She is the younger sister of King Florence of Cramisa and Dark The Hedgehog and she is the former Queen of the Kingdom of Cramisa during the war against Darkest The Fallen. She is a very loyal ally and a close friend of Dark's and she posses magic that she is currently learning, and it helped her save Dark,who was at peak of death by the end of the war since he used his powers to his upmost limit while pushing himself. She is a very caring and sweet teenage girl, who loves her family and kingdom deeply and is willing to fight for it if danger struck to the point of sacrificing herself and her life to keep it safe.

She is one of the main protagonist in A Hidden Legend: Coming to the Light and Bringing Hope, being one of the second to introduce of asking Dark for help,which he refused at first,but he eventually accept through time and helping the young queen/princess get into full health. She is willingly to help Dark any way she can no matter what as long as she isn't a liability to him.

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