• Princess Elise Soleanna III - Friedrich’s niece and successor to the throne, Friedrich has helped raise Elise for over ten years in preparation for her coronation once she became of age. However, an unexpected incident forces him to remain on the throne for a bit longer - something he doesn’t seem too upset about...
  • Prince Albus Soleanna - Friedrich’s late brother-in-law, the father of Elise, and his predecessor, Friedrich was a loyal subordinate and friend to Albus during his years as a soldier for the Soleanna Royal Guard and has spent the last ten years upholding his legacy.


  • Bianca Helios - one of the most well-respected soldiers in the Soleanna Royal Guard and Elise’s closest friend and bodyguard, Friedrich is forever indebted to Bianca for her efforts and service - both as her niece’s friend and as one of the loyal soldiers of Soleanna.
  • Soleanna Royal Guard - as his subordinates, Friedrich places great faith in Soleanna's loyal soldiers and defenders, who have only seldom failed him.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog - a world-renowned hero and adventurer, Sonic’s exploits have caught his interest. However, though they are currently working together, Friedrich wouldn’t consider the hedgehog a friend...


  • Dr. Eggman - as the mad doctor is a direct threat to his people, Friedrich is duty-bound to put a stop to whatever master plan he has devised this time.

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