Prince Shaloo, is a meerkat Prince that lives in a nation that borders Shamar. He is the ex-fiance of Mae, and is a well known womanizer. His riches give him close ties, and have spoiled him rotten.



Quite similar to Mae, Shaloo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was constantly catered to. In fact, rumor has it that he didn't know how to use the restroom by himself until the age of 7! He has been homeschooled since the age of three from some of the most educated scholars in the land. Shaloo's father had arranged a marriage for him by time he was seven by making a deal with Mae's own father.

Meeting His Fiance

Shaloo had a hard time trying to woo Mae. She really didn't like his attitude of feeling he could have what he wanted. Over time however Mae began to develop feelings for him thought they may have been forced feelings. Shaloo, and Mae were scheduled to marry multiple times, and tie the two kingdoms together however Mae always stalled.


The reason Mae would always call it off was because of Shaloo's constant cheating. It came to a point were Shaloo became fed up. He refused to marry Mae, and said he no longert loved her. However, after spending some time alone he realized he loved Mae. Though her feelings for him haven't returned.


Shaloo sees himself as almost God-like, feeling that he has complete seniority over all others besides of course his father. Shaloo is also very conceeded however whenever accused of this he just says "I'm Confident, not Conceeded". Shaloo like his father loves to spend his seemingly infinite wealth. He will buy relationships, gold, clothing, etc. Also like his father Shaloo, is quite the lady-charmer though the lure of gold and fortune may be more of an influence than his own charm. Shaloo can be sometimes considered a coward when backed into a corner however he will remain seemingly confident to build up a wall. Shaloo is suprisingly optimistic, and always has faith in his plans. Shaloo is a firm believer in God, as well as karma. It is possible that Shaloo believes he is very kind. Shaloo is a very "macho-man" believing in his own immortality. He isn't very wise, and rarely dishes out advice. He loves to pull of stunts, and is somewhat of a dare-devil. Shaloo also has a patriarch minset believing men are superior to women. However contradictory to his personality Shaloo truly loves Mae, and is the only women he sees as his equal. He will quickly challenge any man who is even near Mae out of jealousy. Like his father Shaloo is actually a very skilled leader, able to meet the needs of the people, earning their praise, faith, and respect.

Favorite Color

Gold & Ruby Red


Maelana the Meerkat II


  • Death
  • Snakes


  • Winning
  • Maelana
  • Gold
  • Money
  • Girls
  • Power
  • Respect
  • Himself


  • Losing
  • Being Shown-Up
  • Snakes



  • Maelana the Meerkat II (One-Sided)
  • His Father
  • His Kingdom


  • Rivals of the Kingdom
  • Any Male Who Is Friends With Mae.


Prince Shaloo's one ability is his great swordsmanship. He can fend through many battles using his sword. His sword is constructed of diamond and gold. Using this material the diamond material which is the actual sword itself is very hard to break. Another ability is Shaloo's massive wealth. While it may not seem like an ability Prince Shaloo can pay for defense or throw money on the ground to allow the crowd reaching for the money to suply as a distraction for attack or escape. Prince Shaloo also has a massive army at his command though he is rarely seen with his guards outside the kingdom. Shaloo displays great leaderships skills, and is somewhat skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


Shaloo's obvious weakness is that he has no super-abilities meaning that he isn't even close to the speed of Sonic, can't manipulate Kinetic Energy like Silver, can't use Chaos abilities like Shadow, and doesn't have natural strength like Knuckles. Shaloo also tends to underestimate all of his opponents. Shaloo can be left open for attacks when doing this.


  • Prince Shaloo is a Meerkat.
  • Prince Shaloo has a "red dot" on his head. While some would mistake this for the "Bindi" which states whether a woman is married or not. The red dot is actually made of a powder called 'KumKum'. It is considered sacred in Hindu religion. Both males and females wear it.
  • The area between the eyebrows is where the Third Eye is believed to be located. It represents inner wisdom. Hence kum kum signifies this spot and believed to protect the inner wisdom. It also is always red for Hindus
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