Potato Pushers
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Format Animated Series
Created by Pumpituppartyzone
Run time 23 minutes
Rated TV-PG (suggestive dialogue, mild language, and moderate fantasy violence)

Potato Pushers is a Sonic Fanon animated series based on Sega/Sonic Team’s Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, along with some other games. It is also a bit of an adaptation to the Sonic series.


This show takes place in the war happening on a ficticous planet called Mobius. Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his goons have called an all out war on Sonic and his friends in South Island. The two groups are so engulfed in their war that they are completley unaware of the goings on anywhere besides South Island. An evil mastermind, nicknamed Doctor Potato, saw this and took advantage of it. Kidnapping many mobians and humans, he made his own loyal army by brainwashing his hostages. He eventually finds a way to take over all but one place on the entire planet, some of them seriously damaged. Potato becomes the supreme ruler of all of these places, being called Overlord Potato. He completley changed the lives of every person on the planet not on South Island. At first, nobody thought of doing anything about this. Nobody thought they were powerful enough. Nobody even thought of trying to stop things from getting worse. But this is just at first....

One day, according to a certain group of people, this new government took things too far. To show how powerful the government started kidnapping childreen and teenagers just for the heck of it. No brainwashing, no minionizing, just kidnapping and keeping them in terrible positions. One of the people that Potato's goons kidnapped was Ginger McMuffin, somebody friends to lots of people. But for four people, it was too much. So Maxie Flippercorn formed a group with her brothers and her best guy friend, whose sister is Ginger. Because there was no freedom of speech, forming groups without government consent, or of press, the four had to meet underground. At first, they would just complain and talk about how horrible the government has gotten. But then Max thought of fighting back against Potato and his followers. At first, Maxie, Moe, and Cliff thought this idea was absurd. But after they let it sink in, they all agreed. They also agreed that they needed more help.

The four of them each told people that they highly trush to come to the second meeting. The next day, Sadie, Kaiko, Shawn, and Lily came to the meeting. Tension began to rise, but Cliff kept the members under control long enough to start planning a strategy to help people. Of course, these people have a lot to learn and a long ways to go before they can save the world. But after deciding on the name the "Potato Pushers," their journey to help get Mobius back to the way it should be began.

Main Setting

  • South Island: A tropical island located in Mobius' equivalent of the Pacific Ocean and a frequent target for Robotnik.
  • Westside Island: (nicknamed the "Island of Illusions") was a very peaceful place until Robotnik got his hands on it. When he backed off and focused on South Island, things started to get better here. However, Potato showed up and screwed with things more.
    • Ice Cap Zone: An island of tundra and icecaps. The land is almost in a year-round winter season and is home to quite a few arctic Mobians, along with goons that are trained to survive in extreme weather. However, most don't live in this zone; only a few can handle the icy chill of the icecaps.
    • Marble Garden Zone: A shelter to many tropical Mobians. There are ruins of a marble city hidden somewhere in the zone, but people have a hard time finding with roped bridges and passageways made of dirt and placed layer over layer leading the way through the jungle. The garden seems to change its greenery in some way every single day, making it almost impossible to successfully navigate it. Only the native inhabitants know all the best routes through their precious gardens.
    • Sandopolis Zone: Seems to be a barren wasteland of a desert at first, but turns out to have lots of oases. People love visiting the oases fore the natural beauty and for the fact that Potato hasn't gone near the area at all. Dillard the Dunnart and Nack the Weasel reside in this zone.
    • Casino Night Zone: This zone is basically a gigantic casino. It is always filled with people who love to gamble. However, it is also always filled with Potato's goons who are looking to scout other goons. It's also rumoured that all of the games here are rigged so that Potato's government only gets money.
  • Angel Island: A floating sub-continent that drifts high in the air; so far up that even the clouds hide it from being detected. Angel Island is where the last remaining Echidnas reside and is the home of the Master Emerald, which keeps the continent suspended in the sky. The Emerald is protected by Knuckles the Echidna, an inhabitant of the island and sole surviving descendant of Patchamac. Because clouds block it, Knuckles guards it, and many other little details, this island has been proven to be very difficult to find. In fact, it is one of the few places Potato hasn't touched, which even emphasizes how hidden it is. People say that it isn't even real, but that just might be proven wrong soon....
  • The Darklands: A very low-tech, dark cuntry that has Potatoland inside it. Only one or two people have been there and out without being minionized. It is rumoured that the deeper you go into the Darklands, the farther into the past things seem to be. It's even rumoured that if you go to the very heart of the Darklands, you can find the last of dinosaurs!
    • Potatoland: Residence of Overlord Potato. Looks like an amusement park on the outside. This is where goons train to handle being in certain areas. The seemingly theme park rides are actually torture devices.
  • Toonada: Only country besides South Island and Angel Island that Potato hadn't damaged.
    • Central Ground: Capital of Toonada and of Central Toonada. People here are generally almost completley adjusted top the changes Potato has made and don't have the slightest care in the world.
    • St. Rod: Capital of Docks. Very tropical and great for fishing. This area is filled with fishermen, and also with Potato's minions, scouting fishermen to fish for Potato's government and make him money.
    • Daisy Gardens: Capital of Daisitoba. Has the most of Potato's goons in the entire country, and also filled with beautiful flowers and other greenery. This city is rumored to have a lasting effect on Potato's goons if they go through the entire bush maze, clearing their mind of any mind control. This is where Lily lives.
    • Melodyland: Capital of Mellow Dee. Has highly trained Potato minions all over the city, However, it is a very quiet area, so minions mostly come here to hang out and have dance parties. This is where Sadie lives.
    • Frostbite: Capital of Brrrgh. Coldest and most mountainest city in Toonada next to Chipdale. Potato's minions are also trained for the extreme weather here, but Toonadians and some Mobians seem to have no trouble staying here with no training.
    • Drowsycot: Capital of Dreamland Bay. It's always dark here, so Potato's minions that have night-vision goggles come here. However, the minions are the only people who have trouble seeing here, most likely having to do with the brainwashing process. This city has the most minions besides Daisy Gardens, and is also filled with the most dangerous goons and Sprocket Baddies.

