Privet the Polar Bear

Privet the Polar Bear is a member of the Artika Egg Army, and serves under Artika Sub-Boss Ivory the Leopard of the Subzero Glacier Egg Base. For many other members, they consider Privet to be "the heavy", especially due to his incredibly tall stature and having a heavy, burly body to go for.

Physical Description

As expected from Privet, he is substantially tall, burly and bulky, quite intimidating as well. His fur has a thick coat that can help withstand freezing temperatures. He doesn't wear a jacket, but he does wear a black, fur-coated ushanka-hat onto his head, which hints his obvious Eastern European origin. His gloves, or mittens, are white in color. His fur is cerulean in color, and has medium sea green eyes. His Cyberization is within his spinal column, which further boosts his already-heavy strength.



Privet needs no introduction when it comes to abilities; apart from his obvious use of cryokinesis, his overall, physical strength is beyond phenomenal, being able to withstand heavy attacks hurled at him, acting as a defensive wall especially with an incredible amount of pain tolerance, and can also carry heavy things with minimal issues. Although slow-going, he can jump and hurl forward at incredible distances, even slamming his fists on the ground which can cause a miniature earthquake that can seriously rattle their feet within a radius, even unleashing a sizable shockwave. In addition, his fists are incredibly powerful enough to level a small building if given enough momentum and even make a large hole on walls, even hurl heavier objects as well.

Furthermore, he can hurl a barrage of snowballs at his foes, and even summon a much larger snowball before hurling at them, especially when dealing with greater numbers. This makes Privet one of the most formidable opponents to face, and he is considered to be Artika's greatest asset there is.


While Privet is notoriously strong compared to his fellow members, he's not without weaknesses. Pyrokinesis can greatly weaken his powerful strength and repeated attacks will eventually force him to get on his knees before collapsing. And being incredibly slow without jumping means he'll have a seriously hard time keeping up with faster foes, especially from those who possess hit-and-run tactics which can eventually lead to exhaustion.

Due to the heaviness, he can't swim at all and this can pose extreme danger if thrown into deep water, which causes his own body to sink down, which can easily result in drowning. And hot and humid temperatures can result in serious fatigue that makes it hard for Privet to maintain his focus, and his cryokinesis would simply melt if trying to attack with it.


Privet is somewhat a slow-talker and always speaks in third-person when engaging in conversation. He hardly loses temper, though he won't hesitate to fight back if provoked. But despite his burly size, he is quite passive and easygoing with others, especially towards his friends. He also loves making snowmen in his free time, which he considers as his hobby, same with ice sculpting. His Eastern European accent is very notable when speaking.

He isn't naturally afraid of anything, other than the fact that he admits that he's not a good swimmer. This is accurate since his heavy body prevents him from swimming back up and just sink down instead.

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  • The name Privet is a plant from the genus Ligustum. It also means "hello" in Russian.
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