This is Princess Penelope Tuwark in part of the Pursuit of Colona series, created by TZ on the 2nd of April 2016 and was later adopted by Julia Finitevus on March 20, 2017.
Cquote1 I am what my people made me into; they are what I forced them to be. Cquote2
Princess Tuwark
Princess Penelope Tuwark of Colona is the reigning Princess of Colona, along with her other three sisters, Waya Tuwark, Solony Assiew, Gurgis Vesephone, and Ambeis Tuwark - serving as the main protagonist in the Pursuit of Colona series. She is classified to be of canine descent as well as a "Purine Blood", a very rare blood type found in Colona as well as in other parallel planets. Having humble beginnings in the Colonaian Revolution, she made her way up into royalty through her excellency in swordsmanship of defense for the Revolutionist Leader, Rova Lawka.

After the Colonaian Revolution, Princess Tuwark found herself in a large mansion beside her previous ruler, King Uwa Iwa, to be married to Whillis Allavan, who she found in the kingdom as well. In recompense of her war efforts, she was granted the wealthy and desirable lifestyle within "Colona's Heart", which is a figurative term given for the kingdom. By this time, Princess Penelope would be without a father. But her mother, although being her parent in heredity, did not receive the inheritance of "Colona's Heart" as Princess Penelope did. Her honorary work earned her some envy among her family members as well as an issue with King Uwa Iwa, who was to die soon. This turned into chaos in the kingdom for her, and now she questions if she should become the Queen of Colona or not. Either way, she does have a taste for travel and the extravagant beauty of nature that she foresees outside of Colona. All she finds herself to be is the representation of the people.

Concept and Creation

A genius living in a small home, lying on the bed, was straining their brain one night about a character that would revolutionize the internet of Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom. It was a difficult decision to make, as well as a risk to take--to walk in the waters of criticism. But, this creator did believe that they had the potential to make a character that would contribute to the thousands of characters that already existed, and make them into a new virtualized world for all people around the pixels and wasted RAM to enjoy.

"This is going to be so fun," the creator laughed, in thought of the perfect piece to behold a new realm for the present Sonic generation. "Now everyone will be able to see what they're doing here."

The creator sat and coughed the allergic-triggering pollen coming from the humidity of the windy air, trained in thought of the Kingdom that would impose the reality of war and shame. Thoughts as these caused the creator to become a bit anxious of the weariness that others could bring about the character being created, but then failed to mind it in the long run.

"Princess Penelope," the creator smiled. "Finally, I can get some rest..."

Sequentially, the creator came to peace of mind when it was finalized that Princess Penelope the Puppy, although fifteen years of age, would be a part of a community for every person with internet addiction to see. An hour past midnight was enough for the creator to bear with their tired, but satisfied eyes.

The following day, the creator drew Penelope the Puppy, and gave her a last name: Tuwark. Then after that came the summary, and then the simple history--and then best of all--drawing her picture. Eventually, Penelope had a full family with her accomplices and enemies, the "Dreadful" Prince Zak-Rider. Intentionally, the creator had an inspiration of thought to call all people to attention to present itself as an overachieving scholar, in attempt to find a social pastime before maturing. And Princess Penelope of Colona was the place to start.


Birth and Childhood

Born into the arms of an unfortunate mother, Penelope was exposed in a reality where peace did not quite exist, being born in front of the Shika War's Purity Battle. The expecting mother, Fellis Craigents-Tuwark, was afraid that she was going to be executed in a matter of time for bringing a child onto the scene of violence. However, she fled from the Flock Council, ruled by a group of dense bird breeds, and ran into the Curikose Valley--"far, far away" as much as a block of a mile.

From there, Fellis, along with her husband, Houysaro Tuwark, got married in that place in hiding when Penelope was just a fraction of being able to walk. With their two other children, Waya and Solony, Fellis had assistance to take care of Penelope for just a little bit, because she was expectant--again. Penelope came very close to Solony, her older sister, but the oldest sister, Waya, avoided her cuteness and absorption for attention. Houysaro was responsible, as the typical father to be found half a century ago, was the hunter and supplied for his family, as well as had a herd of children.

