This is an article about Pravus Jacob Steel, a character created by Pyroslasher on 12/28/2013.

Pravus Jacob Steel is the second rival of Pyro, created when Pyro was a hedgehog. He was replaced by Vody, a now retconned character, for about a month before Pravus became Pyro's true rival again. When he started out he had a metallic vest with machine guns attached to it, but instead when he was uploaded to the Sonic Cyclone forum they were removed because I as the creator though they would be rejected anyways. This made Pravus a useless joke character for the longest time until he joined The Dust Devils and gained a an extra item called the Soldier Stone, which made him a bit more useful. Nonetheless, Pravus is both an enemy and friend of Pyro, and technically the information about his personality has changed, but even after he joined The Dust Devils he didn't change that much.


Pravus is bulky, with large muscles especially in his chest area, which gives his torso a triangular shape. His sharp and rough fur is green, with lots of smile and disgusting chemicals embedded within the fur. The many green, small, and sharp spikes on the back of this brute's head are filled with a poisonous chemicals that are much like Snake venom, and also are barbed as so when they get put in someone's skin they are impossible to pull out(almost impossible, at least). The color of the irises of his eyes are purple, he has very sharp, snake-like teeth. His mouth, arms, legs, and belly aren't covered in green fur, and his skin is a tan color. Also, he has a large buttchin. He has no tail, and his legs are short, though can hold his entire mass somehow.
He wears a black leather belt that holds his small knife. The blade of the knife is extremely sharp and curved somewhat like the dagger from "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time", and the handle is black with a symbol that looks like the Nazi symbol embedded inside a pentagram. His pants are green camo, and his army boots are black with large spikes on them. His arms are naked, with not even gloves to cover them, and he wears nothing on his head like a hat or glasses.


Pravus, being a murderer from Soleanna(which I learned is presently a crater), and with the ability to grow lost limbs back(and heal cuts inflicted on himself), it has lead him to extremities. Pravus is a porcupine of action, always doing on first impulse and never looking back. He doesn't care about anything except for himself, money, and sex. You can only tell his emotions by looking into his extremely exaggerated and crazy eyes, and though his face is so static that it's creepy, everything else about him is not. He is constantly moving, constantly finding something to do. One second he's thinking murderous thoughts, the next he's flapping his arms like a chicken because he just felt like doing so. He is just as likely to jump off of a bridge, as he is to cross it, or shoot it to smithereens with a machine gun. He is not as crazy as he is just trying too hard to entertain himself.
He loves to sing and dance. In fact, whenever he gets the chance, he will begin singing. Even if he's in a fight, he will crack jokes, insulting or not, and sing while fighting his enemy. You never want to see this guy depressed, unless you are the person he is fighting. He is a baby when it comes to this point, because getting him sad will not only make him stop fighting, but water(poisonous water) will come pouring out of his eyes like rain. Besides these moments when he is depressed, he is as manly as you can imagine, if what you are imagining is Arnold Schwarzenegger on marijuana.
Something you really don't want to see, if him angry. His eyes would strike fear into you, if you weren't an overly manly man. Pravus is not a guy you want to piss off. Like I said before, he is just as likely to jump off of a bridge as he is to cross it. In this case, he is just as likely to let you sruvive, as he is to stab you with a poisonous knife.
He could be described simply as a murderous hipster. He goes out of his way to be different, and even farther out of his way just to poison or kill someone. He is the Joker, if the Joker was an extremely strong German man. The fact that he cares for almost nothing, in fact so much that he can't actually fall in love or hold back in a fight(if given the chance to kill a little baby in the cruelest way possible, he would). He fears nothing until all he could ever have is taken from him, and even then he wouldn't care in the slightest, just because they were tools and nothing of actual worth to him. He is a monster who can't sympathize with others, and his only crime is caring about almost nothing.


