Professor Horace Pickle is a famous scientist and appears as a non-playable supporting character in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes as well as its trequel and in numerous other fan games.
Professor Horace Pickle
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Michael Gambon (2010-present)
Sonic and co., cucumber sandwiches, tea, science, chess, literature
The Gravitus, Eggman's cucumber sandwiches
Archaeologist, Scientist, Philosophy, Literature, Writer


Prof. Pickle is a 81 year old professor. He has grey hair and large, characteristic, grey eyebrows. In the games after 2010, Prof. Pickle's appearance has changed drastically. His redesign makes him look more human. He is taller than before, does not lean forward and speaks much slower. His eyes are visible, he has more hair and sometimes wears glasses. His attire is also more realistic as he wears a costume, which makes him resemble more of a university professor. His voice is also much more different than from the past games. He is now voiced by Michael Gambon.


The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Professor Pickle reappears in the game with a completely new design. He is a non playable, supporting character. Sonic and his friends decide to head to Pickle's lab, which is located in Shamar, in order to seek information regarding the Gravitus's base and Immarius's true purpose of arrival. Pickle also explains them the carvings on the gate of Teotihuacan. Pickle's assistant also appears in the game. Professor Pickle also appears as a helper character of one of the Chao Gardens of the game. The player can go talk to him and he'll explain various things concerning the Chao.

Professor Pickle's physical design has changed for the game. He is drawn more detailed  in order to look more "human". Aside from his design, his voice has also changed sounding much wiser. He is now voiced by Michael Gambon.

Sonic Shockwave Riders

An Extreme Gear is available for purchase in the shop created by Professor Pickle. It is called Steam Biker and is a steampunk bike.

Sonic Adventure 3: GX

Professor Pickle appears in the game as a recurring character. In the game, he helps Sonic and his team in deciphering an ancient Echidna language to unlock the secrets of the Albion Technology. In the game, his base is located at Central City. He also appears in the Final Story of the game. During the True Final Story of the game, Pickle discovers the true purpose of the Albion Technology and is thus thanks to him that the new adventure begins at the trequel of the Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog series.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics

Professor Pickle is set to appear as a non playable, supporting character in the upcoming adventure game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics. In the game, he will journey along with Sonic and his friends in the Nexus, the world that connects worlds and will serve as their guide, as he is one of the few characters able to read and translate the Golden Epics.

Since the game is currently under development, his role in the game is largely unknown. At some point, he will be abducted by Dr. Eggman in attempt to be used as Dr. Eggman's way of obtaining the Legend of the Golden Epics.


Aside from being a skilled philologist, philisopher and writer, Prof. Pickle boasts great skills in ancient languages. As shown in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes and Sonic Adventure 3: GX, Prof. Pickle is able to decipher ancient tablets and manuscripts from an ancient Echidna language into modern English with considerable accuracy. He is also interested in science and particularly in ancient technology, in which he has significant knowledge. In the games, the heroes frequently come to him to help them with various subjects concerning ancient history. Pickle is also fluent in many languages and speaks Ancient Greek and Ancient Echidna, which are very similar languages. Unlike the rest of the cast though, he does not possess any physical abilities such as super speed or super strength, therefore, he relies on his rich knowledge and wisdom.


Professor Pickle's most notable friend is his assistant, Cucumber. The two have a teacher - apprentice relationship. Cucumber looks up to Professor Pickle as his mentor and hopes to be just like him one day. Pickle sees Cucumber not only as his assistant, but also as a student and a close friend of his. Cucumber respects Pickle and leaves him in solitude during his studies, as he prefers.

In The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics, when Professor Pickle departs from Earth to head with Sonic and his friends to the Nexus, in search of the Legend of the Golden Epics, Cucumber is appointed in charge of Professor Pickle's residence showing how

Cucumber, Professor Pickle's assistant

much the two have confidence in each other.

Professor Pickle is one of the few allies Sonic has had who is not an anthropomorphic animal, but rather a human. Pickle and Sonic often get along with each other, though they do not hang out together, as the professor is constantly in work, despite of his old age. Professor Pickle has helped Sonic numerous times in the past and as such, they are good friends.

Pickle is not very fond of Dr. Eggman, as the two had a hostile reception back at the events of Sonic Unleashed when they first met. Eggman sees Pickle as a means of obtaining knowledge for the sole purpose of achieving his neferious plans. However, most of the times, Pickle has not helped Eggman at all. Professor Pickle does not hold any grudges against Eggman, in spite of his actions. This is because Professor Pickle believes that no person is evil by his own will.

Voice Acting

Previously, Professor Pickle was voiced by Dan Green. However, as of 2011, Michael Gambon, and English actor widely renowned for his role as Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film series, is the current voice actor of Professor Pickle. In conjunction with his drastically redisigned appearance to make him appear more human, this change was done in order for Professor Pickle to appear and sound older and wiser.


  • Professor Pickle is one of the few characters who has received a drastic redesign in the 2011 era and beyond.
  • Professor Pickle is one of the few alies Sonic has, who is not an anthropomorphic animal, but a human being.
  • In The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes, Pickle's first name is revealed to be Horace and his age to be 81.
  • Professor Pickle's role in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics is said to be very big and crucial to the storyline of the game.
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