Potato Pushers

  • Maxie Flippercorn: First Episode: 1. Joined Team: 1. Leader of the Potato Pushers, along with the one to form them and captain of both the A and B teams. She is the most agile person on the team, mostly because of the animal she is. Maxie is a by-the-book cat, absolutley needing to schedule things and plan. Though she likes some surprises, she can't stand most of them. Maxie is not very vain, but doesn't like to admit when she is wrong. However, she tries her best to be as humble and understanding as possible. She is very swift and sneaky, and has special attacks unique to cats. Her secret weapons are her nails; they can rip through a 100 pound weight!
  • Cliff McMuffin: First Episode: 1. Joined Team: 1. Maxie's best guy friend. He was directly affected by Ginger being kidnapped, being her older brother. Cliff is one of the four original members of the Potato Pushers. He is co-captain of the B team, but also goes one some A-team missions. He tends to be very accident prone, falling a lot and being injured constantly. He is in love with Maxie, but is stuck in the friend zone. Cliff is very caring and is good at making big speeches, being very charismatic. He is also quite agile, being a cat, but is also very strong. His gags are not great, but he makes up for it in healing ability.
  • Max Flippercorn: First Episode: 1. Joined Team: 1. Sub-leader of the A and B teams, Maxie's little brother, and one of the four original Potato Pushers. He is very hyperactive 12-year-old, being up for any challenge. He is the most radical member of the group, and usually acts before he thinks. Max is pretty absent-minded, forgetting important things very quickly. However, he comes up with great plans. He is moderately agile, but is known for his machinery skills. He even built his own jetpack! Most of his special attacks don't involve gags, as his are only slightly better than Cliff's. They do, however, usually involve machines that he builds, though they are usually broken easily.
  • Moe Flippercorn: First Episode: 1. Joined Team: 1. Important member of B team, and one of the four original members of the Potato Pushers. He is Maxie and Max's older brother. Moe plays a large role as the brains of the group, thinking things out more logically than most members. He is shy to most people and usually quiet around strangers. However, Moe tends to have a sarcastic remark about many things. However, he usually keeps them to himself unless he's around people he is close to. Moe, being an artist, has many art-related special abilites, and can build machinerey about as well as Max can. He is moderately agile, but not very physically strong unless he is wearing special gloves.
  • Sadie the Dog: First Episode: 1. Joined Team: 2. Maxie's best friend. Sadie is somewhat of an airhead, asking many off-topic questions. Sadie is a very relaxed dog, usually going with the flow of things never objectant to change. She does not like being on the wrong side of the law, but is part of the group because of Maxie. Though Sadie is usually very chill, she can completley lose it if she is angry enough. If she is threatened or challenged, she usually jumps at the chance to get back at somebody. However, she generally means well and tries to stay out of trouble. Sadie is a member of the B team, but on rare occasions goes on A team missions.
  • Jake the Wolf: First Episode: 1. Joined Team: 16. One of Maxie's best friends. Jake is very protective and stands up for what is right. He isn't the least bit afraid of a fight, sometimes even jumping at the chance to engage in one. Jake is extremely persistand and tends to be on the serious side. However, Jake does very much like to have fun, always playing pranks on his best friend, Jake. He is an important member of the A team, being hands-down one of the most physically strong members of the enitre group. Jake is also very useful in the aspect of being able to move parts of earth around at his will. Though this power is solely in his gloves, only he can use them.
  • Razz the Bear: First Episode: 14. Joined Team: 16. Invited to the group by Cliff McMuffin, Razz is a very active member of the Potato Pushers, along with the A team. Razz is almost always a very serious person, claiming not to have time for jokes and things. Because of this personality, he is nicknamed by many members of the team as "Captain Uptight," which drives him up the wall. Razz has a short temper, acting before he thinks when he is angry. The simplest things can tick him off, such as having foam on his coffee. Razz has the ability to create and control electricity, but is not good with electronics at all, having a tendency to break them without trying.
