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Prince Friedrich
Cquote1 Doctor! You will cease your attack at once! As the nation’s sovereign, I command you to leave Soleanna at once! Fail to comply, and I will not hesitate to deal with you myself. Cquote2
Prince Friedrich threatening Eggman, Episode Sonic: Stage 2 - Crossfire

Thanks to some unexpected events, the reign of Prince Friedrich Luminosa will last for a little bit longer. He is the current monarch of Soleanna, succeeding the late Prince Albus Soleanna - his brother-in-law - after he supposedly died in an accident ten years earlier and the maternal uncle of Princess Elise Soleanna III, who was to succeed him as sovereign in this year’s Festival of the Sun.

Prince Friedrich is a major supporting character in Flames of Fate and Destined Dark, appearing most prominently in Episode Sonic: Through the Flames, where he takes command of the Soleanna Royal Guard throughout Eggman’s schemes in Soleanna. He seems to be keeping some things hidden, however...


Prince Friedrich is a middle-aged man sporting fair yet pale skin and a mostly-slender yet well-built physique, which is sadly obscured by his outfit. He also sports a head of red hair that is short in length and swept back - apart from a tiny fringe around his widow’s peak, leaving the mostly-stoic and somewhat-fierce expression plastered on his face exposed, a matching pointed goatee, and a pair of greyish-blue irises on his eyes.

His outfit consists of a white coat that reaches roughly around his thigh area and sports gold accents around it - including the insignia of Soleanna plastered on his torso, a black leather belt with a silver buckle around his waist, matching white trousers - the lower legs of which are tucked into a pair of pitch black boots with silver cuffs and buttons. He also sports a pair of black, leather gloves and a scabbard around his left hip, in which his longsword is stored, a small, golden crown adorned with a number of jewels - the most notable of which is a light blue gem at the very center - atop his head, and is occasionally seen with a dark green cloak with gold linings.


Friedrich normally presents himself as a stoic and rather strict but ultimately well-meaning and protective individual, befitting that of a sovereign such as himself. He shows concern for his people, evidenced by his surprise when he found both Bianca and Elise to still be in the general vicinity as well as coming to Sonic’s rescue after learning of the latter holding off Eggman.

He does sport some level of pride in himself and in his people, as shown by him initially requesting that Sonic keep himself uninvolved with the matter. However, this is also tied to his sense of duty and confidence in his people, as he simply wishes to deal with threats and other matters to the best of their ability without external assistance.

That isn’t to say that Friedrich isn’t a reasonable individual, as he ultimately decides to let Sonic and Tails continue assisting them due to finding use in their respective abilities as well as finding them - especially the blue hedgehog - to be intriguing individuals. Prior to that, he even gave Eggman the chance to flee with his life - albeit with a definite threat - rather than mercilessly finish him right then and there.

For all of his good qualities, however, Friedrich is fairly secretive and does not divulge as much information as he probably should...


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Skills and Abilities

As a former soldier in the Soleanna Royal Guard, it stands to reason that Friedrich is a highly-skilled swordsman and age doesn’t seem to have hindered his capabilities in combat in the slightest - at least, not in any significant manner. Unlike the equally-skilled Bianca, whose style is better-suited for one-on-one duels and quick, decisive blows, Friedrich is a lot more experienced in dealing with multiple foes at once and is proficient in multiple styles of swordplay.

Friedrich also sports the physical condition most soldiers in the Soleanna Royal Guard are expected to maintain. His physical strength is far above-average, allowing him to land hefty blows with little difficulty and wield heavier equipment with ease, and he is roughly just as durable - able to tank particularly-powerful attacks with only some visible effort. Friedrich is quite dexterous and nimble, allowing him to maintain a level of precision in his strikes and move about rather quickly.

Meanwhile, Friedrich has been stated to possess a strong aptitude in Soleannan Magic and is proficient in using it. However, just how powerful his magic prowess is and what spells he does use has remained a mystery for quite some time...


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  • Friedrich is Crimson's first human fan character made for the Crimson Flame Continuity.
  • Friedrich’s visual design is mostly inspired by Credo from Devil May Cry 4, with some elements found in his concept art - primarily having a swept back hairdo and a cloak - being used as well.
    • His swept back hair also takes cues from Vergil’s hairstyle in the Devil May Cry series - most notably Devil May Cry 3.
  • Friedrich is the original German form of the English name, “Frederick”, as well as the German word for “peaceful ruler” while his surname is the Italian word for “bright”, albeit in its feminine form.
    • I guess one could say that Friedrich is seen as a peaceful ruler serving the bright light born of his people’s patron deity, Solaris.
  • The addition of Friedrich was one of the first concepts made when Crimson began to think about making his own solo adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
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