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Taken/On Hold Species

A species will remain on hold for two weeks after they have made their species selection. After such, it may be subject to be "taken" by someone else, making the user select another species. This does not apply to randomized, Khaozemli pokemon, however.


  • Whismur - TAKEN
  • Zangoose - TAKEN
  • Umbreon- On Hold by Xophpsycho
  • Mienshao- On Hold by Rainbow_disaster
  • Arcanine- TAKEN
  • Ninetales- On Hold by Hacylon
  • Froakie - On Hold by Skye-Storm
  • Staryu- TAKEN
  • Spinda- TAKEN
  • Herdier- On Hold by Max Irvaron
  • Octillery- On Hold by Silent
  • Bulbasaur- On Hold by Wikikinetic
  • Electrike- TAKEN
  • Combee- On Hold by Dramonkiller53


  • Zoroark - On Hold by XophPsycho
  • Porygon - TAKEN
  • Sylveon- On Hold by Rainbow_disaster
  • Luxray- On Hold by Ryushusupercat
  • Lycanroc- TAKEN
  • Empoleon- On Hold by Skye-Storm
  • Furfrou- On Hold by Wikikinetic
  • Fennekin- TAKEN
  • Cutiefly- On Hold by Dramonkiller53
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