Poison Clan of Dantamu

Poison Clan of Dantamu

Location Old Robotropolis
Alignment Hero, Neutral

The Poison Clan of Dantamu is one of The Elemental Clans, and they reside within Old Robotropolis. They are centered around Dantamu, the God of Poison.



A long time ago, the founder of the Poison Clan, Lady Tigedus Fellsting lived in peace with the other nine founders. Arguments about who's Element was superior arose, however, and eventually the ten friends split away from each other, traveling their separate ways.

As Tigedus traveled, she came across like-minded individuals, those who worshiped Dantamu and were proficient at manipulating the Poison Element, just like her. These new "followers" of hers accompanied her to ???, the spot where the Poison Clan would be founded.

Early Years

The Elemental Wars


Allies (good to fair terms)

  • Dark Clan of Voidstar - The PoisonClan and the Dark Clan have a well-established system of trade with each other, keeping their bond strong throughout the years.
  • Fire Clan of Fiamme - Due to their shared alliance of the Dark Clan.

Neutral (purely ambivalent)

Enemies (poor to bad terms)





The Poison Clan is the most accepting of Robians, considering the amount who still hide in the remains of Robotropolis. They have a specialist branch for badniks and Robians, whom are lead by Nakaza the Newtron, the Head Toxic Robian.


  • Dantamu -
  • Obaluaye - The Goliath Scorpion. He is a monstrous, bipedal scorpion-like beast.
  • Ghede - She is a monstrous manticore.
  • Feriluce - The Mercurial Plague. She is a monstrous, bat-like creature.
  • Kharnarax - The Neuromantic Weaver. He is a spider-like being.
  • Dialga - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Palkia and Giratina.
  • Palkia - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Dialga and Giratina.
  • Giratina - One of the few Deities that all of the Clans collectively worship; the other two are Palkia and Dialga.

Main Members

Tindikali Fellsting

Nuodai the Rat

War Council

Alongside the leader and second-in-command, the Fire Clan's War Council consists of the Head Soldier, Head Battle Mage/Magess, Head Summoner, Head Knight and Head Tactician.

Members are;

  • Tindikali the Scorpion - Leader
  • Nuodai the Rat - S.i.C
  • Enverinar the Wolf - Head Soldier
  • Ximani the Manticore - Head Knight
  • Veleno the Lemming - Head Battle Mage
  • Okuzbe the Frog - Head Summoner
  • Forringes the Hyrax - Head Tactician


Weapons Vault

Like the other Clans, the Poison Clan has a well-guarded vault containing powerful Poison-aligned weaponry. The purpose of this vault is unknown, but it can be speculated that the weapons contained within are only to be used in dire circumstances.

Some of these weapons are;



  1. Enverinar - Catalan word for "poison"
  2. Veleno - Galician/Italian word for "poison"
  3. Nuodai - Lithuanian word for "poison"
  4. Zehirli - Turkish word for "poisonous"
  5. Jedovaty - Czech word for "venomous"
  6. Zatrovan - Croatian word for "poisoned"
  7. Saure - German word for "acid"
  8. Tindikali - Swahili word for "acidic"
  9. Verval - Afrikaans word for "decay"
  10. Kalbur - Albanian word for "decaying"
  11. Forradner - Danish word for "decaying"
  12. Henfaldet - Danish word for "decay"
  13. Lagunemine - Estonian word for "decay"
  14. Korhado - Hungarian word for "decaying"
  15. Pokazeny - Slovakian word for "decayed"
  16. Ukaoza - Swahili word for "decayed"
  17. Halvenema - Estonian word for "deteriorate"
  18. Heiketa - Finnish word for "deteriorate"
  19. Forringes - Norwegian word for "deteriorate"
  20. Kuzorota - Swahili word for "deteriorate"
  21. Forsamras - Swedish word for "deteriorate"
  22. Kotulesmek - Turkish word for "deteriorate"
  23. Kemiske - Danish word for "chemical"
  24. Cheminis - Lithuanian word for "chemical"
  25. Kimyasal - Turkish word for "chemical"
  26. Cemegol - Welsh word for "chemical"
  27. Zarazan - Croatian word for "infectious"
  28. Nakkav - Estonian word for "infectious"
  29. Menulari - Indonesian/Malaysian word for "infect"
  30. Infisere - Norwegian word for "infect"
  31. Okuzbe - Slovenian word for "infection"
  32. Ubaciti - Croatian word for "inject" (claimed by Sunny)
  33. Nakaza - Czech/Slovakian word for "contagion" (claimed by Flash)
  34. Seringuer - French word for "inject" (claimed by Sunny)
  35. Chimico - Italian word for "chemical" (claimed by Flash)
  36. Fiere - Romanian word for "venom" (as a noun)
  37. Serga - Latvian word for "contagion" (claimed by Nero TH)
  38. Venijin - Dutch word for "venom"
  39. Mürgine - Estonian word for "venomous"
  40. Fertozes - Hungarian word for "infection"
  41. Katkeruus - Finnish word for "venom" (as a noun)
  42. Tigedus - Estonian word for "venom" (as a noun)
  43. Temero - Latin word for "venom" (as a verb)

Names For You

I will also find names for you! Also, please ask to claim.
  1. Bakteret - Albanian word for "bacteria" (claimed by ???)
  2. Penularan - Indonesian/Malaysian word for "contagion" (claimed by ???)
  3. Plitimas - Lithuanian word for "contagion" (claimed by ???)
  4. Sykingu - Icelandic word for "infection" (claimed by ???)
  5. Infezione - Italian word for "infection" (claimed by ???)
  6. Jangkitan - Malaysian word for "infection" (claimed by ???)
  7. Zakazenia - Polish word for "infection" (claimed by ???)
  8. Impeksiyon - Filipino word for "infection" (claimed by ???)
  9. Vergift - Dutch word for "venom" (as a noun) (claimed by ???)
  10. Ussimurk - Estonian word for "venom" (as a noun) (claimed by ???)
  11. Dansala - Bengali word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  12. Uzhilvane - Bulgarian word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  13. Picada - Catalan word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  14. Statchel - German word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  15. Dankha - Gujarati word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  16. Harba - Hausa word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  17. Sasu - Japanese word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  18. Stiechen - Luxembourgish word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  19. Gatsakh - Mongolian word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  20. Satiga - Punjabi word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  21. Kuruma - Shona word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  22. Xarig - Somali word for "sting" (claimed by ???)
  23. Zhalo - Ukranian word for "sting" (claimed by ???)

Claimed Names

  1. Tartunta - Finnish word for "contagion" (claimed by BloodSonicFlux)
  2. Kebencian - Indonesian word for "venom" (as a noun) (claimed by BloodSonicFlux)
  3. Noelamine - Estonian word for "sting" (claimed by BloodSonicFlux)
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