Prehistoric Wisdom is a status technique, capable of increasing the user's natural defense against Special attacks.


The user closes their eyes and meditates on the "ancient ways" of combat, which some believe to be traces of an ancient Demon battle preparation technique, which in turn brings their mind into preparation to fight with energy as well as their muscles - by doing this, they also prepare their body to sustain damage from attacks of that type, which can on occasion appear as an aura of white or green energy, as well as a stiffening of the energy cloak that all Mobians posses when viewed through sight layered in the Chaos Force, sometimes to the point of the normally flowing, rounded energy taking on sharp edges. However, unlike other Special Defense boosting techniques, this technique essentially boosts them to their maximum, making them capable of sustaining almost any special attack with no major damage.



Technique Rank

Due to the technique's sheer power in boosting Special Defense, it bears an S-rank.

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