When Penelope was three, Gurgis Vesephone, born as Qumayla Tuwark, was taken captive by the Flock Council to be executed for being born on battle grounds. Fellis tried to stop them, but she couldn't. But, the one to rely on was Houysaro, the hero most times in the times of revolution, negotiated his life over Gurgis' to be sacrificed instead. Although the deal said that, on the expense of Houysaro's death, Gurgis would be able to live with her family again, instead, the Flock Council took Gurgis and had her orphaned, and eventually adopted by Bali Vesephone. Even though Penelope was only three, she could remember everything about that horrid event, watching her father be slayed by the constant pecking of birds.

In the meantime, Fellis stood out of the abduction of her child, and she was yet pregnant again, but by someone else. Wertony Craigents married Fellis when she gave birth to her last child, Ambeis Craigents-Tuwark. Penelope, turning five years of age was her time to be able to see the world freely, being able to leave the home when she wanted to and such.

Many of her adventures came from the "run-to-the-farthest-beach-as-fast-as-you-can-because-you-don't-get-your-way" cliché. The Symphova Beach was restricted to Colonaians, but she was a rebel by nature and by this was when she decided to become a revolutionist. This is what she told herself at seven years old, running away from home:

"If I don't get to have the freedoms of a child, and the freedoms with my powers, then I will go die with a purpose."

Wertony, the second husband of Fellis, did not like Penelope nor his own child Ambeis--only because they were too "special" in their culture. Penelope, being a "Purine Blood" and having the ability to find where others are, and Ambeis, a rare "Fytosian Blood" having the ability to sing melodies into others and gain their attraction to her, both went to the Symphova sea together and talk. The other two children, Waya and Solony, were favored by Wertony, and were greatly rewarded for their silent but betraying nature to kill their sisters. After all, they were adults.

Eventually, Penelope grew up into a strong individual: at eight, she ran and stayed away from home; at nine, she came back home and took Ambeis with her; at ten, she finished building her first simple but naturalistic home; at eleven, she slayed those who made their way to harm her only; and at twelve, she became a part of something that would change her life forever by one year--entry into the Colonaian Revolution.

The Final Revolution (Adolescent Years)

One of the most important years in Colonaian history comes the thought of the Colonaian Revolution, a time of violence to overthrow the Flock Council. When Penelope was at the latter part of her twelve years of life, she made her way to the Central Square, where commerce and community involvement mostly took place. Penelope was the person obligated to retrieve food for her and Ambeis, of course. But there was something different about her--a leadership attitude toward many situations. When the Flock Council was protesting in the Central Square one day, praising their system of initiating total war for nation suppression, Penelope felt led to speak out against them:

"You creatures don't know a thing about running a nation. A nation should be free to roam without terror. A nation should be free from being pecked by birds. We all should be free to protest against you."

Many people seeing Penelope's example began to contort the righteous minds of the citizens, and even some of the Flock Council. But for some, it was not too good on Penelope's part. Immediately, they pronounced her banished from the nation of Colona. She was afraid, and somewhat satisfied of what she did, but worried that there would be no food to eat for her and Ambeis outside of the country. But, she would not have to worry any more.

This was when she was approached by the ex-general of Colona: Rova Lawka. He told her that she would be able to join the Colonaian Revolutionist Group, save her from leaving the nation. And of course, for her brilliance at thirteen years old earned her a new reputation--a revolutionary example. So, the battle began. A whole group of people with mindsets similar to Penelope's united and fought viciously in the war.

There were three main battles that were won by the Colonaian Revolutionist Group: The Battle of Randis, Purity Battle, and the Indirect Contact. These wins had the Flock Council removed from the Colonaian country forever--at least within five miles of the kingdom.

After these victories, the country was rescued, for the time being. King Uwa Iwa, before he died, had a coronation ceremony for Penelope and Rova Lawka, becoming princess and prince respectively. They had a time to celebrate the achievements that Penelope effortlessly commanded to happen. And they all ate hamburgers to celebrate their achievements.


Besides the whole "eat-hamburgers-in-celebration" norms that they accustomed to, there were some problems that arose in the kingdom, almost as soon as Penelope was privileged to live there.

