This is an article about Pluto The Cat, a character created by Legorulez49 on 08/11/2013.


Pluto is a pink furred short cat with fairly long claws. He wears purple shoes and purple gloves and he also has red eyes. He often wears a coat because of his vulneriblity to the cold. Don't let his small appearence fool you, he is quick and very tough to take down in combat.


Pluto is generally very kind, although he can get a bit angry if you make fun of his height or mistake him for a female. He has generic cat insticts such as he meows when he wants food, or he hisses if he's angry etc.


Pluto joined the StarMobiens orginization and quickly became friends with Mars The Hedgehog, he is one of the best members of the team and is ranked fourth in command. Pluto does not get along with Mercury The Hedgehog as he despises his crude humor and personallity. He discovered that he can crawl through small spaces when he managed to get out of a cabinet he got stuck in because of his size, this allows him to be even more stealthly when on certain missions.


Pluto can run at supersonic speed, giving him the ability to stealthly sneak into places without being detected. He also has claws which can cut through many things including iron, steel, lead and even ceramic titantium alloy!

Special Abilities

Pluto can become practically invisible to the naked eye using his supersonic speed. This allows him to confuse his opponents in combat. His wall climbing abilities allows him to reach certain areas, and his small size allows him to crawl through spaces such as air vents and sewage tunnels.


Pluto can wall climb with his claws like Knuckles can, however he can do this much faster because of his speed. He is an expert when it comes to going undetected and can easily walk right past a guard while not being spotted.


Pluto is very weak to cold environments, he is often inside during the winter on his home planet. He has low physical strength due to his height.


  • Pluto is based off of the Stardroid from the MegaMan 5 GameBoy game which shares the same name.
  • Pluto also shares traits to Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series.
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