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"If you're worried that I may be a burden on you all, then you needn't worry, dear boy. I've come prepared."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 16

Professor Nathaniel Porkenstein is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, who made his debut in the third episode, The Goddess of Destruction. Since then, he has been featured in all subsequent stories in the Elements of Power series.


Prof. Porkenstein is a very kind-hearted individual who's dedicated much of his time and energy working on inventions that he hopes will someday better mankind, and cannot bear the thought of his work being used for evil purposes. Additionally, he's further demonstrated his selflessness by fighting alongside the heroes in order to save the world from villains such as Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega.

Porkenstein is also quite intelligent, and is able to think ahead before acting. This was shown during the events of The Goddess of Destruction, when he knew not to use his Laser Bazooka on Nack (who was standing next to an injured Tiara), knowing that the resulting explosion would also destroy the latter in the process.


Similar to Tails, Robotnik, and Dr. Nega, Professor Porkenstein happens to be a brilliant scientist with lots of knowledge of machinery and weaponry. As such, he has used this knowledge to create his weapon, the "Laser Bazooka", which has the ability to fire laser projectiles that are about as powerful as missiles.



As a boy, Nathaniel looked up to his father, Ezekiel Porkenstein, and wanted to be a brilliant scientist just like him. He then began to take lessons, as well as schooling himself, on the concept of robotics and mechanical engineering. Many years later, he got acquainted with Tiara's father, Gazebo Boobowski, and began to work as his lab partner. Together, the two of them invented many things, with the Elemental Power Extractor being among them.

Episode 3: the Goddess of Destruction

Porkenstein's first appearance in this story was the ninth chapter, where he was first seen on a monitor in Tails' Workshop as the latter was communicating with Professor Gazebo and Tiara Boobowski. After explaining the situation regarding the creation of EG-005 and the possible threat that she posed, Tails made the suggestion of removing the elemental powers from the Chaos Rings, and asked the professors if it was possible to do so. They, of course, told him that it was possible, and the two scientists eventually began working on their new machine, the "Elemental Power Extractor". While they were working on the machine, Tiara has taken it upon herself to head over to Tails' Workshop to retrieve each Elemental Chaos Ring that was brought over there in order to transport them over to her father and Prof. Porkenstein's laboratory.

Much later on in the story, after Tiara's near-fatal confrontation with Fang the Sniper, she was unavailable to retrieve the remaining Chaos Rings. As such, Prof. Porkenstein had to go in her place, due to the fact that Prof. Boobowski was busy tending to his daughter's side in the hospital. When Porkenstein arrived at the Mystic Ruins, he saw that Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes were on their way to Dr. Robotnik's base, as their potion of the Chaos Rings had gotten stolen by Mecha Amy. From there, Professor Porkenstein, with his trusty Laser Bazooka, decided to tag along with the group and take part in stopping Robotnik's world domination plans from coming to fruition.

Christmas Special

In this story, Professor Porkenstein was one of the attendants of the Christmas party that was being held at Cream and Vanilla's house. When Dr. Nega showed up unexpectedly and used his dimensional camera to unleash the Ifrit into their world, Porkenstein took part in collecting the rings that were needed to fuel the super forms of Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company.

Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

Porkenstein played relatively the same role that he played in the previous stories. In this story, he crossed into the Lunar Dimension with the heroes in hopes of stopping Dr. Nega's new scheme for world domination.


  • Ezekiel Porkenstein (Father; deceased)
  • Natalie Porkenstein I (Mother)
  • Natalie Porkenstein II (Younger Sister)


Gazebo and Tiara Boobowski

Professor Porkenstein happens to be very close to them both, being the lab partner and best friend to the former and something akin to a second father to the latter.

Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper

"If the police fail to catch him, here's hoping his hoverpod crashes and burns."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 15

Ever since the events that transpired in The Goddess of Destruction Part 15, Porkenstein has cemented his intense dislike for Nack. This stems from the fact that Nack not only broke into his and Gazebo's lab to steal from it, but because of the brutal beating that the former gave to Tiara, which nearly killed her. Likewise, Nack isn't very fond of Porkenstein, and was angry at him and Gazebo for calling the police on him.


  • "Hmm hmm hmm! You know, I DO remember saying that if the police somehow failed to catch Fang, then I hoped his hoverpod would crash and burn, and what do you know? It actually happened! Be careful what you wish for, eh?" ~Porkenstein, after Nack and Bean's stolen hoverpods ran out of fuel and crashed through the ceiling in The Goddess of Destruction Part 19c.
  • "Okay, Nack, Fang, or whichever one you prefer, you listen here and you listen well! First of all, how dare you!? How DARE you sit here and act as if you should be allowed to commit such heinous, unspeakable crimes and not be punished for them!? Secondly, where is your common sense!? Did you honestly think that Gazebo was just going to sit there and let you brutally murder his only daughter, and not do a thing about it!? As Amy and several others have already pointed out, he, as well as I, had every right to phone the police! Number three, you had absolutely NO RIGHT to break into our laboratory in the first place! Also, you might as well save your excuses, because there isn’t a bloody thing you can POSSIBLY say to justify ANYTHING you’ve done up to that point!" ~Porkenstein raging at Nack after claiming that Tiara "brought [that beating] on herself" in The Goddess of Destruction Part 19c.
  • "Eee-vo'? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it was pronounced 'Eye-vo'?" ~Porkenstein, on the pronunciation of Robotnik's first name in The Goddess of Destruction Part 19e
  • "You’re insane! It’s people like you who truly give scientists a bad name!" ~Porkenstein's reaction to Robotnik's declaration of world domination in The Goddess of Destruction Part 19e


  • Professor Porkenstein's connection to the Boobowskis stems from that fact that SolarBlaze originally pictured Prof. Boobowski with Porkenstein's design (since actual artwork of the former hadn't been released at the time). Once concept art of Gazebo had finally made its way onto the web, SolarBlaze decided to use the design that he pictured him with for an entirely different character, which resulted in the creation of Prof. Porkenstein.
  • According to himself, Prof. Porkenstein was once married at some point, but he and his ex-wife have been long since divorced.
  • Porkenstein speaks with a stereotypical British accent.
  • Despite the "K" in the first four letters of his his last name, Professor Porkenstein's name has nothing to do with the the meat. His name was derived from "porcupine"; the "-enstein" part was added, simply because it's a common suffix in the names of many (fictional) scientists. The letter "K" was used, because SolarBlaze did not think his name would look right if it were spelt with a "C" (since it was look as if his name has an "S" sound).
  • Having debuted in the third episode, Professor Porkenstein is one of the few main supporting characters who has never seen or encountered Mephiles as of yet.