  • Fifi the Bear: First Episode: 14. Joined Team: 16. Fifi is good friends with all members of the Flippercorn Family, but mostly Moe. A member of the A team, she is very distractable. Fifi, like Maxie, absolutely loves fashion, but she despises getting dirty and sweating. Fifi complains quite a bit, but is good at spying and can usually pick things up that others can't. Fifi is pretty strong, which is natural for bears. She is also extremely resourceful and is prepared for almost anything. She and Moe are around eachother quite a bit, so she sometimes tries to persuade Maxie to have her switch teams.
  • Kaiko the Dog: First Episode: 1. Joined Team: 2. Friend of many, Kaiko is an active member of the B team. Kaiko is very popular and charismatic, like Cliff. However, Kaiko never seems to be stressed by anything and is good at calming people down. He is very kind and mellow, usually trying to get people to relax. Kaiko is a bit of a nature freak, being very close with the wild and nature. Some people think of Kaiko as a moonchild, as he can read auras and heal people very well. Kaiko's gags are not very good, but makes up for it with his ability to find almost anything. He is also very fast, and is moderately strong.
  • Phoebe the Wallaby: First Episode: 14. Joined Team: 16. A member because of Maxie, Phoebe is part of the A Team. Max and Moe find her mysterious, as she keeps many things to herself. However, Phoebe generally means well and keeps secrets so she doesn't get judged. She is fairly kind, and is a horrid liar. When she lies, she talks vey quickly and nervously, she doesn't go on many missions that involve it. However, Phoebe is extremely speedy, being a wallaby. Phoebe is pretty competitive and loves challenges. She likes to encourage people, but is easily shot down herself.
  • Shawn the Bandicoot: First Episode: 1. Joined Team: 2. Shawn is a huge prankster, invited to the group by his good friend, Moe. Member of the B team, Shawn is rarely ever serious and loves to joke around, which easily gets on many group members' nerves. He is just as sarcastic as Moe, but saying his thoughts aloud more than keeping them to himself. Shawn is unfathomably persistant, doing things many times and expecting different results. He has the ability to spin around a vertical axis, look as if creating a tornado. He has many other special abilities centered around spinning.
  • Sharky the Hedgefish: First Episode: 14. Joined Team: 15. Sharky was invited to the group by his best friend, Max. He is very kind to everybody, slow to judge and very friendly. However, he is also very stubborn. Sharky is competitive by nature, fast to take on almost any challenge, but is a good sport generally. Being half goldfish and living primarily underwater, Sharky is the best swimmer in the group and communicates to sea creatures. He loves to swim and he has a pet shark named Chompers that he uses for attacks. He has quite a bit of other water-related special attacks.
  • Lily McFlip: First Episode: 1. Joined Team: 2. One of Maxie's best friends, Lily is part of Team B. Lily is a very sweet girl, but she usually isn't noticed. Usually very soft-spoken and overlooked, Lily tends to have self-image issues and doesn't like speaking her mind in fear of being judged. She likes to help people, but is usually ignored, which gets on her nerves. Agile and graceful, she is also a very skilled dancer in many areas, and is surprisingly able to use dance techniques as a form of defense. Being light on her feet and pretty small plays to her advantage; she can be very sneaky, going in and out places completely unnoticed.
  • Dillard the Dunnart: First Episode: 36. Joined Team: 37. Dillard resides in Sandopolis Zone, and was originally completley oblivious to all that was going on outside of the zone. When the Potato Pushers visited Sandopolis Zone to see if anything happened that they could fix, all they came across was Dillard the Dunnart, a familiar face to most of the A team. When Dillard is informed about what is happening, he gladly joins their force. He joins the A team and becomes an important part of it, along with his pet Tiger, Ty. Though he is awkward and shy, he is very kind and comes in handy. Contrasting with Razz, he is skilled with electronics and can triangle jump.
  • Ginger McMuffin: First Episode: 1. It is rumoured that Ginger may either escape from imprisonment and join the Potato Pushers, or be broken out by the team and be thankful enough to join them. These rumours also suggest that if this doees happen, it will severely anger Potato and he will tighten his laws.

