Princess Elise the Third is the princess of Soleanna, who came to save Mobius when it was being threatened by Solaris in the Next Gen arc.


Princess Elise wears a white dress and white-red heels. Her hair is auburn and her eyes are light blue. She wears white gloves, orange leggings, and has white feathers in her hair.


Elise is a brave princess who won't take no for an answer. She's determined to save her planet, her country, and her people from disaster, as well as the new friends she's made along the way. She's reckless and headstrong, always running into situations without thinking them through beforehand. Despite her rough and heavy demeanor, she has a soft spot deep down inside, which comes through when she's around people like Sonic or Amy.


Elise was born as the third in the line of Princess Elises to rule Soleanna. She was given the duty to protect the world from any evil that might fall upon it. And so when Solaris attacked Mobius, she was immediately off to stop him. Along the way, she met Sonic, who developed a crush on her and wanted to help her fight Solaris.


Elise is a mortal human, so she doesn't really have any special powers. She does, however, have limited ESP.


Elise has fast reflexes, brought on by her time training.


Elise is a skilled fencer, she can shoot well, and she knows how to ride a motorcycle.


Like any human, Elise is susceptible to grave injury and could die. She wears armor under her dress to prevent any of this from happening.

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