First was the death of King Uwa Iwa, of forty-five years of age, dying from weak bones. Many people became afraid of who would become the next ruler, and this caused a hectic situation. Many people from the Flock Council attempted to arise again, and to get into the seat of power. Many people were committing "honorable suicide" because they felt that the next king would not be acceptable as King Uwa Iwa was. And Princess Penelope had her own problems--her family.

It all started with praise, and then it turned into envy. Fellis, Penelope's mother, expected that since she was her mother after all, she would be able to live in the kingdom with her. But that was not the case. No one but Penelope was worthy to live in "Colona's Heart" with her, even Ambeis. Ambeis felt that with her being left out, she was never Penelope's sister to begin with. Waya and Solony, already grown to do what they pleased, became spies to overthrow the Colonaian Council for the Rugia Nation. Wertony, the somewhat evil stepfather, became a ruler of a distant land, working with the "Dreadful" Zak-Rider the Hedgehog.

And this is where Penelope encountered Zak-Rider for the first time. He was a dictator, to take over many lands and prevail over others, but never seemed to take over the land of Colona. He made many attempts, but did not succeed any of the times. Wertony made it his best effort to have Penelope and Rova Lawka executed, but many times was caught but fled in the end. And then there is Penelope's love situation.

As the reigning princess of Colona, she is expected to get married very soon. Being in the kingdom had its benefits, such as being able to find a love for herself to enjoy. Whillis Allavan, a knowledgeable traveler, met up with Penelope in the kingdom. Although Penelope seemed to show some affection toward Prince Rova Lawka more, the relationship with Whillis moved too fast for her to control it, for she was fifteen. Eventually, Whillis proposed to her, in the ulterior motive of becoming king, and Penelope was so pressured at the moment that she was unable to resist.

So there it all is--five problems yet with no solutions. Princess Penelope awaits herself of being Queen of Colona with her special weapon of her Gogi purse, and with her to-be-new spouse for the kingdom.


Princess Penelope's Real Chibi

A Chibi-Style Drawing of Princess Penelope

For the most part, Princess Penelope has that obligation to do anything that anyone asks of her. She is very loyal, and trustworthy--occasionally rebellious against people she trusts. Independence would be her best value, as well as a thought to become Queen of Colona puts her in a place of great responsibility. From here, Penelope since the first days of her life as a child, she sees herself as the person to put all of Colona-kind back into its rightful order, although she finds it difficult to do herself. She seems to be a very adventurous person, too, in which she travels often and takes risks often. However, in this also, she finds solutions that would best fit her and her country.

Powers and Abilities


Princess Penelope, having the special "Purine Blood" insisted by her clan of Colona, has the main ability to foresee where the Colonaians are. If they were in a building under a rock, she would be able to determine that. If they were swimming in water about to be eaten by a shark, she would be able to know that, too. What is so special about the "Purine Blood" in the Colonaian race is that they are the pure blooded Colonaians, not mixed with some dog, bat, or vampire as many other characters to form hybrids. Of Colona, there are other species, but their abilities are quite useless. Princess Penelope is the only one that has access to full main abilities, to save her people from upcoming danger.


Clearly being the Princess of Colona, one would have to claim that Princess Penelope is quite responsible, for the fact that running a country with all of its complexity is great responsibility and an honor to be a part of. However, Penelope also maintains the skills of minor Kudo-like fighting styles, as well as the constant use of her Gogi purse to get people out of the way.



Houysaro Tuwark (Deceased)

Houysaro Tuwark was indeed Penelope's biological father, and one that she barely remembers. She was only three years old when she saw her father, but the only event she remembers about him is his death. For the most part, Penelope wished that she would have had more time to spend with her father, so that she would be able to remember and carry on his ways as an honorable person.

Fellis Craigents-Tuwark

Fellis Craigents-Tuwark is Penelope's mother, who had two husbands in the time of Penelope's existence. The first was Houysaro Tuwark, in which she appeared to have loved. At this time, Penelope was given full-on attention from Fellis, along with her sisters Waya and Solony. However, the older that Penelope got, the more Fellis began to show discontent in her. Penelope was not the person to bother, especially when it interfered with her free rights as a child. What somewhat transformed their relationship into a train of strife was the death of Houysaro and the entry of Penelope's stepfather, Wertony. Fellis showed more favor in Wertony over her children, because he was the apprentice of the "Dreadful" Zak-Rider. Therefore, Penelope began to hate Fellis. So, after a quarrel with Fellis about the death of Houysaro, Penelope found the reasons to run away from home. This was a reasonable solution to her because she wanted to make her own life out of what Wertony kept hindering. Fellis, after seeing Penelope's coronation in the kingdom, attempted to latch on to her and have credit for her success. But, of course, it was denied, and Penelope began to feel more angry with Fellis, remembering that she purposely departed her so that she would find her own purpose. So, in turn, Fellis began to make arrangements against Penelope and her kingdom.

