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Cquote1.png What a beautiful day! I just love being the princess of this beautiful planet! Cquote2.png
Princess Kawaii Desu Diamond Naruto Saiyan Rainbow Sugoi

Princess Kawaii Desu Diamond Naruto Saiyan Rainbow Sugoi, better known as simply Princess Kawaii Desu, is the incredibly talented, gifted, and beautiful princess of Mobius.

Physical Description

An absolutely beautiful, curvaceous, and overall stunning hedgedragon(?), Princess Kawaii Desu has a short muzzle with a triangular nose, fairly long, pointed ears that stand upright, and a long, fluffy tail, as well as a large pair of golden draconic wings.

Her fur is mostly a pure white color, with a peach muzzle, inner ears, arms, chest, and stomach, while her hair, which is long and gorgeous, is a beautiful, constantly-shifting rainbow sheen that sparkles and even glows a bit in the dark. Her eyes are also a beautiful rainbow color, although they've been known to change color depending on her mood.

She has a great number of different outfits, each one being beautiful and cute in its own way.


Princess Kawaii Desu was born in the center of the universe, and seems to have existed for as long as it has, maybe even longer. She traveled to Mobius one day and was swiftly declared to be the princess of the entire planet. She technically had way more political power than a queen, but she liked the title of princess way more.


Base Stats
Stamina Godlike
Strength Godlike
Energy Godlike
Durability Godlike
Resistance Godlike
Speed Godlike
Reflexes Godlike
Magic Godlike
Kinesis Godlike
Intellect Godlike
Other Stats
Eyesight Godlike
Hearing Godlike
Olfactory Godlike

Princess Kawaii Desu is quite possibly the most perfect specimen in every way, only rivaled by Anna Lynn, who is her BFF. She's way faster than Sonic, way stronger than Knuckles, way smarter than Tails and Eggman combined, and way, way, way more beautiful than any other Mobian girl. I could go on a long-winded explanation of just how overwhelmingly and awesomely powerful, talented, skilled, and beloved she is, but we'd be here for quite a while, then. Probably until the end of time, really.

She's the best around; what more needs to be said?


Princess Kawaii Desu is basically immune to everything; she's immune to disease, she doesn't age, and she cannot be killed by any means. She's immune to every Element, Attribute, and then some. She has no allergies and is also impossible to mind control.


She has no weaknesses. None whatsoever. A being as immaculate as her can't afford to have weaknesses, don't be silly.

Friends and Foes


Pretty much everyone is Princess Kawaii Desu's friend in some way or another; even people like Eggman find it hard to hate her. Anna Lynn is Princess Kawaii Desu's BFF, however.


Many women are jealous of Princess Kawaii Desu, and therefore considered to be rivals. Princess Kawaii Desu bears no ill will towards them, however.


Princess Kawaii Desu doesn't hate anybody.




She's dating too many men to count, and it's quite likely she's dating some women, too; after all, Princess Kawaii Desu has an unlimited amount of love for everyone in her beautiful heart!


Princess Kawaii Desu is intelligent, funny, compassionate, silly, quirky, and just so darn lovable to everyone she meets; virtually nobody who's met her wasn't charmed by her, and all those jealous women just wish they could be like her; not even they hate her!

She can melt the coldest and edgiest of hearts, as proven by the fact that one of her bajillion boyfriends is Shadow the Hedgehog, who just melts into a lovey-dovey sap around her. She's a tad bit clumsy, but not to the point where it's a detriment to her or anyone around her; it's just one of her many adorable little quirks that make her all the more endearing to those she meets.

Even though she's a princess, and enjoys girly things, she's not afraid of anything; the dark, bugs, storms, none of that stuff scares her, she's way too brave!

Positive Traits

  • Every positive personality trait (somehow!)

Neutral Traits

  • Clumsy I guess???

Negative Traits

  • None
  • Nada
  • Zilch


  • help me

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