsure what to do with her, so they captured her. She was brought to their base, where G.U.N soldiers studied and ran tests on her (although they did not abuse her), trying to figure out what she was. She still had the mind of a child, and thus she was afraid...but also angry.

Sealed Away

After recovering her strength, she attacked G.U.N as well, so they were forced to seal her within a special containment pod. They later hid her within the ruins of the old U.A.C.S.A base.


Data Log of Dr. Phambeto

June 13, 1989

Time: 3:50 P.M
Subject: An Unusual Discovery

I've found an unusual egg within a meteor. It's power....I can feel it. It's limitless, and so fantastic...I must take the egg back to base at once!

June 17, 1989

Time: 4:21 A.M
Subject: The Egg Has Hatched

At last, the egg has hatched. What an unusual creature! So small, and seemingly helpless...but I know that incredible power courses through its veins...

Time: 5:34 A.M
Subject: ???

We've revealed the creature's gender; it is a girl. I shall call her Fantasm...and she will bring about a New Age...
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