Wertony Craigents

Wertony Craigents is Penelope's stepfather, the father coming after Houysaro's death. When he first came into Fellis' life, he was not quite aware that she had children from Houysaro. He showed strong disfavor toward Penelope and his own child Ambeis, and favored the two older children Waya and Solony (for he was not aware of Gurgis at all). In the end, he decided to make forces with Prince Zak-Rider, so that Penelope would be executed. In any case, Wertony was constantly making pleas to Fellis (her mother) to have Penelope and Ambeis given for orphanage, because they were both considered rebels. In the end, Penelope shows a strong distaste for Wertony and eventually disassociates him from her family.

Waya Tuwark

Waya Tuwark is Penelope's oldest sister, older than her by seven years. Waya, being born before Penelope from Houysaro, was not expecting to have any other siblings, because she was not anticipating to lose her attention from her parents. When Penelope came into the family, she was obligated to assist Fellis (her mother) on caring for Penelope. Waya was the one that did not want to, because she was much older after all, and did not want anyone else to get in her way of success. In contrast to the rest of her siblings besides Gurgis, she is in favor of the Flock Council, and eventually works for them in order to find fault in Penelope and the Colonaian Revolutionist Group. Eventually, Waya becoming a spy for Zak-Rider put her and Penelope at great odds with one another. Penelope wants Waya to be a gentle person, but from what she showed to her over the years, they are the most bitter of siblings.

Solony Assiew

Solony Tuwark is Penelope's second-oldest sister, older than her by five years. Solony was born with Houysaro as the father, the one to be found the most creative in her specialties. However, when Penelope was born, that slightly changed. Fellis needed assistance to nurture Penelope, with Solony along with her older sister Waya to be victim to stolen time. Solony, in contrast to Waya, showed more appreciation for Penelope's birth, as it was exciting to have a younger sibling. Penelope was more in favor with her, in her childhood. However, when Solony became older, marrying Royce Assiew, she was ordered to become humbled to the "Dreadful" Zak-Rider and heed to his plan of destroying the Colonaian Empire--although she didn't want to. Penelope, however, takes the wrong impression and decides to isolate Solony as a person she favors as well.

Gurgis Vesephone

Gurgis Vesephone is Penelope's younger sister, younger by three years. For the most part, they do not make direct contact with one another often, because Gurgis does not recognize Penelope as her sibling. But Penelope, always remembering the death of her father, puts the blame on Gurgis, because she was the one put in her father's stead to be executed. "She was just a child," Penelope argued with Fellis. "She could have died, because she didn't even have a life yet." So, from there on, Penelope does not find means to have Vesephone murdered, but she does expect Gurgis to repay their father's life some way.

Ambeis Craigents-Tuwark

Ambeis Craigents-Tuwark is Penelope's youngest sister, younger by five years. When Penelope was five years old, she adored Ambeis, because she was the cutest and most prettiest child that Fellis would have ever had. Beside that, Penelope believed that Ambeis, being the child of the "false" father, Wertony Craigents, was the one that would have the freedoms to inherit anything that she wanted coming from Houysaro, although he would not be Ambeis' father at all. Penelope went to Ambeis for help eventually, and took her away from home from Wertony because he threatened to kill her. Eventually, Ambeis came to Penelope's great aid when Penelope joined the Colonaian Revolutionist Group. Ambeis was skilled at enticing others into her charms, as well as skills in the medical field. However, when Penelope was coronated--minding that her family was left out of the inheritance to the kingdom--Ambeis became secretly bitter against her, but remained as humble as she could. Eventually, Penelope was able to detect these feelings, and did her best to do more travelling outside of Colona instead of boasting her leadership. Overall, they are the closest of relatives.

