Power Chomp is an extremely powerful ability used by the Hopstick Clan . This and Rear Sensor are the two genetic abilites of the Hopstick Clan. Before they were merged Power Chomp was only used by the Zerker (Brutish Berserker) Branch of the Clan and Rear Sensor was only used the Ninja (Agile and Sneaky) Branch of the clan.


This was the Hopstick Clan's claim to faim. Most people point to Rear Sensor as the clan's genetic ability but most of the clan's unlimited supply of OTHER genetic abilities/normal abilites are directly linked to this move. Due to this The Zerker Wing remained the most powerful of the two until they merged.

Power Chomp is an ability anyone in the clan can automatically use at ease when they go through their teething stage. With Power Chomp the user bites hard into their opponents skin and using their sharp rabbit teeth they tear a chunk of skin off an swallow it, allowing the "Chomper" to gain an ability of their opponent's for permanent use. Due to user gaining pretty much any of the opponents moves this move proves extremely useful in battle and has been known to turn the tide of battle almost instantly. The move is also known to be able to copy user-specific forms. One of the downsides of this move is that when biting the enemy the ability learned is almost completely random so there is always a chance that the "Chomper" will recieve an unlucky catch and have to bite again. The move also is known to promote obesity and to perform the move the user will have to grab their opponent, rip off their flesh and swallow for the ability to take affect which takes practice to do swiftly nevertheless the prodigy of the Hopstick Clan, Frederick was seen to do it with ease on his first try.

Abilities recieved through Power Chomp are able to be passed down to offsprings but the chances of this being successful are less than half.


  • Hopstick Clan - the family has reached the point of almost extinction, with only a single user from the main family alive.
  • Frederick the Rabbit - The last known wielder of this genetic ability, and the final surviving member of the Hopstick Clan. He dislikes the concepts of eating live Mobians so he has only used this move twice. The first time he used it against Smash The Echidna and absorbed his High Tension form, which gave birth to Frederick's own High Terror form.


The move is a top-tier genetic ability due to the usefulness of the ability.

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