* Red means Team A. Blue means Team B. Purple means both. Sky Blue and Pink mean they may or may not join a team.

Allies to the Potato Pushers

  • Raven the Pig: First Episode: 8. Raven is a little 6-year-old girl with a taste for freedom. She would join the Potato Pushers, but doesn't believe her parents would approve. She loves to help the force, however, by helping them look for clues on occasion and pointing out something obvious to them that they overthink.
  • Allen the Wombat: First Episode: 14. Allen has a crush on Fifi. He can always be found at school fantasyzing about Fifi. He's friends with many members of the Potato Pushers, and eventually found out about their secret club and motive. When he did, he gladly volunteered to help them out on missions, though claims to be too busy to permanetly join. Everybody everywhere knows that Allen likes Fifi... except Fifi.
  • Maggie MacBee: First Episode: 1. Teacher at the school, very opposed to what has happened. Maggie has come up witht he same idea Max has a couple of times, but didn't think she could gather enough people to pull it off. Sadie accidentally let it slip when talking to her, and Maggie revealed that she admires them. Maggie helps them come up with ideas through homework assignments and occasion visits the hideout and helps them figure things out.
  • Hazel the Hyrax: First Episode: 10. Hazel sells the group important supplies that they need for missions, her specialty being potions. When she realized why they need them, she thought of turning them in and getting cash from it. After almost being kidnapped, then saved by the group, she decided to cut the price of all her products in half only for the Potato Pushers to help them out.
  • The News Crew: First Episode: 25. Petunia, Cyan, and Siegfried help the team out near the end of the first season and throughout the second season by producing an underground newspaper that tells people about what the government really does. The newspaper warns readers to watch their backs and encourages uprisings. Because of it, the makers of the newspaper are often tried to be tracked down by Potato's goons in direct order from Overlord Potato himself.

Recurring Characters

  • Xiomara the Wolf: First Episode: 1. Jake's little sister. She knows absolutely nothing about anything the group does or what it is about. However, she has a few minor storylines, usually involving her brother. She was the person who found the group's meeting area for them.
  • Desiree the Bandicoot: First Episode: 3. Shawn's twin sister. Shawn can often be seen video chatting with her. She takes a cruise prior to the Potato Pushers forming. At some point in the season, everybody on her cruise gets kidnapped. It is unknown whether she is turned into a minion or not.
  • Sonic and friends: Sonic and his friends can be seen in brief cameos of them fighting their seperate war with Dr. Robotnik. These cameos appear throughout the series. In one episode, the focus was Sonic and his friends in their war against Dr. Robotnik.
  • Dot Jinkiebite: First Episode: 27. Joined Team: 27. Dot is a fake alias of Freckles Jeeperchomp that she uses for most of the season to spy on the Potato Pushers. It isn't revealed that she is actually Freckles until the end of episode 29. Freckles blackmales Phoebe into coming up with something that would help her join the team so she can spy on them. Phoebe came up with the idea of another identity, and both of them became spies for Ned. Near the end of the season, Phoebe and Dot found out by Kaiko and Cliff, and Cliff tells the team. They are both kicked off the team, Freckles, dressed as Dot to spite the team, attacked the team with Ned, knowing all of their plans and using them against the team.