Whillis Allavan

Whillis Allavan is Penelope's fianceé, an intellectual traveler from Rocia who spent much time in the kingdom with Penelope. When he first met her at the Victory Ball, eating hamburgers, he told her, "I was watching you do all these things for your country, and it made me more inspired to overthrow Devoyva. Maybe, just maybe, I could become King of Smivilia and you be my queen..." Penelope, flattered at these words instantaneously, offered a small relationship with him--and with his motive to become king--he accepted. First came the personal invitations to the most visited places in the Kingdom--to the most sacred and scarcely entered--and then it became intimately personal in short time. Even though Penelope attempted to indirectly message to Whillis that she had more affection toward Prince Rova Lawka, Whillis seemed to ignore it and flare their relationship closer and more intimately. Then, he pulled her aside one morning, when the sun was rising, and proposed to her for marriage. Penelope, in this "sticky" situation, was pressured, and did not consider where her heart was truly leaning at the moment, and accepted his offer.

Royce Assiew

Royce Assiew is Penelope's brother in-law, who is married to Solony Assiew. For the most part, Penelope and him have no direct contact with one another, for Penelope was even excluded to attend Solony's vow ceremony [wedding]. However, due to weak ties with Wertony, Penelope is not in good relation with Royce, because he is a part of the "Ryder Council", which is like the Flock Council under Zak-Ryder's ruling. Even then, Penelope had offered to be a part of Royce's diplomatic offers, in which he openly accepted.

Kingdom Accomplices

King Uwa Iwa (Deceased)

King Uwa Iwa, a weakened ruler of Colona, was considered to be Penelope's true ruler, for whom she attempted to fight rules for against the Flock Council. Before Penelope was born, King Uwa Iwa was in rule, and the Flock Council was on the rise of overthrowing him. When Penelope became involved with the politics behind her developing kingdom, she expressed distaste for King Uwa Iwa, for he was weak in controlling rebel groups as the Flock Council, and at one time, the Colonaian Revolutionist Group. However, the more involved she became with the Colonaian Revolutionist Group, the more she favored King Uwa Iwa's position and his actions, and at one time fixated toward his daily lifestyle. His death, as sudden as it was, shocked Penelope, and caused her to grieve for a very long time.

General/Prince Rova Lawka

Prince Rova Lawka is Penelope's mentor who admitted her to the Colonaian Revolutionist Group. When Penelope was thirteen, she was approached by Lawka after her protest against the Flock Council, which ended up having her to take part in the Final Colonaian War [also known as the Final Revolution]. Once this war was over, and the Flock Council was truly overthrown for that time, Penelope foresaw the coronation of her with Lawka to become princess and prince respectively, and it caused her to believe that they were meant to be life-partners. They indeed did have comical sides to one another, and did cooperate well. However, when Whillis came on the scene, Whillis made the impression to Rova Lawka that Penelope did not have an attatchment to Lawka--verbally. So, Penelope following this situation, was disappointed at Rova Lawka's intimate departure. However, they did remain as friends and partners in the kingdom.

Burdose Iince

Burdose Iince is the current leader of the Flock Council, and a spy for the "Dreadful" Zak-Ryder. When Penelope was protesting the Flock Council the day that she was drafted into the Colonaian Revolutionist Group, Iince was there. As a matter of fact, from there on, he made amends to destroy Penelope at all costs, eventually getting in trouble with Zak-Ryder because he told him, "I want the blood on my hands, and the credit for the death of the 'failed' legend." Iince retreated on harming Penelope, since Penelope sent him a letter, informing him that if he continued, the Colonaian Council would have him executed. However, when the death of King Uwa Iwa occurred, he attempted to have the Flock Council to rise over the government again, secretly drafting government leaders to conform to the Flock Council's ways, and also attacking smaller cities. Penelope and Iince are slight enemies, but when it comes down to overthrowing Zak-Ryder, they have a common enemy.