Pravus was born on April 10, 1995 in the city of Soleanna. Doctors found out his blood was poisonous, and so upon telling the parents, they didn't care. This is the sign of bad parents by the way. At birth, up until the point he was 1 years old, he actually would never stop crying. The weird looking baby was in so much pain, and the parents actually didn't remember why, and even thought to go back to the doctor to find out what was going on. They almost decided to disown the child, who annoyed them so much. Once again, terrible parents.
Well anyways, as Pravus grew up, he stopped crying and actually got tougher. Between his birth and the age of 14, nothing abnormal happened. He grew up like any child. He left Soleanna the age of 14 as alot of Moebians did, to go to Mobius. Without his parents or any people that he knew, he traveled to Westopolis from Soleanna by plane and this is where he got lucky. Here, he learned of his poisonous blood for the first time, and found some people that he could call friends at the time. Note here that I said at the time. These people began stealing and killing, and in almost every major city in Westopolis they were wanted, with a reward that rose higher and higher for every murder on the news. That same year that the people got together, Pravus had a wish. An idea, something to strike fear into the hearts of people. He wanted machine guns. In the hands of one of the strongest teenagers at the time(besides Knuckles, who is
actually about 20 or so), people learned the news that someone was personally building a machine gun vest(very specific) for Pravus, and Pravus waits for his machine gun vest to be finished to this day.
Pravus met up with Pyro, after choosing the name of the group, the "Sons of Plunder", and had a plan... He made a deal with Pyro, that to keep where he was a secret from the police, they would go into town for the stuff Pyro needs. Food, money, and clothing were major things that they thought of. Pyro would
need to pay Pravus and his gang back in return for what the Sons of Plunder were doing for him. Now, Pravus kept most of his plan from Pyro. First, the group would steal from stores and banks to get Pyro's stuff, and in turn, if Pyro did not give his amount they would blame Pyro for all the robberies, and because he has all the stuff, the proof would be too obvious. Pyro would be framed, and if not sent to jail, he'd be sent home. There is also the fact that Pravus and his gang while still wanted, would probably be remembered for turning in the thief.


Race Against Time

(Information will be added when available)


(Information will be added when available)



Pravus can die, oh yes he can die very easily. However, he is also a living shield. You cut off his arm? He can grow it back. Cut off his short legs? Sure he'll fall and get injured, but his legs can grow back anyways. He obviously can't survive getting his heart taken out or his head cut off, but almost every other body part can be grown back. He has no control over it, however. He feels the pain, though as he aged, getting a limb cut off does not hurt as much as it ever did before.
Continuation from the Poison Blood ability, something to note, he can cut himself more than once to refresh the blade after using it on someone or something, and if he is still healing when he cuts himself again, Pravus will begin bleeding. On top of that, it will take 4 turns to heal the new cut while the old one heals. It keeps adding 2 turns for each time he cuts himself while he still heals. He could successfully make someone pass out, but he could also accidentally make himself pass out(after hitting 10 turns without fully healing, he passes out).

Acid Rain

When Pravus has a Chaos Emerald, he can use Poison Rain. When using Poison Rain, it begins raining acid rain. And alot of it. The more Emeralds he has, the more acid rain will fall and the harder it will fall. With 1 Chaos Emerald, it lasts for about 50 seconds(shorter than 1 post, if you want to get technical about it), the acid falls like normal rain, and it will only sprinkle. By the time he has 6 Chaos Emeralds, it will last 5 minutes(5 posts), the acid will fall 6 times faster than normal, and it will be almost as hard as a tropical storm. The acid also becomes more acidic as it goes from 1 emerald to 6. pH number of the rain with 1 emerald is 6, and with 6 emeralds it's 1.

Special Abilities

Poison Blood

He can poison people with his own blood. When stabbing someone with the knife, he can then not only penetrate their skin, but poison their blood. When he stabs someone with his poison knife, in this case a small rabbit, it will make the attacked rabbit feel pain, making movement painful. The more Pravus stabs the animal, the more the animal feels pain. After about 5 stabs, the animal will feel so much pain that they pass out from the torture. Meanwhile, it takes 1 stab for the blood on the knife to need to be refreshed, or if Pravus doesn't get a successful stab in, it takes 5 turns for the blood to leave the knife. If he uses the poison blood move, the cut will heal after 2 turns. I will continue this in the regeneration section, though it fits in both.

Porcupine Spines

Since he is a porcupine, he can fire his spines at enemies. However, these spines are able to be covered in his blood, and after shooting his quills, they can hit and poison someone. He has to fire them all at once, and he has to do it with his back turned to people, meaning there isn't much accuracy. After firing the quills, they go in somewhat random directions, and they grow back in 5 posts. Since this is his blood we're talking about, by the way, if he doesn't use them within one turn, the blood dries and so he cannot poison people. Still, firing his quills will hurt like hell, with or without the poison. Ever got stung by a porcupine? Yeah.
Anyways, if they are fired and they hit someone, the quills dry after 1 post, meaning they can't continue to poison someone even after they hit the person.

Theme Songs

His theme song is "Recover" by Device, though it use to be "God of the Mind" by Disturbed. 

★ Device ★ "Recover" Lyrics on screen HD (Bonus track)

★ Device ★ "Recover" Lyrics on screen HD (Bonus track)


Disturbed - God of the Mind

Disturbed - God of the Mind


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