  • Freckles Jeeperchomp: First Episode: 2. Freckles is Maxie's arch rival in fashion, morals, and skills. Freckles is seen frequently throughout the series attempting to cause drama with many of the Potato Pushers. She has gotten dangerously close to figuring out about their secret group on multiple occasions. Near the end of the season, she does find out about it and is intends to turn them into the authorities. However, Petunia shoves a newspaper in her face and as she reads it, she realizes the horrible things the government has done. She promises not to turn them in, but in the season 1 finale, she is revealed not to have bought it at blackmails Phoebe into getting her in the group.
  • Ned McMuffin: First Episode: 1. He is Maxie's boyfriend for a part of the series. When she dumps him without explanation, Ned becomes furious and attempts to join Potato's minions. However, he soon realizes that he cannot join unless it is against his will. Ned also causes drama with the Potato Pushers and finds out what they are about very quickly. Instead of turning them in, Ned attempts to stop them from carrying out their goal himself. Though he is also Ginger's brother, he is convinced that she was taken for her own good and is very pro-Potato. He uses his cat-exclusive abilities and tricky nature attempting to stop the group many times.
  • Nack the Weasel: First Episode: 36. A crafty, bounty hunting weasel obsessed with valuables, money, and beautiful women. Found by the team in Sandopolis Zone, he is a mischievous, self-serving individual who will work for anybody who gets him what he wants. Easily capable of violence and cruelty, Nack tries on many occasions to outwit group and is quick to betray whenever it suits him. However, his overconfidence usually leads to failure. He has a long, thick tail that he uses for bouncing on and carries a silver magnum to attack his foes. He also carries a canister of growth pills, which cause his targets to either increase or decease in size.
  • Crush the Bandicoot: First Episode: 18. Crush is Shawn's and Desiree's twin brother. He is the first anti-hero to figure out what the Potato Pushers are about. Convinced that the government is for the good of the people, he often tries put a stop to their group. He tried to take matters into his own hands instead of turning them into the authorities. Eventually, Crush did catch the B team and trap them. Right before he was about to turn them into Potato's minions, Cliff and Shawn revealed to him that Desiree was kidnapped by the government and may have been minionized. They convinced him to let them go, and he disppeared with no sign of where he is.
  • M.L. the Otter: First Episode: 30. First appearing in Season 2, M.L. is one of the youngest voluntary workers for the government, though M.L. acts on her own many times. Unlike Ned, she is only in it for the money, though the two team up on certain occasions. She is incredibly sassy and judgemental, insulting nearly everybody she sees. Potato instructs her to go after the Potato Pushers, though she many times goes after The Secret Thing instead. She has 2-foot-range telekinesis and is also very sneaky and mysterious. She has a crush on Jake the Wolf, almost constantly flirting with him whenever they meet.


  • Overlord Potato: Potato is the main villain of the show, behind all of the things that happens with the government. He started the process of minionizing and lives in basically a torture zone. He is responsible for the kidnapping of Ginger, Desiree, and many others. He is also responsible for the kidnapping and minionizing of thousands of Mobians and humans that live on Mobius. He is dictator of all of Mobius except for South Island. It is rumored that he may be responsible for the Sprocket Baddies all over Toonada. Potato seems not to care at all about the people on the planet, though many people are convinced that he is a great leader.
  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik: Robotnik is responsible for some damage to many places before he called an all out war. Dr. Robotnik can be seen in brief cameos of them fighting their seperate war with Sonic and his friends. These cameos appear throughout the series. In one episode, the focus was Sonic and his friends in their war against Dr. Robotnik.


  • There are four seasons of this show.
    • There are 26 episodes in season 1.
      • Most everybody debuts in this season.
    • There are 24 episodes in season 2.
      • Dot, M.L., Dillard, and Nack debut in this season. This is also the first season Potato is seen.
    • There are 26 episodes in season 3.
    • There are 18 episodes in season 4.

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