Pocki Stikku
Pocki redo
Hair/fur: Pale brown Eyes: dull Neon Yellow
Orange dress with brown belt

White gloves with peach ruffles at the wrist

peach leg warmers

brown slip on shoes with orange paw prints at the toe.
Chocolate themed Wand
Kitty things like clawing and biting (though she rarely relies on this...) excellent knot tier


A small kitten, Pocki is about eight years old, but she seems to be a bit small for her age. She lives with her little sister Syrup, and her mother Coffret.

Very young, Pocki seems to be in the "boys have cooties" phase and has learned to defend herself properly. Even though she is still learning. She is often with her younger sister hanging out aroun the town also, living in Station Square, towards the Chao Gardens. Pocki is very serious when it seems to working out or training, as she never plans to love someone or something precious to her.


  • Excellent knot maker
  • Cat based skills, such as balance, clawing, biting, and hearing.
  • Fights with a giant chocolate wand, dubbed the "Choco Choco Rod~!"

Talents and Hobbies

Being a young girl, Pocki is naturally obsessed with all things candy and chocolate, along with crafts!

Being young however, she also has to be very careful. Pocki loves to either make chocolate and then cover it with glittery, crystals of sugar sprinkles. Or she'll do the opposite, make some form of candy and then cover it in chocolate. She believes they both compliment each other nicely.

Other then this, as stated Pocki loves Crafts. So often her time is spent making things, such as jewelry, accessories, necklaces, bracelets, all sorts of things. Usually made from clay or beads. Often her time is spent with Salt and Pepper during festivals or market events to sell their wares together. While the twins bake and make food, she makes the candy or cute objects.


  • Pocki hasn't learned how to fight without a weapon yet, but will eventually.
  • She particularly cannot stand the heat and becomes faint easily.
  • Heat and Water provide harmful to both her weapon and candies...


Pocki is a very sweet girl, however she tends to...basically hate every male in exsistence. But this is explained by how her Father left her family when she was only four, and her sister was one at the time. She may very rarely befriend a male/boy, but even then the entire time she spends it untrusting them...

Pocki loves to help others, even if they are stubborn or too proud to admit it. Because she's too stubborn to bother giving up and just letting them do it themself. As long as she makes others happy, Pocki feels happy. But if they feel sad or angry, then she feels sad.

Pocki may sometimes appear childish, and often tends to slip into her imagination. However she is usually serious at the worst of times and is not easy to panic.


  • Colorful beads
  • Candy
  • Eating
  • cat naps
  • Being with her mother and sister
  • Favorite foods: Grilled/baked fish, brownies, orange juice, Chocolate covered peppers, Milk


  • Males/her dad
  • mean people
  • ruined candy/food
  • when her candy is too melted to eat
  • Hated foods: most vegetables, soup, raisins, plain uncooked fish, meat, coffee, junk food other then candy.


Pocki is a small, light creamy brown colored kitten. She has markings around her bright, golden yellow eyes. Her muzzle is white and she has a tiny black nose. She has a big bang with two points and wears her short hair in messy pigtails held at the bottom of her head. The inside of Pocki's ears contain gray-brown colored hair.

She wears a orange dress with a brown belt going around her waist, peach colored knee length socks and brown shoes with orange paw prints at the toe. She also wears plain white gloves with peach, fluffy styled cuffs.


  • Originally Pocki resembled a brown cat (almost raccoon) version of Cream the Rabbit.
  • Pocki's name is based on the japenese biscuit stick usually covered in chocolate or other creams.
  • After having been tested, its been revealed that Pocki's weapon is actually mutated chocolate. It cannot break easily, and is edible.
  • Pocki has shown to actually have very strong fingers. And as such, cannot burn or cut easily. This is due to trying to teach herself how to sew and the many times she's stabbed her fingers with sewing needles... Which is part of the reason she's turned to easier to make crafts.
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