This is an article about Professor Phosphorous, a character created by Alphonse Uprising on 12/6/2016.

Professor Catalyst is an Aegean professor and scientist owned by Alphonse Uprising. Currently residing in an unknown part of Invid, Professor Catalyst is a villainous individual who became a spatio-chronokinetic  following an incident from one of his science experiments.






Professor Catalyst was originally a professor at a university of science during the early 1970s. During that time, he taught space and mathematics, which would be his career for about 3 years until his parents died in what he would call a "freak accident"; no more information was provided besides that. Ever since that day, Professor Catalyst has been working on a weapon called the Temporal Compressor, which uses dark energy to slow down time, making himself immortal.

Around the year 2016, the Temporal Compressor was still not finished yet, but Professor Catalyst uses it anyway. While this does make him immortal, he has made a fatal mistake-- he created a distortion in spacetime, allowing people with surgically-modified brains to travel through time, and holes through space to appear throughout the Universe.



Professor Catalyst did not have any powers originally, as he was born in a time period where medical science was not as powerful as it is today and therefore, seeing someone with superpowers was a rarity.




The brain: Phosphorous has an IQ of 300. Not only is he a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, but he wrote a song with a time signature of imaginary numbers, discovered a number larger than infinity, and could even tell stories about how he went through wormholes, but what happens in the singularity stays in the singularity.


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