Akin(Pronounced A-KEEN) is the only  son of Shamia the Meerkat and Prince Nayer. He is the prince of Shamar as well as the second child. His sisters are Sandi the Meerkat and Maelana the Meerkat II. Like his mother and uncle he has opposite to his own sister Mae(Though their souls aren't bound like Shamia's and Hector's). His abilities are nightmare abilities. As well as the ability to make an opponent fearful(Though they can hide it).


Prince Akin the Meerkat
Akin the Meerkat

Current Years and Days
Name Akin the Meerkat
Weapons Nightmare Abilties, Shadows,Fear
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Prince Of Shamar, Athlete, Student
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 11
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Gender: Male
Description A young brown tailless Meerkat, with long brown hair and brown fur
Attire [Clothing] A red black yellow and white color them, with shoes a Shirt, and race pants designed liek his uncle's, and matching red gloves
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) None Yet
  • Dancing
  • Nightmare Ablities
  • Umbrakinesis(To an extent)
  • Glare
  • Hector the Meerkat Jr.~Uncle
  • Maelana the Meerkat~Grandmother
  • Hector "The Sandman* Meerkat Sr.~Grandfather
  • Maelana the Meerkat II~Older Sister
  • Sandy the Meerkat~Baby Sister
  • Shamia the Meerkat~Mother
  • Raja the Meerkat~2nd Cousin
  • King Nayer~Father
Likes A good challenge, Football(Soccer), Powers, Winning, Beign Rich,Family
Dislikes Losing,School,Teachers,Threats to his kingdom
  • Shamar
Current Residence
  • Shamar
Alternative Names
  • Aki,A,Cutey,Prince, My lord,Nayer Jr.
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • Haley Joel Osment(Younger Sora)
Japanese Voice Actor
  • Miyu Irono(Younger Sora)

Birth and Childhood

Akin was the second child born after Mae. He is a was always a bit spoiled and often cried. As Akin became older he started to develop a personality mirroring  his uncle's personality as a child. Akin was also never really good at school either. He usually goofed off with all his friends, and usually back sassed the teacher(His father gave the teachers permission to repremend him if his behavior was unacceptable). Akin was always an exceptional athlete, winning multiple awards and trophies(usually in first place).Akin also seemed to always attract females who were in high school(Nayer is in middle school). As he always states "What can I say all ladies love me!" Akin is also a great dancer able to rival his sister Mae.


For a short time one of the great sages returned to his village of Shamar. He witnesses Akin using his technique as energy to kick the ball into the net. Amazed by his power level, the sage(Named Jiri) asked the boy to show him to the palace of Shamar. To this Akin responded "It's your lucky day Sage Jiri cause that's where I live!". Jiri was suprised to here this, but never the less followed the exicted Akin who was more than happy to help a legendary sage. They reached the castle and Jiri went inside to talk business with Akin's father. He came out after a while and told Akin to coem with him. After his father agreed Akin set out. He and Jiri would stay in the desert for a few months to learn how to defend his kingdom. Akin learned many things from Jiri like how to summon the Great Warrior Fang(A tiger). He also learned how to use a pole. He became swiftand fearce with it. Akin returned to his viallge and slept for almost a week.



"Na Na Na Na Na"~Taunt 2

"I am ready for anything"~Before Battle

"What you think you can beat me?"~Before Race

"I am the ultimate champion!"~After Win

"What!Stupid Sage of Fruit!"~After Loss

"What now Sucka?!"~S ranking

"Booyaka!Oh YEAH!"~A Ranking

"What did you expect"~B Ranking

"Ah! That was...hard"~C ranking

"Oh come on!"~D Ranking

"Man...You suck at video games."~E Ranking


Akin can be a very proud child. He never likes to admit he is wrong and loves to brag when he is right. He can tend to be spoiled.However he challenges the person causing him grief, to a fight instead of throwing a temper tantrum. Akin is very respectful to people with great power. However he is known to be very loud and rude when he wants to be to even them. He has a very positive attiude and won't tolerate any one who makes themselves out to be the victim. He also has the tendency to get angry when people cry. He comforst them, and then scolds them for not looking past the bad. Akin rarely feels remorse towards anything like sassing an adult or breaking something. He will say sorry but will never really mean it. Akin also likes to be strong so he will almost always train with great durability and tolerance. He is known to be the first to bark as well as to protest. Akin is also known to speak his mind and will blurt out the truth completely oblivious to why people get angry at him.



Maelana the Meerkat II

Sheldon the Turtoise

Franklin the Turtoise

Shamia the Meerkat

Riana the Mouse

Lupe the Tiger

Sandi the Meerkat

King Nayer

Sage Jiri

Iris the Desert Fox

Lamine the Vulture

Cammy the Cub

Sonic's Children


Eggman Jr.

Hector "Red" the Meerkat


The Akin Special~ A move made by Akin that manipulates his shadow energy to mimick an opponent. However since Akin hasn't raised his power levels to their full extent they can only copy basic moves and actions that some one does.

Shadow Clones~Self Explanatory

Booyaka Combo~A Move where Akin uses his energy to to a multiple number of attacks to his opponent. In the end he uses that energy to trap the opponent as he sends them flying into the air only to crash down in a spiraling face first fashion.

Umbrakinesis~The Abiltiy to use shadows.Akin can use this to an extent

Shadow Prism~By acting like a mime, Akin can trap people in an imaginary box.

Shadow Strangle~With this move Akin can use his shadows to choke an opponent.

Intimidation~Akin can strike fear into the hearts of any foe(Besides robots such as Omega.) though the foe doesn't have to show it they still feel it. It is unaffective to robots(as mentioned before), those with the ability, those who know how to counteract it,those who are dead, and those who are insane.

Dream Entering~A move inherited from his mother, Akin can enter peoples dreams gaining full control of their mind. He cna leanr of their fears, or their weaknesses as well as their desires. It obviously only works when people are sleeping or daydreaming. With this ability comes nightmares for the victim/

Athletic~Akin can pick up any sport and be a natural in it. Too bad he can't say the same for school work.

Theme Songs

Arid Sands Day Theme

Land of Five Rivers

See Also


  • Land of Five Rivers(Akin's theme) is Punjab from the Punjabi culture. However Akin and his family(being from Shamar) aren't based off this type of Indian.
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