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The Gods of Banishment is one of the central storylines in the cross-wiki group RP, Pokémobius: Chaos centered around nine key event "boss fights" against the leaders of the story arc's namesake. The main antagonists of this plot are the "Divine Nine", a group of nine Banishment cell leaders that attack and cause problems for the Khaozemli Pokémobians.


In Sendai, the Chistosa faction had finally risen and taken power of the region through the aftermath of the dimensional rift. In fear of further contagion from the chaos energy, all Pokémobians who were affected by the rift were excommunicated to the wilderness and abandoned habitats of the region.

Although survival seemed impossible at first, many of the people affected by the phenomenon were talented, intelligent, and had a good bit of experience in up-keeping society before they were outcast. In the span of a couple of years, many of the citizens of different biomes created towns, local governments, and the start of a new nation.

Representatives from each major town were gathered together, as many of the people thought that in order to flourish, compete with, or even take over Chistosa (from some extremists). They decided to name their new nation "Khaozemli", an ancient word that roughly translated to "United by Affliction" and designed a flag to be placed in every central town.

Chistosa's surveillance caught on very quickly as to what the mutants were up to, and began to plot ways to keep their trans-continental concentration camp from rebelling and threatening normal society. Thus, a plan had to be put in place.

The government of the unafflicted Mobians began sponsoring a once tiny mercenary group known as the Guardian Bulwarks, supplying funds, weapons, and other resources in return for keeping an eye on Khaozemli and obstructing or quietly wiping out any signs of insurgency. This didn't work out quite as well though, as the government had written them a blank check with very little specification as to what exactly they could and couldn't do.

The state-sponsored militia learned of the many untapped power stones that permeated the far wilderness, and even if they were corrupted, they still saw some use for them as minor energy cells or bio-weapons that they could use to either harm normal Mobians or further deform the mutants.

In their fear and mistrust of their former inhabitants, Chistosa had created a crime syndicate and terrorist organization that had spread all throughout Khaozemli. Of course, they would never try to right this wrong themselves though, that would expose the whole operation to the public and garner backlash within both factions.

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