This is an article about Preston The Owl, a character created by TheHook1 on 01/7/2016.

Preston The Owl is a Mobian Great Grey Owl working with G.U.N as a simple low level data encrypter. Or is he? In truth, Preston is a counter-intelligence operative, and the first character by TheHook1[1].


Preston stands a whopping 4 feet tall from head to talon. He sports two large wings on his back, which fold against his back and sides when not in use. His feathers are grey, peppered with white and light brown flecks. The feather pattern on his face consists of rings of grey and white around his eyes, with one black stripe running in between from his forehead to his beak. The beak itelf is a bright red/yellow color, as are Preston's eyes. He has short tufts of feathers near his elbows, wrists, and knes. He also has tailfeathers reaching down to just above his knees.

In terms of apparel, Preston uually wears a white dress shirt untucked with his sleeves rolled up. He also wears a black suit jacket over this, sleeves also rolled up. He wears black dress pants, sneakers, and a tie, topped off with aviator glasses. This is only his main civillan outfit,and he will wear different clothes depending on the job at hand.


On the surface, "Preston" appears to simply be little more than a fun-loving wise guy. He cracks jokes, makes snarky remarks, and flirts indiscriminately with most females. He is impetuous to a fault, and seems to take special joy in getting under the skin of important and authoritative people. As such, his disciplinary record requires it's own special hard drives. Yes, plural.

Some of you may be wondering who Preston is blackmailing to keep his job at G.U.N. The answer; nobody. In reality Preston is a high ranking agent in G.U.N's counter intelligence division, dedicated to stopping enemy espionage. His abrasive and light hearted persona is actually an intentional strategy on his part. It lets him learn more about people's personalities, likes, and dislikes.

In reality, Preston is cunning, cold, and very slow to trust. He is an almost compulsive liar, and is paranoid about sharing any personal information. As such essentially everything he says about himself is false. He even went so far as to alter or destroy parts of his personal data on the G.U.N database.




As a Great Grey Owl, Preston has all the natural abilities that this entails. His senses of sight and hearing are both powerful and precise, allowing him to zero in on any visual or audio stimuli. He can also swivel his head almost 360 degrees around his body, giving him omnidirectional detection, and the ability to scare the crap out of new recruits. As an owl, not only can Preston fly, but special feathers on his wings make his flight completely silent.


Preston is a high ranking and well trained G.U.N agent, specializing in counterintelligence. In order to better combat enemy spies, Preston is a master spy himself. He is skilled in stealth, infiltration, tactics, and manipulation, and can easily counter people using these skills. Preston also is an expert in close combat unarmed and especially with knives. His accuracy and hand-eye coordination are incredible, making him an expert marksman.


Preston's powerful senses are just as much a weakness as a strength. Flashbangs, in particular, can severely impair his senses. Also, damage to his wings can mess with his ability to fly. Finally, as an special agent, Preston wears no real armor and carries weaker armaments like pistols and knives.


The items listed here a just Preston's most common and note worthy equipment. He can carry and uses variety of other weapons and tools depending on the mission at hand.

  • CR-30 "Bonesaw": A custom, collapsible 10mm three-round burst machine pistol with integrated silencer and 30 round clips. The weapon has very little recoil, and can be concealed easily in his clothing. Plus the material used to make the weapon makes it both light and invisible to metal detectors. The tradeoff is a reduction to range and damage.​
  • Karambit Knives: Small, curved, razor sharp blades designed for concealment. Preston usually has three or four hidden on his person at all times and, like the Bonesaw, are invisible to metal detectors.
  • "The Sandman": A small device that shoots bolts of non-lethal electricity designed to render targets unconscious. It appears to be little more than a flash drive until opened.







You Know My Name by Chris Cornell-

You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring-


  • "Preston" is, in fact, not this characters real name. It was among the things he wiped from the databanks to hide his real identity, and he never actually uses his real name in any setting.
  • Whenever Preston breaks his public persona, he gains a Welsh accent, implying this is his real voice.
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