Prince the Axolotl (プリンスザ·ウーパールーパー,Purinsuza· ūpārūpā) Is a fan-character made by Yveltal717. Prince is an orphan,who comes from New Mobotopolis. In his spare time, Prince is either swimming or going on an exciting adventure with his friends.

Conceptual History


Back when Prince was created in 05 he was a frog,instead of an Axolotl. His original name,was Amphire the Frog.Amphire was blue,and lavender colored,and was originally a bad guy,who turned good,after being saved by the freedom fighters. 

Becoming an Axolotl (Phase 1)

After spending a good amount of time as a frog,it was ultimately decided to change him into a different species,in 07. After some searching,he finally became an Axolotl. He still kept the coloration he had as a frog,but he now had his Fedora (Which was white at the time,with a black band),his bandana (which was Grey) and a vest. His external gills were slightly longer,and his tail was shorter.

Becoming an Axolotl (Phase 2)

After a while,his orange color came into being,but he kept his other features,except his vest,which was scrapped. At this point his Fedora,finally became black,but the band was red and his bandana was blue.

Final Conception

In 2012,the final conceptulization of Prince,occured when,he was accidentally drawn and colored. The drawing depicted Prince,having Short external gills,a somewhat long tail and the colors of the band on his hat,and the color of his bandana,were reversed.


Prince is a tangerine colored Aquatic Salamander (Axolotl),with some peach colored features such as his muzzle and the tip of his tail. He has short,stubby external gills,4 fingers on each hand and 3 toes on each foot. His eyes are Sky Blue,which is the same color as the band on his black fedora-looking hat. In addition to that,he has a red bandana.


Prolouge (Age 0-5)

The Attack (Age 6-9)

Adventure Awaits (Age 10-????)

Strengths and Powers

Prince has the abiltity to contol water,otherwise known as "Hydrokinesis". He uses his powers often,and even makes names for the attacks he frequently uses . He also has a habit of starting each attack name with the word,"leaking"

Attack List

Terrain Affecting Moves

  • Leaking Spout - Makes the arena,nice and damp,so Prince can properly use his hydrokinetic powers.
  • Leaking Flood - Floods the arena,so Prince can swiftly swim out of sticky situations.

Healing Moves

  • Leaking Upwell - Takes the nutrients from water and absorbs it through his skin,to get rid of all status effects.
  • Leaking Regeneration- If Prince happens to loose a body part,he simply regenerates it.

(Axolotls can do this IRL)

Status Affecting Moves

  • Leaking Bubbles- Makes Poisonous bubbles,using chemicals,found deep within his skin.                (These bubbles can paralyze or poison the foe)
  • Leaking Shoal - Makes the foe very sleepy.

Power Moves

  • Leaking Slasher - Prince attacks the foe,with a watery slash.
  • Leaking Whirlpool - Prince makes a huge whirlpool,that traps the foe in a wet revolution.
  • Leaking Hydrolics -  Attacks the foe,with a powerful,water blast.
  • Leaking Tidal Shift - Pulls the foe underwater,using a powerful riptide.
  • Leaking Hurricane - Summons a devestating storm.
  • Leaking Tsunami -  Makes a Colossal tidal wave.

Super Prince (Auro Prince)


While in "Auro Form", Prince is multicolored. His external gills are longer and they have gill hair. His black Fedora is now White and his Bandana is now grey. His eyes glow of a white aura and his tail is longer.

Physical Stabiltiy

While in "Auro form", Prince's physical stability is increased,like most super forms. In addition to this, his attack power increases and he perfers to start his attacks with "Oceanic",while he's in this form.


Digimon The Movie - Funny Clips

Digimon The Movie - Funny Clips

              The person who voices Izzy,is also the person,who voices Prince from a Fanonical standpoint.


Canononical Relationships

Fanonical Relationships


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