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Priscilla is a white feathered owl with black speckles (or dot patterns), her feathers folded down her head, and curling slightly down her head, coming down to her shoulders and her back. Her feathers/hair, is long white feathers with black tips. Her feathers/hair is cut short, coming down to her mouth. Her beak is silver-grey and her eyes are gold. Without her gloves or boots, her hands are five long white and black-ended feather fingers, and her feet are long silver-grey, three toed talons. Her tail is of the same pattern as her hair, and is folded when normal, but spread out in flight or when she is startled.

Casual Attire

Priscilla wears a lavender sweater, jeans, and pink boots with white straps, her gloves also being of the same material, pink with white straps. She also sometimes wears a pink hat with a bobbed top. She often carries a satchel with her, which contains her hunting knives and other essentials. She wears her casual attire when she's just walking around her Clan's territory, or while inside of Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighter HQ.

Mission Attire

When on a mission, Priscilla wears a brown and black body suit with laser-and-bullet-proof armor on her chest, legs and arms. Cyan blue lines run along her suit, which also are used to give her full control over her boomerangs and her Extreme Gear which she uses in flight.


Caring and passionate towards her friends and family, Priscilla is like a big sister towards the members of the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters. Though Priscilla is kind and outgoing towards her friends and family, she is secretly insecure and wants to hide her insecurities through being around others.

Priscilla, like the other owls of her clan, is proud of her skills and can thus be easily annoyed and upset with others if her creations are toyed with or seemingly damaged. When upset, she will fuss and lecture over her creations on and on till convinced otherwise.

Priscilla shares a powerful bond with her friends and family, and will try to the best of her ability to keep them together, and when just one friend is missing, she will leave the group and go find them and bring them back. She is also overly defensive and protective over her friends, treating them like her own family, and will go heads over tails to keep them out of danger.


Early Life

As a young owlet, Priscilla had no knowledge of her parents, for her mother died from childbirth, and her father died in battle. Thus, in her childhood, Priscilla lived with her grandmother, and leader of the Owl Clan, Juniper the Owl, and her older sister Moon the Snowy Owl. Under their care, Priscilla learned much about her Clan's history, in the war and up to their time. Priscilla was treated like a princess among her clan, but under strict discipline, she was able to ignore what others thought of her and think for herself, treating others the way she thought was best.

Training and Planet Disco

When she had reached the age of 10, she was taught by her clan how to train her body and her mind for combat. Under their direction, Priscilla was taught how to use her intelligence and owl traits as a key to attack and defense. She also learned how to use her mind in whatever way she wished. Because she was very interested in technology, she indulged herself in the study of building things and tearing them apart.

One day, when her day was free, Moon invited Priscilla to her party/hangout hub called Planet Disco. Priscilla accepted the invitation and went with Moon, both because she wanted to see where her sister worked, and also because it was to be her first time out of her Clan's territory. When they had crossed the borders, that first time, Priscilla was amazed and frightened at the vastness of the Alpine Region. And she was even more amazed at Planet Disco. After that first time, Priscilla continued to visit her sister at Planet Disco, sometimes making the journey by herself, and sometimes with her sister.

Meeting the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters


Having her recessive owl genes, Priscilla is gifted with the same abilities as any other owl; silent and deadly flight, and exceptional eyesight, making her able to see and attack her enemy from several yards, to a mile away.


Like other members of her Clan, Priscilla is known for her high IQ, (ranking Dr. Eggman, Wave the Swallow, and Tails the Fox), and her intelligence. She is also well known as being an exceptional inventor and mechanic, and is the pride and joy of her friends, sister, and Clan. She is respected so much, that she is often asked to fix and make things for her Clan, and her friends.

Weaponry and Creations

Priscilla is quite adept at using her twin hunting knives and metal-command boomerangs and can use them either for defense or long-distance/close-quarters combat.

Priscilla also puts her Extreme Gear, Falling Snow into exceptional use, especially on the field. She mostly uses it for a better advantage against land enemies, but also against sky enemies.

She also has quite a hand in robotics and mechanics, having created the teams' Extreme Gears, the technology in their base, and the medical and assistance robots that help them now and then. She also created the teams' weapons based on their skills and abilities.


Even when not on her Extreme Gear, Priscilla is capable of flight and is able to stay in the air for awhile, before needing to land.

Because of her inventing skills, Priscilla is able to come up with new inventions, some inventions more helpful then the last. She never runs out of ideas, and is thus a valuable member of the Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters.

When captured at the mercy of an enemy, and all other means of escape are impossible to reach, Priscilla has her wit at her disposal and is thus able to search for another way.


Priscilla is not good at hand-to-hand combat, thus she is at a disadvantage when faced off with an opponent experienced in this.

She is insecure when alone and can be taken off guard when she doesn't have a weapon or something to defend herself with.

She is rendered helpless when not in the air. She is as the term implies, "a sitting duck."

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