Yourilivian Teris

When Penelope needs someone to talk to when she's feeling "down", she resorts her whole heart to the ordinary and unwealthy Yourilivian Teris. A friend of hers not expected to live any longer due to unhealthy habits, Penelope finds that Yourilivian is the person to express her pains to, only because she can "bottle it up" when he dies--advocating a strange relationship with him. Yourilivian does look mighty stout for his age, but does have a rare disease that Penelope strives to get also, caused by "Purine Bloods". Errines, the disease, has positive benefits instead of negative; it allows more oxygen to enter the body without taking manual breaths, a breakthrough for swimmers. However, as squalid as Yourilivian can be, Penelope tries her best to keep him company in the last moments of his life.

Wosetashel Namen

Being in the kingdom, Princess Penelope is able to communicate with Teru Namen (a Colonaian Council member), but most specifically Wosetashel Namen--his daughter. Wosetashel, a young nine-year-old girl, sees Penelope as a person that she can look up to, only because of the wealth she has with her parents to live in Colona's Heart (the kingdom). Teru Namen, does not pay much attention to his daughter as much, so Penelope notices that Wosetashel needs an example. Often, when Wosetashel has the opportunity to see Princess Tuwark, she takes every second she has available to speak with Penelope and ask her questions about being a princess. Princess Penelope, aware of the intriguing yet spoiled attitude of the child, attempts to mentor her in any way possible, so that Wosetashel would one day gain desirable virtue.

Opia Cilia

Penelope also calls her "Oieal", named after Opia's father, because the day that they met was the day that Opia's father was protesting against the kingdom. Oieal [the father, in this case] shows strong disposition toward Penelope and the rest of the Colonaian Council, but his daughter, Opia--being fifteen years of age as Penelope is--desires to leave the country, and writes propaganda against Penelope very often. Penelope confronted her once, and called her the name of her father "Oieal", and Opia seemed to show no issue with it. So, from there on, Penelope calls her "Oieal", as well as tries to enforce propaganda against the Colonaian Royal Post [the name of Opia's newspaper].

Other Rulers

Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog

Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog--a conqueror--and Princess Penelope--a rebellious princess, both have similar qualities in some way that make them leaders. However, they are main enemies because of their constant encounters with their ideals on a country's freedom and its system. With this, they have many quarrels with each other, having to deal with one another and attempt to take over each other. Princess Penelope warns Zak-Ryder many times, as Zak-Ryder sends the Flock Council to Colona repetitively for destruction in order to have them surrender.

King Spair the Cat

King Spair the Cat is the person that Princess Penelope relies on when it comes down to the basis of controlling conquerors, the main ones being Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog and Devoyva the Conqueror--hence his title. Penelope and Spair have meetings often, and make sure that important matters are dealt with in both kingdoms: Colona and Tellyeis. However, the friction comes down to that Spair believes in an aristocratic system of the wealthy, while Penelope believes in a semi-controlled anarchy. For the minds of both worlds, there is something wrong.

Devoyva the Conquerer

Devoyva, a rival of the Colonaian Kingdom, is the king of Smivilia and conqueror of these nations: Hall, Rocia, Erniqice, and Wistlow. Princess Penelope puts her best effort with Rova Lawka to have Devoyva contained, so that he does not influence Colona. Deovyva, with promising democracy, lures many of his targets through propaganda and indirect cultural influence. Especially with Colona, Devoyva has the ambition to control the country as well, but with Princess Penelope always in the way, he normally retreats quickly until he feels the urge to come up again. Concerning Devoyva and Penelope's similarities, they do have a common enemy, and that is Zak-Ryder. At one point, Smvilia was a part of Zak-Ryder's kingdom, but over time with the help of Princess Penelope and Colona, they overcame. Occasionally, Penelope and Devoyva cooperate with one another with King Spair to bring at least some harmony to the three countries--Colona, Tellyeis, and Smivilia.

Character Appearances

King Proven

Princess Tuwark shows as the main target for the winning of heart over to the protagonist Whillis Allavan in this short series. She is somewhat unsure of his loving nature, but she presents the innocence of love and pure mind for the sake of her own people regardless of what the media warns her of.

Character Theme Song

"Dark Gaia's Spawn"

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  • She was whipped up on a random Friday night at 12 a.m.
  • There is a possibility that Princess Penelope is somehow biologically related to her rival, Opia Cilia.
  • The design of Princess Penelope was on the basis of Marine the Racoon found in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, only to be designed much differently in comparison.


Princess Tuwark the Puppy

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