Pop the Cat is a troll and a red Big the Cat recolor.

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Physical Description

Pop has red fur with light red muzzle, and has short green eyes. He also has blue shoes, and is among the shortest troll of all, roughly about a foot tall, due to his diminished size.


His abilities include that is godmodding-related, like auto-hitting and auto-teleportation, but these abilities never work at all. If he dies, his "spirit" form would attempt to give the heroes the tapes, but it is completely useless as the tapes are not only defective, but it also contains nothing more than useless infomercials, or scams, made by Pop.


Pop claims to be ageless and taller than the average Mobian, but of course this is all a lie. Unlike Liam, Macabre and Cloud, Anti-Pop, once Pop dies with a single attack, is among the weakest troll and that his attempts to kill the heroes has not yielded any good results at all, thus rendering him killed rather easily than Pop himself.

Friends and Foes






Pop acts calm, chivalrous and thoughtful. However, this is proven false, as he is childish, demanding, and can be arrogant like telling others to do his way, which can be a complete joke. He is also immature, claiming that he is ageless and that he is taller than the others, but this has proven completely false, as his age is dependable due to his immaturity and his short height has made him look like a joke in front of everyone.

Likes & Dislikes



Biggest Fears

  • Being called "shorty"
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